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Buying a home doesn’t automatically grant you a green thumb. But owning a home does tend to come with a certain amount of outdoor maintenance, meaning that all homeowners should work on some basic lawn and garden skills. If you’re just getting started, one of the best ways to set yourself up for success is by making sure that you have the right tools at hand (without spending a bunch of money on lawn equipment you won’t actually use). Here are seven recommendations on what to buy that can help you get your yard in perfect shape for grilling, lounging around on comfortable deck furniture, toasting s’mores over a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, or any other backyard summer activities you can come up with.

  1. A Good Pair of Gloves

    Before you even start looking at lawn equipment, you’ll want some protective gear. That includes a thick, reinforced pair of garden gloves. Leather will provide the best protection. Depending on the size of the projects you’re planning to take on, you may also want a pair of safety glasses.

  2. A Lawn Mower

    For centuries, people cut grass by swinging small, sharp scythes as they walked through fields. Fortunately, an English textile worker named Edwin Budding developed a grass-cutting machine in 1830 (based on the machine used to shear the nap off cloth), and now there are a wide variety of push and riding mowers available -- in fact, about 54 million Americans mow their lawns each weekend. Push mowers are generally adequate for small yards, and are both affordable and easy to use; just be sure to choose one that propels itself to save yourself unnecessary work.

  3. A Weed Whacker

    A weed whacker, also known as a string trimmer, is a handheld piece of motorized equipment that allows you to trim growth around the edges of your lawn and tackle weeds in tight spaces. The most important thing is that you choose one that is light enough for you to comfortably maneuver.

  4. A Trowel

    A simple hand trowel costs only a few dollars, but you’ll find yourself using it over and over, year after year. These small, pointed shovels can be used for digging out weeds, loosening hard-packed soil and planting flowers (such as the bright annuals that can easily add so much vibrancy to an outdoor design).

  5. A Leaf Rake

    You’ll probably need a rake whether you have deciduous trees on your property or not. That’s because many lawn mowers leave behind clippings you’ll want to rake up for a cleaner look.

  6. A Hand Pruner

    Tree trimming is a job best left to the professionals. But you can give smaller plants such as bushes and hedges a few snips twice a year or so in order to maintain a neat appearance and encourage healthy seasonal growth. Spring-assisted trimmers will allow you to easily prune even tough, woody branches and stems, and are worth investing in.

  7. A Utility Bucket

    Something as simple as a large plastic bucket will make your life much easier when it comes to lawn and garden maintenance. Choose a size that you’ll be able to comfortably carry even when it’s filled with water or a heavy landscaping material such as gravel.

What other lawn equipment should beginners invest in? Join the discussion in the comments.




4 Tips For Cooking On Gas Grills In The Winter


Ah, Independence Day.

A time for family, fun, fireworks... and grilling!


     Do you have everything checked off your list this fourth?


That shiny new Weber you've had your eye on?

Maybe the Gourmet Napoleon Grill?

Or...the Big Green Egg?

All the right accessories to make sure your meal is flawless?

What about that extra propane tank, so you don't run out like your cousin did last year?

Will you need lump charcoal?

Did you remember that new dining set so everyone can sit together and still have room for their plates?


     Whatever is on your Independence Day inventory, you can find all the right things for your backyard needs at Lawn & Leisure! And for those who wait, don't worry! We will be open on the 4th, but only from 9:00am to 3:00pm, so hurry in! You won't want to show up unprepared to your own party!

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In order for your patio to continue looking great and your furniture to be ready to use at any time throughout the year, it's best to learn how you can maintain your furniture so that it continues to stay in great shape. A lot of people assume that outdoor deck furniture doesn't need any maintenance due to the fact that it is used outdoors, but it's still important to take care of your furniture using the following tips. 

  • Using Specific Cleaning Products: Taking a look at your options for cleaning products can help a lot since it will ensure that you can wipe away dust and grime that has built up over the months. In order for you to take the best care of your furniture using a cleaning solution, it's best to opt for the least amount of chemicals possible and choosing a product that is best for wood, plastic, or metal, based on what your furniture is made of.


  • Using Furniture Covers: When you're not using your furniture, it may be best to use a cover that is designed for the size of your furniture. Reducing exposure to the sunlight and the elements can help prevent serious damage to your furniture without much work involved. Choosing a cover that is designed for the size of your furniture pieces can ensure that you'll have the most effective results at preserving your furniture


  • Placing Furniture in Shade: In order for you to prevent your furniture from being damaged, you may want to place them in the shade. While a cover is helpful, nothing can make as big of a difference than simply placing the furniture somewhere on your deck that won't be affected by the sun.

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Lawn and Leisure - traditional fireplace looks

Vent free gas products come in all shapes and sizes, including traditional fireplace looks, those that look like wood stoves and some that look like chimenea’s.   All vent free units are 100% heat efficient and therefore save up to 30% on most heating bills while letting you heat zones or your whole house quickly and conveniently.  There are even thermostatically controlled remotes that allow you to set a digital temperature and the unit will work automatically just like your furnace.  Best of all you don’t need an existing fireplace or even natural gas at your home.  Propane works just as well and the tanks can be put almost anywhere.  These heaters also work with no electricity so they are great for power outages.  Call Lawn & Leisure today and visit one of the areas largest selections vent free products from brands like Empire Comfort Systems, Hearthstone, Peterson, Lenox and Regency.

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Were you caught in last year’s blizzard with just a shovel?  How did your back feel about that?  Instead with your new snow blower you feel like a kid again and tackle that fresh blanket of snow with excitement and enthusiasm.   Lawn and Leisure of Sterling, VA ( offers the areas most complete selection of snowblowers at the lowest prices.


Get your snow blower now!

Excerpts from a toro blog

“Toro snowblowers are one of the most popular snowblowers that provide the best snow clearing performance you can get from any snowblower. From decks to driveways, Toro has you covered with their complete line of dependable snowthrowers.

Toro has global dominance in the outdoor equipments industry for use in both professional and consumer environments, going back as far as 1914. The company provides services for agricultural growers, professional landscapers, maintenance managers, and homeowners.
Toro snowblowers come three main categories: electric snowblowers, single-stage snowblowers, and two-stage snowblowers.

Single-Stage Snowblowers

Toro’s single-stage snowblowers offer good productivity with its strong gas engine. They were designed for big snowfalls, yet light enough for anyone to handle. Great for small to medium driveways. They are Maneuverable have a powerful gas engine cleand down to the pavement for medium to heavy snowfalls.

All Toro single stage snowthrowers are backed by a 2 Year Full Warranty and have a power curve system. These category has three models for you to pick from.( CCR Powerlite,CCR 2450 GTS and the CCR 3650 GTS). Irrespective of the one you choose you are guaranteed excellent performance.

Two-Stage Snowblowers

These machines are called the power to the max snowblowers. They can plow through deep and heavy snow coverage. Analysts have said that they have one of the widest clearing paths in the industry, throwing snow up to 45 feet. Equipped with a PowerMax Auger system, that throw off snow fast and powerfully with its high-speed impeller. The snowblowers also have heavy-duty auger gearcases, FreeWheel steering, X-Trac tires, and a Quick Stick chute control for easy maneuverability.

Wheels can be disengaged independently or simultaneously with handle-mounted trigger controls, making turning, reversing, and steering adjustments easy. They also come with convenient and adjustable reversible skid shoes.
The power max models include: Power Max 826 OE,Power Max 828 OXE, Power Max 1028 OXE, Power Max 1128 OXE, Power Max 1028LXEand Power Max 726TE/6000.

Electric Snowblower

Toro’s electric snowblowers are also one of the most popular in the electric snowblowers range, mainly because homeonwers prefer them a lot. The machines are Eco-Friendly, No gas, no oil, no maintenance. For a compact lightweight machine, it has a surprising amount of power. into a Quick to maneuver and easy to store, and they are ideal for small spaces.

Models in this category are : Power Shovel and the 1800 Power Curve. The Power Shovel line comes with a 2 year full warranty. This series provides 12” clearing widths and 20” throw distances, along with adjustable telescoping handles, a cord-lock system, and a powerful auger system and also a 7.5 amp electric motor. It has a highly durable plastic casing with metal handles.

The 1800 Power Curve comes with a 12-amp electric motor encased in an 18-inch model with a 160-degree movable chute, safety key locks. Has a 18” clearing widths and 30” throw distances

Before you buy:

Toro snowblowers are equipped with feature that provide perfomance and great value for money. Going for a toro snowblower would be a wise choice. When going for a toro snowblower you should consider their best buys: The 1800 Power Curve, Power Shovel and the CCR™ Powerlite®”