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Wicker chairs: They’re not just for Morticia Addams anymore.  When great-grandma bought furniture for her front porch, it was usually wicker.  Of course, in her day, everyone had a front porch.  Now, most people prefer a deck or a patio, and all too often they end up with unattractive — and worse, uncomfortable — furniture. It’s time to look back at wicker outdoor furniture.

The look of wicker furniture is timeless. Its light, casual appearance makes it almost synonymous with the outdoors in summer.  The old wicker outdoor furniture had some problems, though. Real wicker is fairly durable, but over years of use, it can start to break down.  Even worse, much of the wicker furniture of years past wasn’t wicker at all, but a strengthened paper twisted into shape. After two seasons outdoors, it was finished. Besides, the old styles were attractive but frequently surrendered comfort to appearance.

Modern outdoor furniture is considerably more durable, and more comfortable.  Newer technology and design have given us synthetic wicker that has the same beautiful summer look without the fragility (or the tendency to poke you in the back).

Take North Cape’s woven furniture, available at Lawn & Leisure. It is one of the best examples of the new wicker look. Constructed of synthetic wicker, the extensive outdoor furniture line boasts a relaxed and classic look. Sofas and roomy wing chairs offer a cool and casual, yet traditional seating option that will be at home on any deck or patio (or even great-grandma’s front porch).  Even Morticia would approve!

When you think of comfort, you should think of curling up with a good book in a bright sunroom. That’s wicker.

As we wait for the spring flowers burst upon the scene, it’s time to start planning for your outdoor months to come.  For a look at the North Cape Collection and other great choices for outdoor living, contact us at Lawn & Leisure.