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lawn and gardenGrilling and outdoor fun are just around the corner, but -- especially if you live in a region where it feels as if spring is a long way away -- your lawn and garden may not quite be in shape for entertaining. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to get your outdoor space wow-worthy when the time comes. Here are some to consider:

  1. Give Your Lawn a Salon-Worthy Cut

    If you have a square or rectangular lawn, you can add a little more visual appeal by cutting it diagonally. Start by making a pass that starts in one corner and goes to the opposite one. Then all you’ll have to do is keep your lawn mower parallel to that line as you work your way across on either side, and you’ll have a snazzy cut that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

  2. Make the Most of Plain Old Mulch

    Mulch is inexpensive and easy to work with. Use a layer to cover up any dirt that’s showing in your flowerbeds so that they don’t look empty even if they’re still a little bare from winter.

  3. Strategically Plant Bright Annuals

    Instead of trying to get a lush landscape right away (which is both costly and work-intensive), plant rows of eye-popping annuals in strategic areas around your lawn and garden. Focus your planting around doors or other access points such as arbors and gates, where the flowers will make the most impact. You should be able to do this in somewhere between an hour and a half day, depending on the size of your yard, and the only tool you’ll need is a simple garden trowel.

  4. Feature a New, Shiny, High-Tech Grill

    If you want to make your backyard as functional as possible, then a new grill is a worthy investment. Around 63% of the U.S. population grills every single month -- and probably many more grill in warm weather -- so a new charcoal or propane grill is something you can expect to get your money’s worth from. You may even want to feature it in a complete grill center; just be sure that it’s placed wisely. Based on data collected between 2007 and 2011, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 8,800 home and outside fires involving grills each year, and you don’t want to find yourself a part of those kind of statistics.

  5. Clean and Update Outdoor Furniture

    Pull out or uncover your outdoor furniture and give it a good cleaning and inspection. Get rid of anything that’s falling apart (nothing can make a guest feel worse than sitting on a chair and having it break), and pick out at least a few new pieces to spruce up the entire collection. If you’re really short on time, even a few brightly colored outdoor throw pillows can hold you over until larger pieces arrive.

lawn and gardenIt sounds obvious that your lawn and garden space should be environmentally friendly. After all, isn’t that green space part of the environment? While in one sense, all plants are good for the environment (since they renew our air supply), people make a lot of less-than-eco-friendly choices in their backyards. Here are some tips for creating a lawn and garden area that’s both a good environment and good for the environment:

Mow Less Frequently
That’s right, firing up your lawn mower only once or twice a month, instead of every weekend, can be good for the environment. It’s just a bonus that you’ll be able to spend more of your weekend relaxing and spend less on fuel. Grass can still look neat when trimmed to a height of 3 to 4 inches, and you can even buy grass blends that grow more slowly than your average sod. These varieties also have deeper roots, which prevents soil erosion and means your grass will need less watering.

Just be sure you don’t let your grass grow so long that it develops fungus and weeds. These might force you to use pesticides that aren’t good for the water supply.

Less frequent mowing means less gas use and less wear-and-tear on your mower, which means less-frequent replacement of your mower. 

Fire Up Thoughtfully
It’s hard to say whether propane grills or charcoal grills have less of a carbon footprint; most experts say that when all factors are taken into account (pollution, fuel transportation, etc.), gas grills are the greener choice. However, the bottom line is that fire safety should be your primary environmental concern when grilling (or, if you have a fire pit or fireplace installed, lighting up a cozy outdoor blaze).
Make sure grills and fireplaces are located somewhere where there are no overhanging branches, nearby bushes, or dry grass and groundcover patches. You should regularly check the tank or hose on a gas grill to ensure there’s no leakage, and used charcoal briquettes should be completely cooled and properly disposed of to prevent fires.

Choose Furniture Wisely
When you’re choosing outdoor furniture, look for options made from recycled or recyclable materials. Wicker is a surprisingly sustainable choice; wicker furniture is made from flexible woven strips of rattan, willow, bamboo or reeds, many of which grow extremely quickly when compared to hardwoods. Wicker can also be made of synthetic polyethylene fibers, so you’ll want to do a little more research if you see a material listed as “resin wicker” or something similar.

With spring approaching, homeowners in no time will be in full swing using their lawn equipment outside. If you have looking to upgrade or buy any new lawn equipment in the Chantilly, VA area, Lawn & Leisure is the store to go to!   

Make sure you are prepared for the spring season this year with the best lawn equipment on the market here at Lawn & Leisure.

Recently, one of our Chantilly, VA lawn equipment customers had this to say...

"What a big surprise -- excellent customer service with a smart guy. We bought a weed wacker and got one already assembled along with a little training course on how to use the tool. Good price too. We really were surprised. We'll be back." Lawn Equipment Customer - Chantilly, VA

Our mission at Lawn & Leisure is to offer the best quality lawn equipment at the lowest prices. This has been the reason for our continued customer appreciation over the years. Contact us today if your in need of any lawn equipment for your home.  

Offering high quality lawn equipment to the Chantilly, VA area!

e23cba84-dfbd-440d-e91d-bc353885368b 1Leaf blowers are an essential piece of lawn equipment for any homeowner, as they help to speed up various yard tasks such as the dispersing of fallen leaves and stray grass clippings. Without a leaf blower, one would spend a great deal of time cleaning up around the yard with a rake or broom. For this reason, leaf blowers can be extremely beneficial to homeowners, and are an item that you should consider purchasing if you do not already have one. However, for many individuals who have never owned a leaf blower, or even for those who have but are looking to purchase a new one, it can be difficult to decide which type to buy with all of the options that are available. The fact is, for the average homeowner the power and quality of a handheld leaf blower will be sufficient to deal with the size of yard you have (no need to purchase an industrial sized backpack leaf blower unless you live on a substantially sized property). The main choice you will have to make will be deciding whether to purchase an electric or gas leaf blower. The fact is, while electric leaf blowers are more environmentally friendly than gas leaf blowers are, the technology of electric leaf blowers has not yet reached an equivalent level to that of gas leaf blowers, and it is generally more beneficial to homeowners to purchase the gas option. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider purchasing a gas leaf blower:

  1. More Efficient: The fact is that the majority of electric leaf blowers have not yet been able to achieve the same power and efficiency as gas leaf blowers. Gas leaf blowers can clear a required area in the fraction of the time that it would take an electric blower to clear the same area. This generally makes gas leaf blowers the less frustrating option for homeowners to use, as they can quickly get done with their yard tasks and move on to other chores and activities.
  2. Maneuverability: While varieties of cordless leaf blowers have begun to be released in recent years (though these come with rechargeable batteries that often times do not last very long), the majority of electric leaf blowers still require an extension cord. Depending on the layout of your yard and the location of available electrical outlets, this can make electric leaf blowers a more cumbersome option to use. Gas leaf blowers on the other hand simply need to be fueled with gas, and they can then be taken wherever you need to take them.
  3. More Power Options: While we previously touched upon the fact that a handheld blower is sufficient for most homeowners, there are individuals with extensive yards who will require a larger backpack style blower. The fact is however that a larger electric backpack style leaf blower has not yet been developed, meaning that if you require more power, it will be necessary for you to purchase a gas leaf blower.

It is mainly due to underdeveloped technology that electric leaf blowers have yet to be able to achieve the same power and efficiency as gas leaf blowers. In order to ensure that you have enough power to complete your gardening tasks, and to ensure the ease of doing so, it is generally best for homeowners to purchase gas leaf blowers.


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How to Prepare your Chain Saws for Storage in Spring

Chain saws are one tool that tends to get used most during the winter. When you’re done using your chain saw for the season, performing some simple maintenance on it first will ensure you are ready to begin using it right away again come fall.

Let your chain saw run until it is completely out of gas to avoid having gunk build up in the engine while it is sitting. If you’d rather not do this, drain the gasoline out manually into a gas can, or purchase a can of fuel stabilizer and place it in the tank instead.

Brush dirt and debris from the outside of your chain saw, and then pry any wood chips out of the chain with a utility knife or flat-head screwdriver. Next, take a damp cloth and wipe down the chainsaw body to ensure it is perfectly clean.

Use machine oil to oil the chain and any metal parts to keep them from rusting. You may need an oiler to help you get to the chain, but you can simply use a soft cloth with a few drops of oil on it to get to the other parts.

Now might be the time to have your chains sharpened, especially if you have used your saw a great deal during the winter. This task is best left to a professional, as sharpening the chains yourself can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment.

When storing your chain saw, place blade guards over the end to keep people from being injured by coming into contact with them. If you have a case for your chain saw, place it inside of it, and then store it either in a locked cabinet or on a high shelf where children will not be able to reach it.

By taking good care of your chain saw, you can expect to have many years of practical use from it. 


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2dc7fbc4-a355-4eaa-ccb3-87602e132a95Out of all power equipment for winter, a snowblower is obviously going to be used more than any other. Here at Lawn & Leisure, we sell some of the top names in snowblowers, and they've gone fast with winter weather gripping much of the nation.

If you've purchased one from us last year and had it storage until now, you're going to be in need of a tuneup. A snowblower tuneup can be done directly through us if you need one. However, because of the complex parts to snowblowers, it's one that needs as much inspection as a car. 

Cleaning the Fuel System

As part of our Value Tuneup plan, we'll be cleaning your fuel system first. That usually starts with looking at your snowblower's fuel filter and deciding if it needs replacing. Because fuel filters can't really be cleaned well, it's best to just replace it once a year. We'll check if it's clogged and install a new one so your snowblower runs well during the next snow event.

We'll also replace your snowblower's oil if it's looking overly dark. Oil needs to have a golden color if still fresh. After a year, though, you should expect an oil change. Based on your model, we'll be sure to tilt the snowblower appropriately in draining the old oil out.

Afterward, we'll check your fuel cap and make sure it isn't worn. We'll install a new one if there's any restriction to the ventilation. Then we'll put in some fuel stabilizer to help prevent any future clogging in your fuel lines. By adding the stabilizer, you'll also keep your fuel fresher while you use the snowblower through the winter.

Changing the Spark Plug

This common tuneup step is very simple and necessary in order to avoid the degrading of engine performance or emanating emissions. Sometimes the spark plug will look fine, even if carbon buildup on the plug is going to be inevitable. Also, the electrode can weaken, which means the whole spark plug should be replaced often. Doing that once a year is preferable and can be done concurrently with the fuel filter and oil.

Inspecting Other Parts and Cleaning

A snowblower has many different parts which need to be inspected annually. We'll inspect the tires carefully and their air pressure if your model happens to have pneumatic tires. The scraper blade and slide shoes should also be inspected to make sure they aren't worn. If they are, they'll need immediate replacing to avoid damage to the internal parts.

We'll even give a general cleaning to the whole unit as well as lubricate all the bearings.

Afterward, you should be ready to tackle any major snow event. With winter this year, it's possible you've had to give your snowblower more than a little overtime. We're here to service your snowblower if you start noticing any problems before winter can be officially declared over.


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lawnHave you ever thought about using your leaf blower in the wintertime? It may be something that sounds crazy when there's little around in the thick of winter to blow away. Others might find it crazier when they see yard workers using leaf blowers in the wintertime to blow away thin air just to look busy.

But some people are starting to use their leaf blowers during snow events to clear off walkways or even cars. Is this really a good method to get snow out of the way in a hurry? It's potentially a good alternative if you're not physically able to scoop away snow with a shovel.

Clearing Snow Off Walkways

While you'll need to warm up your leaf blower if you've had it stored away for a couple of months, a leaf blower can easily blow snow off walkways. However, as a Michigan blog on MLive pointed out, you sometimes have to tip the blower sideways to keep it from running sluggishly due to the cold weather. When the above blog owner's family did this as an experiment, it successfully cleared off every walkway around their home.

The only advice they give for the best results is to use the leaf blower early when the snow is light and freshly fallen. Once ice gets in the way, you'll have no choice but to use a shovel.

Using the Leaf Blower to Clean Off a Car

In the above blog, the same experiment was applied to cleaning snow off a car. The results were mostly good, and it particularly excelled at cleaning out the wiper wells that ordinarily would be more of a challenge. If there's any advantage to using a leaf blower on your car, it's managing to get snow out of crevices that some devices can't possibly reach.

Cleaning Off Your Leaf Blower After Use

It can be potentially hard on a leaf blower in the snow due to the ice and snow accumulation on the external parts. You have to be sure to clean all of it off thoroughly after use or face the possibility of rust developing when back in storage until spring. Take some towels and wipe it dry so the dampness on the blower doesn't stay there overnight.

Always remember to place some fuel stabilizer in the blower if you intend to not use it again for several more months. Regardless, with severe winter conditions afflicting many parts of the country this year, you may have to drag it out multiple times before you see the sight of any leaves.


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lawn and leisure blog3

That new riding mower you used this last summer may be sitting in your garage ready to withstand any winter weather you perhaps already experienced. If this was your first year purchasing a riding mower, you'll have to realize you can't just park it and expect it to work perfectly next spring. Just like your car, it's going to need some maintenance before you store it away for a number of months. Otherwise, you face a riding mower that might not even start next time. And you don't want that when the lawn is up to your pant legs by March or April.

General Cleaning of the Mower

You'll want to clean your rider mower thoroughly so any grass or mud stuck around it won't harden over the winter. Once it hardens, it makes it all the more challenging to clean off if deciding to postpone cleaning until spring. When spraying a high-pressure hose on your mower, be sure to disconnect your spark plug wire. You should keep this disconnected through the winter by simply taping the wire off to the side.

Cleaning your blade on a riding mower usually means removing the paneling. It's better to remove dried debris on your mower blade with a scraping tool and not remove it by hand.

Removing Your Battery

You'd have to remove the battery from your car if storing it away for the winter, and it's no different with your riding mower. Anyone forgetting to do this will find a mower that won't start come springtime. But it's not hard to disconnect your battery. Merely disconnect the cables and store your battery in a safe location. It's a good idea to clean the battery cables so you'll be assured a good connection for your first lawn cut of the season.

Should You Empty Your Fuel or Use a Fuel Stabilizer?

This question comes up often when people store their riding mowers away for the winter. The answer is a double one, because either way is perfectly safe. Some people prefer to keep fuel in their mower through the winter so they don't have to fill up with fuel during the first spring cutting. When they do, they'll need to pour a fuel stabilizer into the tank to keep the fuel fresh.

In order to do this, you have to fill the tank full of gas rather than keeping it only halfway full. After the stabilizer is put in, run your mower for a few minutes so the stabilizer circulates throughout the engine. That's all it takes to keep the fuel fresh for as long as six months. By filling the tank, you also prevent condensation that could affect the carburetor.

Chances are, you'll be hauling that rider mower out before six months if you're just now storing it away. Be sure the storage location you choose is dry so you don't discover rust all over your mower after buying it new this year.

Here at Lawn & Leisure, we sell top riding mower brands for quality suburban lawn care. We also service those mowers if you think you need repairs before tackling that first cut of the season.

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How do you know what chainsaw fits your needs? Where is the best place to purchase one? How do you take care of a chainsaw, or for that matter operate it?

A chainsaw can be a handy piece of equipment to have around. From tackling the dead apple tree in your backyard to taking down the limb hanging over your neighbor's parking spot, it's never a bad idea to have one in your tool shed. Here we will answer some common questions about buying and using a chainsaw.

Where is the best place to purchase a chainsaw and does it really matter?

Yes it matters! A warranty is of little use if you have nowhere to get it serviced. A big box store isn't going to be of any help for issues and maintenance. A dealer that is knowledgeable about them and capable of maintenance and service will serve you better in the long run than trying to pick one up you know nothing about because it's the deal of the week at the big chain home store.

How do I know what chainsaw I need?

Once more this is where a knowledgeable sales person comes in handy. Be sure the saw you pick is one you are completely comfortable with. Fatigue from hanging onto a saw that is too heavy is a dangerous scenario. Too small is cheaper but is it powerful enough? When you are wearing yourself out pushing on the chainsaw to do the job that again isn't a good situation to find yourself in.

If you don't need a heavy duty saw, you might look into an electric one. It will require less upkeep and generally be easier to maneuver. Also make sure the bar isn't too long for the saw's power or too short for the diameter of the tree limb or trunk you need to cut. 

Do I really need bar oil?

Yes. A quality bar oil has a high tack additive to prevent the oil from slinging off. Motor oil burns up too fast to be cost effective and will leave a mess. 

What about upkeep?

There are great videos out there on using and maintaining a saw, many online. Stihl has a very good one, or your dealer can give you tips and demonstrations. One important point to remember is every time you use your saw, make sure it has fresh gas and a fuel additive to run correctly. Another thing is sharpening the chain. When your saw starts putting out dust and no chips and its getting harder and harder to get through a log, it is time to sharpen up. Also remember to keep the depth gauge set properly. This is the metal point in front of the teeth that determines the chip size as it goes through the wood. If you aren't an experienced operator, keep it at .025 to avoid nasty kickback. It is a good idea to take the bar and chain off occasionally and clean the oil passages in the bar and where it mounts as it tends to jam with wood chips as well.

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Blog-lawn-tractorMaintaining your outdoor space can be a lot of work and physically exhausting without the proper tools. A lawn tractor is the ideal investment for homeowners as they have many functions greater than just mowing the lawn. Lawn tractors offers homeowner the luxury of a comfortable ride and the enjoyment of relaxing without all the strenuous activity push mowers require.

Choosing the right size

Lawn tractors come in varying sizes with different cutting widths, motor sizes and overall size. Choosing the correct size for your property depends on the size of area you are maintaining and what you hope to achieve overall. Standard lawn tractors with a 30 or 36 inch mowing deck are ideal for the average yard up to one acre and larger models are often only needed on larger parcels. It is critical that you choose a model that has enough power as utilizing too small of a tractor can lead to break downs and broken equipment.

Uses and add-ons

The benefits of owning a lawn tractor is all the tools and attachments available that make your property maintenance easier. Tools such as lawn dump carts for yard waste, trailers for moving objects and snow blowers for removing snow from driveways are available for most models. Homeowners will find add-ons to their tractor to not only cut down on time and energy, but also cost much less than buying a specialized tool itself such as a snow blower or actual tractor. Lawn tractors are a great tool to haul items from locations throughout your property, pick up leaves in the fall and use as general transportation to cut down on walking.

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Easy and Effective Landscaping: Zero Turn Mowers | Loudoun County

Loudoun County

Decorative landscaping, hardscapes and raised flower beds often make mowing a challenge due to all the obstacles and curves. Zero turn mowers offer homeowners an ideal solution as they can easily maneuver around almost any object with their nearly zero-inch turning radius. 

How it Works

The zero turns or zero turn radius mowers are designed to allow each rear wheel to turn independently or simultaneously allowing the driver a wide range of maneuverability. This is ideal to mow around poles, curved landscaping, walkways and flower beds lined with pavers. Traditional mowers have the disadvantage of only turning as sharply as the front wheels can turn, where the zero turn uses the front wheels in conjunction with pivoting the rear wheels (as well as reversing if needed).


The main benefit of using a zero turn style mower for your lawn maintenance is efficiency. They allow you to mow your lawn quicker and easier due to its tight turn radius, which means you're able to make sharp turns when you reach the end of your mowing strip. The ability to easily maneuver around obstacles results in much less time spent trimming missed areas. Homeowners will find a wide array of attachments and tools to go along with their zero turn including yard karts, baggers, sweepers and snow blowers. If you are interested in learning more about how a zero turn mower can save you time, please contact us.

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Leaf Blowers Make Chores A Breeze | Fairfax County

Fairfax County

The cooler weather and changing leaves doesn't mean that your landscaping chores are done -- they're just changing. One of the biggest challenges for winter lawn care is clearing the fallen leaves from the yard. Raking all that debris can be a time consuming and back-breaking chore at times but leaf blowers can simplify the process (especially if you've neglected your chores and the snow has already fallen). Blowers come with a variety of features giving you flexibility in choosing what will work best for you.

The best blower for you depends on what applications you need it for. Do you have a small or average size yard with few trees or an over-sized yard with a small forest? Are you planning mostly to use it at home or in a commercial setting?

For most homeowners a hand-held blower is a good fit. They are generally lightweight and easy to maneuver. These come in either electric or gas powered motors. Electric hand-held blowers are lighter and quieter than the gas powered variety. They can be either corded or cordless and both models offer easy start-up. Gas powered hand-held blowers are more powerful than the electric ones but will require more maintenance and fuel mixing. Most start with a manual pull-start but there are optional crank features available on some models.

Gas powered blowers also are available in a more powerful backpack model. This model is suited for commercial needs or if you have a large residential area to clear. It’s quite a bit  heavier than the hand-held models but the harness allows the user to carry the blower like a backpack. This creates the most comfortable way to use a blower for extended periods required for larger areas.

For heavy commercial or over-sized areas a walk behind blower is ideal. Some models can be converted into vacuums and/or mulchers for recycling or easier disposal of debris. Because of their heft they are the most difficult to maneuver and require a larger area for storage when not in use.

We carry a large selection of blowers by some of the industry’s most recognizable names. Contact us to find out how we can ease your autumn landscaping work either with a new purchase or service to your existing blower. Less work means more time to enjoy the wonderful colors and fun of the season.

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Quality Lawn Equipment and Outdoor Furniture Since 1982 | McLean, VA

lawn-and-leisure-mclean-vaLawn & Leisure has been offering McLean, VA residents quality lawn equipment, outdoor patio & deck furniture, and custom fireplaces & grills since 1982. 

You can think of us as your suburban survival store, because with the number of products and services we offer, we’ve become your one-stop-shop for outdoor living in McLean, VA. Our selection variety products from top-of-the-line manufactures makes doing business with us worth your time and effort. Not to mention, we always give you the best bargain by selling everything at the very lowest prices our manufacturer will allow. Furthermore, we guarantee our price at or below any competitor’s verifiable price. We go out of our way to keep your wallet fat while keeping your outside living space pristine and relaxing.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of our low process and fantastic lineup of quality lawn equipment, outdoor patio & deck furniture, custom fireplaces, and outdoor grills, click here.

Your Source for the Best Lawn Equipment in McLean, VA

lawn-and-leisure-lawn-equipment-mclean-vaLawn and Leisure has been providing lawn equipment to our McLean, VA customers for over 30 years, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

The reason why we’ve been in business so long is because of our unrivaled dedication to our customers here in McLean. While other companies are snoozing, we’re here for you 7 days a week. And, because we are a family owned and operated lawn equipment business, we treat you with the same courtesy and respect we give to our own family.

When you choose to do business with Lawn and Leisure, you’re guaranteed the best selection and the best prices for lawn equipment in Mclean, VA. That’s because we sell and service the area’s largest selection of brand name power and lawn equipment. With us, you’ll also have access to the our factory-trained technicians who boast on average over 25 years of experience servicing small engines – a perfect fit for your lawn equipment needs in McLean, VA.

To learn more about why Lawn and Leisure is your source for the best lawn equipment in McLean, VA, click here.

Still not convinced? We invite you to take a look at our photo gallery of stunning outdoor grills in McLean, VA. To give your eyes a taste of the burgers you could be flipping on your outdoor grill, click here

Comfortable and Stylish Outdoor Patio & Deck Furniture | McLean, VA

lawn-and-leisure-outdoor-patio-deck-furniture-mclean-vaAlong with quality, heavy-duty lawn equipment you can also rely on Lawn and Leisure to provide you with the best outdoor patio & deck furniture in McLean, VA.

We offer our clients assembly and delivery service for the largest selection of outdoor patio & deck furniture in the DC area. Our customers rave about our service because they know that our outdoor patio & deck furniture is top notch. They also appreciate our extensive knowledge of outdoor patio & deck furniture. There isn’t a question we can’t answer.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you’re not satisfied with customer reviews, we invite you take a look at our photo gallery of outstanding outdoor patio & deck furniture. To see what your outdoor living space could look like after giving Lawn and Leisure a call, click here.

Still not convinced? We invite you to take a look at our photo gallery of stunning outdoor grills in McLean, VA. To give your eyes a taste of the burgers you could be flipping on your outdoor grill, click here

Toro Riding Mowers
LX series
If a tractor or riding mower is what you need, Toro has plenty of those to choose from as well. First is Model LX 426. This model features a 20 hp Briggs & Stratton Intek engine, automatic CVT transmission with Cruise Control, a three-gallon fuel tank, and a two-year warranty.
Next is LX 425, which has a 20 hp Kohler Courage Twin Cam OHV engine and much of the same features as the previous model. An upgrade to LX 465 will get you an automatic hydrostatic transmission with Cruise Control, a standard front bumper, and a top speed of 6.4 mph.
The LX 465 & the LX 466 cost the same but the LX 466 features a 22 hp Briggs & Stratton Intek twin-cylinder engine, lacks the bumper, and tops out at 5.5 mph. LX 468  features a 22 hp Kohler Courage twin-cylinder engine, an automatic hydrostatic transmission with Cruise Control, a standard front bumper, and a top speed of 5.5 mph.
Finally, the LX 500 features a 22 hp Kohler Courage twin-cylinder engine, automatic CVT transmission with Cruise Control, electric PTO clutch, a 50” 3-in-1 mowing deck with anti-scalp wheels, a high-back seat, a top speed of 5.5 mph.  As you can see, there are a wide variety of tractors in the LX Series, appealing to all sorts of lawns.
GT2000 Lawn Tractor Series
There is also the GT2000 Lawn Tractor Series, beginning with the GT2100. This tractor  features a 23 hp Kohler Courage twin-cylinder engine, a heavy duty automatic transmission with Cruise Control, electric PTO clutch, a 50” 3-in-1 mowing deck with anti-scalp wheels, a high-back seat, a top speed of 5 mph, and a two-year warranty.
The GT2200  features a 25 hp Kohler Courage twin-cylinder engine, a foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission with Cruise Control, electric PTO clutch, a 50” 3-in-1 mowing deck with anti-scalp wheels, a high-back seat, a top speed of 6.4 mph, and a two-year limited warranty.
Classic Garden Tractor
Finally you have the top-of-the-line Classic Garden Tractor Series, which consists of one tractor, the customizable GT/315-8. This tractor features a Kohler Command OHV engine, a Uni-Drive transaxle with case-hardened gears and cast-iron housing, Dial-A-Height for attachment height adjustments, and Keychoice Reverse, which lets you mow backwards as the situation requires and permits. These top models are just about the best you will find anywhere.
Though all this information may at first seem confusing, Toro by far has the easiest system to understand when you are considering the baseline mower models and those above them. Generally, the most affordable mowers have lower designations, and the more features you pile on them, the designations increase in number and so does the price.
This allows you to virtually customize the mower in your head before making your purchase. Though the situation gets a bit more tangled when you look at tractor mowers, the concept is essentially the same and remains mostly intact.
Final Thought
If you are considering getting a new lawnmower, you simply cannot go wrong with Toro. Many commercial outfits put their trust in this established industry veteran, and so can you.
For more information on power equipment contact Lawn and Leisure.

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