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Outdoor Furniture Allows Enjoyment of Your Landscape

outdoor furniture allows enjoyment of your landscapeYou could have the most amazing backyard landscaping, the most beautiful trees and flowers, and the most quaint koi ponds resting in your backyard.  However, none of it will be enjoyed a fraction of the time without outdoor furniture in the correct places. 

Outdoor furniture is what helps you relax comfortably and truly enjoy your property.  The perfect patterns for your landscape are crucial to bring everything together as well. 

The latest trends in outdoor furniture are available at Lawn & Leisure, so go take a look today.

5 Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Outdoor Furniture

There’s nothing quite as fun and relaxing as spending time outside in the summertime, and having the right outdoor furniture will encourage everyone in your family to make the most of good weather. But many homeowners get frustrated over the years because their patio furniture keeps wearing out, sending them on repeat trips to the furniture store and burning through money that could better spent on other things. To make sure you’re never in that situation again, follow these five tips the next time you get a set of patio furniture:

Buy the Best Your Budget Allows

Most homeowners are working on a budget, but you should spend as much as you comfortably can in order to get higher-quality pieces. Cheaper pieces are often cheaper for a reason. If you’re looking to balance function and price, check out the wide range of wicker options now being offered. Wicker is made by weaving flexible strips of rattan, willow, bamboo or polyethylene onto a frame (natural wicker is generally woven onto a plant-based frame, whereas synthetic resin wicker is usually woven onto an aluminum or steel frame), making it very durable. The U.S. outdoor furniture market is forecast to exceed $4.4 billion this year, which means you should have plenty of options when you visit the furniture store.

Clean Your Furniture Regularly

Dirt doesn’t just make your furniture look bad; it also causes it to degrade more quickly. The correct cleaning method will depend on the material you end up choosing for your deck furniture, so you'll need to do some additional research once you make your purchase.

Invest in Outdoor Furniture Covers

At summer’s peak, you’re probably outdoors every day. During that period, there’s no need to cover your furniture up every night -- after all, if your furniture can’t survive a night out in the open, it probably shouldn’t have been sold as outdoor furniture. But as your usage starts to slow down, or if there’s a major storm coming through, it’s a good idea to throw on some furniture covers.

Remove All Rust Immediately

If you see any rust on your furniture, you need to remove it as soon as possible. Ignoring even a small spot can take years off the life of a piece. If you catch it early, it should be as easy as using a wire brush to scrub off the rust (try to damage the surrounding area as little as possible, as a wire brush may ruin a protective coating that’s still intact).

Make a Plan for Winter Storage

If you live in an area where it snows, it’s best to move your leisure furniture out of the yard for winter. If you have space in a garage, then that’s easy -- if not, you might want to consider purchasing an attractive shed for this purpose. If you have some space inside, you can even consider incorporating some outdoor pieces into your indoor décor; the dividing line between indoor furniture and high-quality outdoor furniture is becoming slimmer and slimmer.

Consider Using Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Have you ever considered taking some of your favorite outdoor pieces and putting them inside? Outdoor furniture is traditionally used, well, outside. The reasoning goes beyond habit: until recently, materials typically used for outdoor furniture, such as polypropylene, appeared stiff and waxy. While it's an acceptable look outside, it looks tacky inside. Thanks to improved technology, classic outdoor furniture materials look more sophisticated, and new materials are becoming more popular.

Using outdoor furniture inside is a great way for apartment dwellers to make their homes "feel less stuffy," says furniture designer Mark Jupiter. And, since a lot of outdoor furniture is foldable, it's also a great way to keep extra seating handy without taking up a lot of room.

Even if you do have outdoor space, consider testing your patio furniture inside. It can provide an added sense of cohesion, and it's a quick way to give your home a fresh look.

Need some ideas? Here are two to get you started.

Wooden Bench

The wooden bench is a staple of usefulness and sophistication. Put it in front of your sofa or at the foot of your bed to use as a table. Near your entryway, it can be used as shoe or purse storage. Don't have space in your kitchen for a full dining table? A wooden bench is slim enough to create a casual seating area.

Garden Stool

This is another piece that can be turned into a table. Use it next to your bed for a bedside table, or place it next to your couch. It can be used to place down drinks or as an extra seat. In a bathroom, a garden stool is ideal for towels or toiletries.

Here at Lawn & Leisure, we have a wide selection of outdoor furniture for your outdoor and indoor needs. Contact us for more information. 

Create an Oasis with Poolside Patio Furniture to Enjoy Now and Later

It's time to declare open season on your backyard patio or pool. Long, sunny days linger into warm, starry nights. It's summer, the perfect time for casual dinners on the patio or for lounging poolside with a good book. With the right patio furniture you can make the most of your outdoor oasis all season long, even into the crisp autumn months. Here are some tips to help you choose which furniture will work best for your space and lifestyle, plus how to ensure years of use.

Preparing for pool parties and family gatherings?

Consider furniture groupings, but measure first. If you know your square footage, you can ensure that your furniture choices will fit comfortably on your patio. Next, Look for a dining table and chairs that seat 8 or more people. Be sure to allow three feet of space for chairs to be pulled back from the table. For example, if you are choosing a four by eight foot table, make sure you have a space at least 10 by 14 feet in size. Create an inviting atmosphere by adding toss pillows and a market umbrella. Next, look for affordable lounge chairs and purchase as many as would fit in your space. If you are limited on space after you choose a dining table set, consider straight back chairs with thick cushions to place around your pool or patio for additional seating.

Longing to create an outdoor room with a view?

Imagine a living room among the stars by opting for a seating set with a coffee table, upholstered sofa and chairs or a sectional. Be sure to look for performance fabrics and materials that are designed for outdoor use as they are treated to increase stain and moisture resistance. Don't forget to add an attractive outdoor rug and toss pillows. Then, personalize the space with decorative and functional pieces such as flameless candles, lightweight throws, and battery-operated lamps.

Dreaming of a quiet corner for a nap or to enjoy the sounds of nature?

Only a hammock will do. Look for one with a stand rather than a style that hangs from a tree. When you want to change your view, you can easily move it around your patio or place it in your yard. For maximum enjoyment, consider placing a small table or tea cart nearby for easy access to a cold beverage and snacks. Most hammocks are made with an outdoor fabric, but store it away at the end of the season to keep it looking its best. Don't forget to add a pillow to maximize your comfort and enjoyment.  

To keep your patio furniture looking great so you can enjoy it next year, invest in furniture covers and market umbrella covers to protect them from the harsh elements. It isn't necessary to cover furniture up everyday after use, but do cover them up during severe weather and at the end of the warm weather season. Stow away pillows, chair cushions, and patio rugs when not in use, even during the summer, to prevent fading and mildew. Simplify your life by purchasing a few outdoor storage boxes and place them near your patio. You can quickly store away your upholstered items during a pop-up rain shower and when not in use.

At Lawn & Leisure we are all about making the most of your outdoor spaces in the D.C. area. We invite you to contact us to assist you in creating your own personal poolside or patio oasis.


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