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Using Outdoor Fireplaces to Cook Food

using outdoor fireplaces to cook food

Outdoor fireplaces can be the perfect centerpiece for many an evening gathering on your deck or back patio. But they can also be a perfect tool for an outdoor cookout that goes far beyond roasting hot dogs or marshmallows. After all, before gas and electricity, many of our ancestors used the fireplace as a place to cook dinner.

The Firepit and Grilling Guru suggests a number of enhancements to make your outdoor fireplace into an appliance to cook food.

For instance, a hearth cooking string attached to a hook on the mantle can cook roasts evenly, spinning in front of the fire. Try roasting a leg of lamb or a whole chicken this way.

You can turn your outdoor fireplace into a rotisserie by adding a spit that can be cranked either by hand or with a small motor. Put meats and veggies on the spit for fire-kissed skewer dishes.

A hook and chain can hang a pot or Dutch oven to slowly cook stews and soups.

The addition of a fireplace grill will turn your outdoor fireplace into a barbecue grill. Wait until your fire as died down to glowing embers, and then cook brisket low and slow, or pork loin or directly cook steaks, hamburgers, links, and boneless chicken pieces.

Fireplace pans, chestnut roasters, and popcorn poppers are also available for cooking directly over the fire.

Thus an outdoor fireplace can provide that true 19th century cooking experience but from the comfort of a 21st century home. What and how you cook is only limited by the imagination.

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Written by : Jane Rother