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lawnandliesureCharcoal grills may sound like a product of summer, and they perpetually are. But did you know that some people use their charcoal grills outdoors during the wintertime? Some people get a real thrill out of doing this out in the cold (and even snow). It can be a fun experience if your family or friends don't mind being outdoors during a snowstorm and want something warm off a grill without cooking indoors.

You naturally have some things to keep in mind before you do any wintertime grilling. Most of that comes in the safety of your grill as well as maintaining it afterward so you don't end up with rust if there's no grilling again until summer.

How Much Charcoal You May Need

If grilling burgers out in the cold, keep in mind you'll need extra charcoal to keep the heat up. The DadCooksDinner blog recommends using about 25 coals, which is considerably more than normal. The important thing is to keep the lid closed as often as possible to keep the grill and the surrounding area heated. If you keep opening the lid, more cold air will get trapped under there and force the grill to burn more charcoal to retain the heat level.

Dealing with Cold Winds

A real detriment to grilling outside during a snowstorm is the possibility of cold winds blowing around where you keep your grill. A persistent cold wind as you cook could force your charcoal grill to work overtime and never get heated properly. That's why you should place some kind of wind guard near your grill before winter even sets in. Having this in place in advance allows you to grill outdoors in cold settings without needing to adjust things at the last minute.

Dealing with Deep Snow

It's always better to keep your grill up on a deck so deep snow doesn't become a major problem for access. Regardless, not everyone has a deck, and you may have to tread through deep snow in your yard to get to the grill. All you'll need is a shovel, even though it may take some work to clear the area before cooking begins. It's worth it for many people, however, and creates fun wintertime activity for many. If the snow accumulates too fast, move the cooking indoors for the benefit of everyone.

Also, be cognizant of the time of day. It gets dark early this time of year and doing the grilling long before 4 or 5 p.m. is your best bet if you're grilling for guests. This isn't to say you can't attach portable lights to areas around or directly on your grill.

Be sure to wash your grill thoroughly afterward and keep it covered with a tarp for the rest of winter if you won't be using it again. You don't want a pile of snow rusting the internal parts before next summer arrives.

If you need to buy a new charcoal grill or need a current one fixed, we offer both services here at Lawn & Leisure. We sell items related to outdoor living, though we know that none of that stops with the seasons.

92248f15-8004-4da8-dd7d-62c0353d2d30-thumbJust because summer is officially over with doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about your gas grill. There are plenty of good reasons to consider propane refills for your gas grill in autumn, and here are just four we thought were worth mentioning.

#1. Autumn is still an excellent time to cook outdoors

Whether you’re tailgating or simply enjoying the beautiful weather, autumn is an excellent time for grilling out. The beautiful fall weather won’t last forever, so ensure you are prepared by topping off your propane tank now.

#2. Beat the winter doldrums

Should there be an unexpected warm winter day, you’ll want to ensure you are ready to take advantage of it, which is why you need a full tank of propane on hand just in case.

#3. Be prepared for a power outage

You never know when an unexpected power outage could leave you unable to use your stove. Should that happen, you can easily prepare delicious home-cooked meals on your grill rather than eating cold food out of a can.

#4. You won’t have to rush come spring

Once spring finally does arrive, chances are you’ll have plenty of other things to do in order to get ready for warmer weather. Filling the propane tank won’t be one of them, because you’ll already have that task taken care of.

As you can see, there are still plenty of good reasons to have your propane tank refilled right now. Here at Lawn and Leisure, we fill propane tanks, and have a wide selection of grills and accessories available as well. We are your “Suburban Survival Store”- contact us today to find out why.

outdoor grills 05

Summer is here, and we are ready for our outdoor barbeques! After this pandemic, where we spent most of our time inside, alone or with family, we have reached the point where we can safely gather with our trusted and loved friends and family. The summer of parties and get-togethers has come back. The best way to finish this scene is to turn up the music and do some outdoor grilling!

Although outdoor grilling is such a fun time, we must always be cautious. Propane grilling can have a tremendous danger associated with it. With the potential for an explosion, chemical inhalant inhalation, and gas leaks, it is important to be aware of how to safely use your propane grill. It is important, however, to recognize that when used safely, propane grilling is a super fun way to make food, spend time with your family and friends, and enjoy gorgeous weather.

We are Lawn & Leisure care about your safety, and we want to ensure that you enjoy any product that you purchase from our showroom. If you have any questions about safely using your propane grill, please know that you can always reach out to us, and we will happily answer any questions for you. Propane grilling is an American staple, and we want you to have the best time with your propane grill!

Safety Tip #1: Ventilation

As with most electric and gas appliances, always ensure that there is proper ventilation when you are using the grill. The best place to use your propane grill is actually outside, in your backyard, but away from your house. No matter how good your ventilation is inside of your house, and no matter how many windows you keep open, the safest place to use your propane grill is still outside. The breeze and the large surface area will ensure that your propane grill gets the ventilation that it needs to keep you and your family safe. Never grill indoors.

Safety Tip #2: Don’t Keep Propane Tanks in an Enclosed Space

In terms of storage, it is important that you never store your propane tanks in an enclosed space, such as in a shed, in your garage, or even inside of your home. You can keep the grill indoors, but make sure that the propane tank itself is not stored inside. Furthermore, ensure that your propane tank is stored upright, not sideways. Don’t store your propane tank sideways, or on or near another grill.

Safety Tip #3: Make Sure the Tank Isn’t Stored in the Heat

In the previous tip, we saw how it is important to keep the propane tank stored outdoors. However, it is also important to be mindful of the temperature. Make sure that your propane tank is not stored in a place where the temperature exceeds 120oF. This high temperature can cause the molecules in the tank to become too pressurized, causing an explosion.

Safety Tip #4: Don’t Smoke Near the Tanks

While it may seem obvious, it is important to never smoke near the tanks. At the end of the day, propane is still a flammable gas, and we want to prevent explosions. Even if your tank is off, it is safest to keep any source of ignition away from it.

Safety Tip #5: Grill Away from the House

This tip was mentioned briefly earlier, but it is deserving of another mention. When you are actively using your grill and your propane tank, make sure that you are not grilling too close to your house. Your house can be the source of a lot of different ignitions; all you need is that one spark to cause a fire. Also, you need to ensure that there is proper ventilation from all sides in order to reduce the chance of an explosion due to high pressure.

Safety Tip #6: Check for Tank Damage When Refilling

When you are refilling your propane tank, it is important to follow all instructions, including how much propane should be in the tank. Depending on the size of your propane tank, there is a limit to how much propane can fill the tank. Keep up to date on the laws to ensure safe handling of the propane tanks. Furthermore, another thing to keep in mind when refilling your propane tank is to check for damages. Never check for damages using a lighter or a match. You can use a leak-detection solution; Lawn & Leisure also has refilling services where we will check for a leak for you. You should also check for a leak every time that you disconnect and connect your propane tank.

To learn more about Lawn & Leisure’s refilling services, you can either come into the showroom or call us.

Safety Tip #7: Make Sure the Grill is Off and the Cylinder Valve is Closed When Not Using

Perhaps the most obvious safety tip, it is important to ensure that your grill is off and the cylinder valve is closed when you are not using the grill or propane tank.

A propane tank is a perfect solution to a summer of grilling and barbeque, after a long year and a half of COVID-19. Bring together your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy the outdoor breeze and weather, cooking and grilling together. Propane tanks are very safe to use, as long as you follow these seven simple steps to safe propane grilling. We, at Lawn & Leisure, want to help you go on this journey to loving your propane grill. Visit us in our showroom to figure out the best propane tank for you, to understand how to safely use it, and to learn about our propane refilling services!

outdoor-grills-revive-the-renaissance-reston-vaIn the 1500s everyone cooked over an open flame or hot coals and as a result the cooks of the day were experts at grilling large cuts of meat.  During the Renaissance only the affluent had kitchens; the common folk either ate porridge from a big pot on the hearth, or purchased their evening meal from a vendor who had a kitchen.  Workers would drop off the fixin’s for their meal on the way to work in the morning and pick it up fully cooked in the evening.  Some towns had community ovens where housewives could go to bake their breads or roast meats.

Today, not only do we all have kitchens, but some of us even have elaborate outdoor kitchens, and almost everyone has a gas or charcoal grill where they fix barbecued ribs, chicken breasts, hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks.  But, if you haven’t tried grilling big cuts of meat outside, you’re missing out on a savory treat.  Grilling turkey breasts, whole chickens, pork tenderloin, or beef roasts is easy and cooking on outdoor grills adds a layer of smoky flavor you can’t get with a conventional oven.  Take a moment to check out the handsome Weber and Fire Magic gas grills in the Lawn & Leisure photo gallery.

When using a gas grill for roasting you need at least two burners.  Light one burner and place your foil-wrapped or uncovered meat over the unlit burner.  If your grill has three burners, leave the center burner unlit and place your roast above it.  Turn the heat down low and close the lid.  After 10 minutes check the temperature and continue checking and adjusting until the thermometer consistently reads 350 degrees. 

If your grill doesn't have a built in thermometer, you can place an oven thermometer inside the grill or use a wood stove thermometer that magnetically attaches to the outside of the grill lid.  If using a magnetic thermometer, it should read approximately 300 degrees.  Use a digital thermometer to check for doneness.  Most meats are done when the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees according to the USDA safe minimum cooking temperatures.  

Allow 20 to 30 minutes per pound for roasting unless you’re grilling a tougher cut of meat.  Wrap tough cuts in foil to keep them from drying out and roast for 2.5 to 3 hours.  For that delicious grilled crispness, remove the meat from its foil wrapping 15 minutes before the time is up, and place the meat over the lit burner to crisp lightly before serving.

The following is an authentic Renaissance recipe:

Roasted Beef

4 – 6 lbs. boneless beef roast (most tender cut)

3 Tbsp. olive oil

1 clove garlic, minced

1/4 tsp. dried leaf basil

1/4 tsp. rosemary, crumbled

1/4 tsp. dried leaf thyme

1/2 tsp. ground black pepper

1 tsp. salt

Rub roast all over with olive oil.  Combine garlic, spices, salt & pepper, and roll oiled roast in the spice mixture.  Place the roast directly on the grill rack, or use foil or a shallow pan, if you prefer.  Sprinkle with remaining spice mixture.  Roast uncovered for 45 to 60 minutes, depending on desired doneness.  Let rest for 10 to 15 minutes before slicing.

If using fresh herbs, remember that they’re much more potent than the dried variety, so go easy with them.  For turkey breasts or whole chickens, you might add paprika, thyme, and oregano to your spice mix.  

If using a charcoal grill to roast meat, add another layer of deliciousness to your entrée by adding hickory chips or wood chips soaked in whisky or other marinades (try garlic teriyaki sauce), to your charcoal.  Keep the coals to one side of the grill and place your meat on the side without coals.  As with the gas grill, you need a lid and a way to monitor your temperature.

Let Lawn and Leisure make your grilling experience a historical one with a new, assembled Fire Magic or Weber gas grill.  Please contact us us for all your grilling accessories and outdoor furniture needs.

deck furnitureA full 63% of the U.S. population grills every single month, and that figure is probably much higher now that we’re solidly into grilling season. But even if you’ve been heading out to the backyard or patio to grill for years, you might be making some major grilling mistakes. Here are five of the most common you’ll want to fix before you have even one more summer cookout:

  1. Placing Your Grill Incorrectly

    First things first: safety. Data collected between 2007 and 2011 show that U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 8,800 inside and outside fires related to grilling, and you definitely don’t want to be a data point in the next study. Grill in an open spot clear of flammable building materials or vegetation. And deck furniture is great, but it shouldn’t be placed too close to either charcoal grills or propane grills (the same goes for outdoor fireplaces, by the way). You can also look for deck furniture made of non-flammable materials to be extra cautious.

  2. Bringing Your Meat to Room Temperature

    For some reason, there’s a myth floating around that you should let your meat sit out and come to room temperature before you throw it on the grill. But that’s just a recipe for bacteria growth and possible food poisoning. Keep your meat safely chilled until you’re ready to cook; a grill can easily reach 600 to 800 degrees, so it will take only seconds for the meat to get warmed up once it’s over the flames.

  3. Salting After Grilling

    Don’t believe anyone who tells you that salting food before it’s grilled will dry it out and leave it tough. A generous sprinkling of kosher salt prior to grilling is the best seasoning you can use, and it won’t dry meat out unless you salt it hours in advance.

  4. Turning Your Steak With a BBQ Fork

    Don’t stab your steaks with a barbecue fork to turn them, as this will let all the juices run out (and avoid any other cooking techniques that involve cutting or puncturing steaks until they’ve been cooked and rested, such as cutting them in half to check doneness). Tongs are the tools for the job.

  5. Using Contaminated Serving Dishes

    Don’t forget about what happens when your masterpiece comes off the grill and is ready for serving. Instead of slapping cooked food back on the plate you brought raw meat or poultry out to the grill on, use a clean serving platter so everyone can enjoy it safely.

Do you have any other tips to share on perfecting the art of the summer cookout, from deck furniture choices to sangria recipes? Join the discussion in the comments.

27b3b878-ee74-4f5d-f6df-f8b7f33b5b2f-thumbCharcoal vs. propane for grills is an endless debate for people who grill on a regular basis. However, this debate often leaves those who are new to grilling confused as to whether they should purchase a charcoal or gas barbecue. The fact is that there are benefits to both options, and it comes down to personal preference whether one is better than the other. To help you in making your decision, here are a few reasons to consider purchasing a gas grill.

Operating Costs

For the everyday griller, one of the greatest benefits of using a gas grill is the cheaper operating costs. With a charcoal grill, you will end up spending about $3.00-$3.50 in charcoal each time you use your grill. This could add up quickly if you end up using your grill frequently. Propane on the other hand is much more affordable as it costs about $1.00 to operate a gas grill for one hour (which is the average amount of time most individuals run their barbecue).

Ease of Use

Barbecuing using a charcoal grill can be quite a hassle. Not only do you have to get the charcoal set up, and get it to light, before you can use it, but then you will have to wait roughly 20-40 minutes before the coals will be ready to use. For individuals who tend to be in a hurry, gas grills make the better option. With a simple switch of a knob your grill will be turned on and ready to go.

Wider Range of Features

Gas barbecues tend to have more options available for additional features. While charcoal grills tend to be plain and straight forward, a wide range of extras can be added to a gas barbecue including a rotisserie and a side burner for additional cooking space.

There are many benefits to both charcoal and gas grilling. Thusly, it is unlikely that the debate as to which is best will end anytime soon. However, for the average griller the additional features available on gas grills, as well as the ease of using these grills, generally makes them the superior option. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of using a propane grill.

outdoor grills 03

In today’s world, we are into parties and socials, mixers with coworkers, and neighborhood get-togethers. We serve drinks at a bar, make fancy veggie skewers, and we cook BBQs in outdoor cooking stations. These social society parties always need a venue and what better place than your very own backyard? Skip the cost of renting an expensive, formal venue and allow for your house to transform into the go-to party-central of the neighborhood. Imagine all of the accolades that come with it - suddenly, you know everyone, and you are invited to more parties. These relationships can then forge into business partnerships, and boom, you’ve got successful networking.

But how exactly can you transform your house into this social entity? It initially seems really complicated; you may think you need to upgrade the kitchen, add a fancy fireplace, or redo your flooring. Honestly, it is much simpler than that. There is one basic necessity any house needs to become a social venue for neighborhood parties, professional socials, and relaxing family hangouts: an outdoor cooking station.

I know what you are thinking - well, yes, a grill can be helpful, but how can an outdoor cooking station truly transform my house? Isn’t it just adding a grill? Yes, but it is also so much more than that. Food is often the central tenet of any party or hangout. Think about it: whenever you go over to someone’s house or you invite people over to yours, it is generally surrounding a meal. Maybe you went to a dinner party last weekend, or the holiday social was dessert and cocktails. Either way, there is typically food involved. So then it would make sense that adding something as simple as an outdoor cooking station could transform your house.

By adding an outdoor cooking station, like a grill, you have suddenly created an opportunity to centralize your party around food, but outside of your house, allowing for a change in scenery. You can bring your party to the outdoors, with fresh air and neighborhood sounds, creating a picturesque party environment. Just imagine all of the beautiful pictures you can take!

Imagine your current patio, but transformed with just the simple addition of an outdoor cooking station that can work as a centralized area for people to congregate. Add in a few outdoor sofas or chairs, and you have a completed setup for hosting an outdoor party. Maybe you would like to add some lighting for evening parties or consider adding a fence. Either way, by simply adding an outdoor cooking station, you have created a brand new environment to host a get-together.

An outdoor cooking station also adds visual appeal to your patio. All environments need a central piece, a feature item, to be the central display. For most living rooms, this center display may be the fireplace. In bedrooms, it might be the bed. In an office, the feature piece might be a painting. You use this same theme when dressing for an event; maybe you have a statement tie or piece of jewelry. A central piece is the first thing people see when they walk into a room, and it is meant to grab the viewer’s attention. Generally, this piece should be an investment, but it provides you with a return on investment, as you can show off and create an impression. You have control over what the central pieces of your life are, just as you have control over an outdoor cooking station being the central visual selection for guests who come over to your house. When people walk onto your patio, you want the first thing they notice to be an outdoor cooking station, your grill, as it demonstrates what is important to you - family and friends. The simple addition of an outdoor cooking station can seriously elevate the aesthetic of your home. An outdoor cooking station makes your home seem more established.

Additionally, imagine what an outdoor cooking station can do for your family and family time! Maybe you are not a big party-hosting person, but you want to create a space for you and your family to spend quality time together. An outdoor cooking station is perfect for that purpose. Imagine - board game and grill night! That sounds like a fantastic new weekly tradition for you and your family to get back in touch with each other, especially with the increasingly isolating activities that people are into these days. Consider making it a no-phones event, where the entire family has to be in touch with each other, focusing on the “here and now”. Pull out Monopoly or a deck of cards! An outdoor cooking station can provide a perfect excuse to bring everyone to the picnic table, while someone starts the grill and grills some burgers. By transforming your patio into a space for comfort and family, you can create a space for the family to focus on family.

There are so many reasons to install an outdoor cooking station on your patio. From creating an environment for social events to creating a centerpiece for your patio, to constructing weekly family time, the simple addition of an outdoor cooking station can transform your patio and your life. Installing an outdoor cooking station is not a tremendous change to your home, but it is significant enough to make a difference. Oftentimes, these small differences are what can elevate your home to a new level.

The next step is to decide what kind of outdoor cooking station you want in your home. Luckily for you, Lawn & Leisure has excellent options for you, while providing qualified and experienced staff to help you make that decision. We also provide selections for outdoor furniture, so you can completely furnish your patio right here with us! We have been serving the NOVA community since 1982, so we have trust and experience on our side. Give us a call today to get started on elevating your patio with an outdoor cooking station!

tips-for-safe-use-of-outdoor-grills-reston-vaDue to the fact that they’re used so much, it’s very easy for someone to get comfortable when they are using their barbecue grill and therefore stop taking precautions when it comes to safety. Fires can be caused by grills, as can serious injuries if the grill is used improperly. The following safety precautions should be followed constantly when you use a grill.

The Great Outdoors

These grills are made to be used outdoors only.  They are not designed to be used in tents, garages, or other spaces that are enclosed, even if the space is ventilated well.


The hoses of the grill should always be checked for holes, leaks, and cracks before you start to barbecue.  This is something that is really important when you are using it for the first time after the winter.

Gas Containers

It’s a good idea to store your spare tanks of gas outside, but don’t store them near your grill. They are meant to be stored in an upright position and never lay it on their back.


A recommendation from fire departments is to use a barbecue grill a minimum of ten feet from trees and buildings. You don't want the heat to damage your building or even possibly ignite something you don't want ignited. The best way to avoid these disasters is to keep a safe distance.


To avoid the risk of serious burns, grills should not be moved while it’s still hot.  You should also use utensils that have the extra long handles to avoid being burnt.

We are always trying to provide our customers with information about safely using outdoor grills. We have many products to use outside, not just grills. Please contact us if you want to know more or if you have any questions for us.


extend-the-lifetime-of-your-grill-with-helpful-gas-grilling-tips-great-falls-vaOwning a grill can be a great way to enjoy cooking when it begins to warm up outside, but it’s important for you to become familiar with the proper care for gas grills before getting started. Not only will your food taste better when you know how to care for the grill, you can also ensure that it lasts for many summers to come.

Allow the Grill to Heat Up Before Cooking

A common reason that people throw out their gas grill is simply due to how dirty and worn down it becomes over time. An easy way to prevent this is by letting it heat up entirely before beginning to grill. Since your food could be dripping with marinade, you’ll want it to cook as quickly as possible.

Giving the grill the chance to heat up entirely will help ensure that every dish you make comes out perfect.

Follow Up with a Thorough Cleaning Each Time

After you’ve used your grill, you’ll want to be careful to clean it. While a deep clean isn’t necessary for the entire body of the grill, you’ll benefit by brushing off any food after each use.

Clean the Grates and Burner Regularly

A deeper clean should be done every few weeks, or even weekly if you grill often. Cleaning both the grates and burner once they’ve cooled down entirely will help make a big difference in how the grill looks and performs.

Maintain the Fuel Levels

Whenever you intend on grilling, it’s a good idea to monitor the propane tank underneath. Making sure that the fuel levels aren’t low will help allow the grill to perform as well as it should.

Contact us if you’re interested in buying a new grill, just in time for summer.


783c7adf-5c31-47f8-eee2-df2643b86235-thumbGrilling is an excellent way to prepare food, but it does require going outside. In order to have the greatest experience, you should invest in fitting outdoor furniture and a high quality grill with features such as multiple burners, cooking grates, plenty of surface space, and a grease management system. With outdoor grills, you will want to look at a few grill accessories to ensure the best grilling experience. You don't want to be out there using just any old utensils!

Stainless Steel Skewers

One of the most popular ways to prepare food while grilling is through the use of skewers. Using stainless steel skewers will give the durability and strength you want and need. Stainless steel also makes it very easy to attach the food you want to have on your skewer because of how sharp one end can be.

Locking Tongs

Whether you are trying to place your food delicately onto the grilling surface or taking it off to enjoy after cooling down, you do not want to be in a situation where the food falls from your grips. In this case, using locking tongs is the best way to maintain a sturdy grip on food for the grill.

BBQ Gloves

It is imperative to be safe when grilling, and this means BBQ gloves are a necessity. If you need to get your hands on skewers without juggling them with your utensils, you can do this with BBQ gloves easily.

BBQ gloves are also helpful for getting scorching pots that may be on your grill, as well.

Spiral Brass Brush

After you finish cooking on the grill, you are going to want a way to clean it effectively. A standard wire brush may be sufficient enough, but a spiral brass brush will work wonders.

Contact us for more information about grills or outdoor furniture.

outdoor grills 06

Inside your home, you generally have a number of cooking platforms to choose from, ranging from built-in appliances such as a stovetop, oven, and microwave to appliances like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, toaster oven, and more. However, you can enjoy another high-quality cooking option when you incorporate the outdoors into your cooking, with an outdoor grill. Some individuals who have never cooked on a grill before will go out and purchase a random grill, but you need to understand the fact that this purchase can have a huge impact on your experience eating outdoors.

Decide Between Charcoal and Gas

One of the main decisions that you need to make is whether you want a charcoal or gas grill. Both options have their own distinct advantages, which can make it difficult to choose from. If you enjoy the convenience and easy cleaning, you might want a gas grill for the fact that it is so easy to operate and maintain. However, charcoal grills will provide you with incredible-tasting meals on a consistent basis.

Opting for Both Is an Option

Although it depends on how much space you have in your backyard, how much you want to spend, and how far you are willing to go to have an ideal grilling experience, you might want to invest in both grills. Having a gas grill and charcoal grill will allow you to enjoy the best cooking experience every time.

Party Size and Grill Space

When it comes to picking out a grill, you need to understand how many people you expect to have in your party. For instance, you might never intend on having parties or family get-togethers, so you only have to worry about cooking for your direct family and maybe a couple of friends at the maximum. With this in mind, you can easily determine the size of a grill that will meet your needs. When you love throwing parties, this decision becomes a little more complicated because you will likely have to cook in batches, but opting for a large grill is the best way to minimize the amount of time you spend cooking at the grill.

Workspace Availability

Small grills are portable as they only come with the cooking space, but you should definitely opt for grills that provide you with a decent amount of workspace to improve your grilling experience. For instance, you will likely want to take all of the food you intend on grilling outside at once, along with marinades and glazes. It is easier when you are able to take care of all of your grilling needs in a single, defined space.

Level of Portability

Although portability is not that major of an issue if you intend on grilling in the same place every time, you will want to have some portability with your grill if you intend on moving it around regularly. Two wheels on one side should be more than enough to help you get around, even without help.

Grease Tray

An easy-to-clean grease tray is essential for avoiding cleanup problems. Also, when you have a time-consuming and frustrating cleaning experience after grilling, it can discourage you from grilling again.


While it might be nice to have a grill with sides that fold down, you should also consider the benefits of a grill that does not have this feature, mainly because it will often be a sturdier choice. A sturdy grill is exactly what you want to avoid mishaps around the grill and to enjoy your grill for years to come.

If you have any questions about grills, feel free to contact us at any time.

tips-for-cooking-on-outdoor-grills-leesburg-vaGrilling your meat on a barbecue is a tradition for the summertime in America.  When you take proper precautions, you are able to safely barbecue on your backyard grill. And the results are going to be even better than cooking your barbecue in your oven.

Backyard Grill Tip 1: Use Proper Utensils

Use some utensils that are made for grilling – in other words, they should have handles that are extra long. You need to have tongs so you can grab your meat, as well as turn the meat over and put it where the meat should be on your grill. Spatulas work well for meat pieces which are wide and thin, like fish. A grilling fork lets you spear your meat to see the inside of it and check juice color to see if it's cooked.  Another essential item is a brush for basting.

Backyard Grill Tip 2: Keep It Juicy

Due to the dry and high heat of a barbecue, you want to make sure that the meat doesn’t dry out. This is done by basting or marinating, or both. When you marinate you soak meat that is raw in a liquid which is flavorful for anywhere from 2 – 12 hours. If you find yourself without a recipe for marinade, there are lots of marinades that you can buy at the store.  Meat cuts that are low-fat get a lot of benefits from a marinade.

When you baste, it means that you are brushing a sauce or liquid that is flavorful onto your meat while it cooks. This is also going to keep your meat juicy as well as adding flavor to its exterior. Even if the meat’s been marinated, basting is still important. Put aside some of the marinade for basting or use a favorite sauce, such as teriyaki or barbecue sauce.

When your meat is almost done, put it your meat to the side and keep it away from the direct heat.  You can also put it on your platter and cover it loosely with some tin foil before putting it in a place that is warm. It should sit there for anywhere from 5 – 30 minutes, depending on big the meat is. This is going to allow the juices and the heat to have even distribution.

Backyard Grill Tip 3: Lighting the Charcoal

If you’re barbecuing with charcoal, it’s often very hard to light. A lot of brands available are now self-lighting, so all you need is a lighter or a match.  You can use a charcoal lighter that uses electricity or a good propane torch.  Pile your briquettes like a pyramid before you light them. When you have a big pile, you are going to have a lot of heat.

It’s also possible to use some lighter fluid. It makes lighting your briquettes very easy, but it also may give your meat a taste of petroleum.

You can also use the charcoal chimney, which is a cylinder which is tall and made for helping you light charcoal.  Put some crumpled paper in the chimney’s lower section and your briquettes in the upper part of the chimney, then light your paper. When your briquettes are ready for cooking, then you rearrange them in your grill.

If you wish your food to have a flavor that is smoky, add hickory or mesquite chips. Before you put them in your charcoal, soak your chips in some water for at least 30 minutes.

Backyard Grill Tip 4: Adjust the Gas

Lighting as well as adjusting temperature is easy when you use a gas grill, but your food isn’t going to have as much flavor as it does with charcoal. It’s possible to add some wood chips to give it that smoky flavor, but it’s going to be required that you put them in a smoker box made of metal before you put them down into the heat.

These are some tips that you can use when you are cooking on your grill. If you would like to get a grill for your home or to upgrade your current one, we have plenty of outdoor grills from which to choose. Just contact us to find out what we offer.

let-professionals-handle-propane-refills-for-maximum-safety-herndon-vaWhile it isn't grilling season, it'll be on us before you know it. It's a great time to get everything ready for when the time comes and that includes brushing up on propane gas refill safely. Instead of refilling the propane tank on your own, it’s a good idea to rely on professionals. You’ll find that you can enjoy your grill even more with the peace of mind that professionals can offer for propane refills.

Avoid Doing Your Own Propane Gas Refill Inspection

There could be problems with your propane tank that aren’t easily visible to the naked eye. This could mean anything from cracks to rusting somewhere on the tank. These small amounts of wear may seem like nothing to be concerned about, but they could be very dangerous if left alone.

You need professionals to give the tank a thorough inspection. During a propane gas refill, our experts run the tanks through a series of checks to make sure they function properly and safely. Unlike the tanks you swap for, you know for sure that your refilled propane tank has been safely 

No Propane Gas Refill Pumping Risks

Filling the propane tank itself can be quite dangerous if you don’t take the necessary time slowly opening the tank and shutting the valve immediately afterward. Other crucial steps are involved in the safe handling of the propane tank, so this is another task better left to professionals.

We have the right equipment to get the pumping done safely and efficiently, and we know how to check that it's correct once the job is finished.

We've been trusted by anyone needing propane gas refills for decades, and we'll be here for decades to come.

Please contact us if you need help filling up a propane tank for the grilling season to come.

using indirect heat to cook low and slow on an outdoor grill

Typically when you cook food on the outdoor grill, you put it on direct heat, over the gas burners or the burning charcoal, whichever type of grill you like to use. Direct heat grilling is a great way to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, links, steaks, ribs, chicken pieces, and fish fillets. But certain kinds of food require indirect heat, which can be tricky if you don’t know how to go about it.

What food goes well on indirect heat?

The sort of food that works best on indirect heat includes beef brisket, pork shoulders and whole chickens. The reason for this is because, due to their size and toughness, attempting to cook them on direct heat will burn the outside long before the inside gets done.

How do you cook with indirect heat on the grill?

On a charcoal grill, two ways exist to use it for indirect heat grilling. The simplest way is to place the charcoal on one side of the grill and the meat on top of the grate on the opposite side. A more sophisticated way to use indirect heat on a charcoal grill is to place the charcoal on two sides with a drip pan in the middle. Then you put the meat on the grate in the middle over the drip pan. You can also toss water-soaked wood chips on the charcoal to create smoke.

On a gas grill, it all depends on how your grill is set up. If you have a two burner grill, light one burner and place the meat on the other side. If you have a three or four burner grill, light the two burners on the outside and put the meat in the middle. If your gas grill has a smoker pouch, put your wood chips in it. Otherwise, you can make your own with foil and place it over one of the burners to create smoke.

In each case, indirect heat grilling is done with the cover closed. In effect, you have turned your grill into an outdoor oven.

What does “low and slow” mean?

“Low and slow” uses low heat and smoke to slowly cook meat over many hours and is considered true barbecue. Some professional barbecue masters will take a long as 16 hours to cook a large brisket. The result, if done properly, is a tender piece of meat that pulls apart easily with a pair of forks or a gloved hand.

Professional quality smokers are available with a huge barrel to place the meat in and a separate fire box for the wood or charcoal. But you can get the same effect with indirect heat using your backyard grill though charcoal works best in this case.

Cooking a brisket on indirect heat

Preparation is key for cooking a brisket. First, you need to trim the excess fat, but not all of it because the fat will be absorbed by the meat in the cooking process to add to the tenderness. Then, you place the brisket on some aluminum foil and apply the spice rub. Every barbecue chef has their own spice rub, which can include garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and so on. You wrap the brisket in foil and store it overnight in the refrigerator can be absorbed by the meat.

Just before putting the meat on the grill, you might want to use an injector to fill the brisket with a good marinade. After you put the meat on the grill, you can periodically mop the brisket with the marinade.

After the brisket reaches an internal temperature of 175 degrees, take it off the grill and wrap it in foil. The internal temperature will continue to rise to 185 degrees within a half an hour to an hour. Then it is ready to slice and eat.


make sure your propane refills are handled safely with these simple tips herndon vaEnjoying a barbecue this summer can be such a nice way to spend time with friends and family, but safety needs to your first priority when transporting propane tanks and setting them up near your outdoor grill. In order for the propane refills to be handled safely the entire time, you’ll need to have the right know-how to avoid a potential fire or another disaster.

Secure the Propane Tank to Keep It Upright

When driving the propane tank home, it’s crucial that it’s positioned upright and isn’t going to be at risk of toppling over. On its side, the tank could open and allow gas to escape, putting you in danger of a fire. Secure it with a seatbelt in the backseat or use a box to place the tank in carefully on the drive home.

Inspect the Tank for Leaks Before Refilling

Refilling the same propane tank time and time again can be an effective way to save money, but it’s important that you check the tank thoroughly for any signs of leaks before using. Even a small leak can be extremely dangerous, making routine inspections so important.

Never Leave the Tank Exposed to Sunlight

Hot temperatures can be dangerous to your propane tank, making it important to never leave the tank inside your car for a prolonged period. Along with being careful about storing in your car, make sure to always keep the propane tank shielded from the sun.

If storing a propane tank outdoors, make sure you keep it somewhere that it won't be exposed to direct sunlight at any time. 

Contact us if you have any questions about propane tank refilling.


maintenance tips to follow after looking at gas grills and buying one falls church vaWhen you want to set up your backyard for a good time, one item that commonly comes up is a grill. Grilling is a great way to make food fun and an excuse to get together with friends and family. With a grill, you can spend time with loved ones in intimate get-togethers or large parties.

After buying a gas grill, you should follow some important tips on maintaining your grill to make sure it provides you with delicious food for years to come.

Get a Brush Just for the Burner Tubes

Cleaning your grill is one of the most essential things you can do to keep it working. Although the burner tubes do not need to be cleaned that often, when you do clean them, you should do it with a brush that is solely used for the burner tubes to guarantee an efficient cleaning. You should also avoid using overly abrasive brushes because you do not want to damage the burner tubes.

Get Another Brush for Cooking Surfaces

For the cooking surfaces, you should get another brush. However, with this brush, it is ideal for it to be abrasive to make sure you are capable of getting the grime off sufficiently.

Wash the Outside Regularly

With regular use, you can expect the outside to get dirty. However, cleaning the outside is simple. It only takes soapy water. But, if you want to restore the shine to the grill, you should use a glass cleaner.

Purchase a High-Quality Cover for Maximum Protection

If you want to maximize the lifespan of your gas grill, you should get a high-quality grill cover to protect your grill whenever it is not in use. It is an effective way to protect your grill from the elements.

Please contact us if you would like help with purchasing a gas grill for your backyard.

Get the Most Out of Charcoal Grills

While the debate comparing charcoal grills with gas grills smolders indefinitely, there is no wrong answer when tender meat cutlets are sizzling to perfection over an outdoor flame. However, for grilling purists, the mystical variability of charcoal grills continues to lure them back to achieve the perfect heat, the perfect smoke and the perfect results.  

Humidity, wind and ambient temperature each play a role in the performance of charcoal. Only experiment, and experience, will provide clues on how to account for these factors. But for charcoal beginners, there are a few time-tested practices to respect:

Keep Charcoal Grills’ Grates Clean

Every aspect of charcoal grilling success starts with air flow. Oxygen-rich air is pulled into the cooking chamber via lower air vents through the gap between the vents and the coal grate. The air fuels the thermal properties of the coals, filtering through the food, and is then ejected through upper vents.

For the system to work, the vents must work. Before starting any grilling session, ensure upper and lower vents are cleared of debris and be certain that old ash has been removed from the bottom of the grill.

Clean the grill after each use. Wait until the grill has cooled down, around 10 minutes after turning it off, then follow up with a grill brush. That will remove a lot of the leftover food. By cleaning them each time you use them, charcoal grills will always be ready when you’re in the mood for grilling.

Pick Your Coals

The more traditional charcoal briquettes often have chemicals that are unhealthy. There are often things like binding agents in the traditional kinds of charcoal briquettes that might get into the food. Charcoal made of natural wood is a better bet. These come from carbon that has been left over naturally from wood that has been baked.

You may also want to add wood chips to your coals. They add a nice, smoky wood flavor to your food. Some of the recommended woods are birch, hickory, cherry, apple and mesquite woods. Be sure that you aren’t using anything processed, such as plywood, because that can contain chemicals which are toxic.

Decide on Briquette Arrangement

Every expert in charcoal grills will gravitate to their preferred technique for heating coals.  For beginners, a few standard arrangements include:

  • Start with a 7x7 arrangement of coals and build upward to a point. The pyramid should be centered over the lower heating vents. Apply a layer of lighter fluid halfway through the build to ensure internal coals will heat. Apply a final layer of fluid before igniting the structure. Coals will heat moderately fast, with a very hot, centrally located heat source that can be helpful depending on your selected cuisine.
  • This option uses a ring of coals placed few briquettes wide and stacked about 8-inches tall. Again, center the ring around the lower air vents. Fluid can be applied once the volcano is complete. This option maximizes airflow through the grill and will provide quick, evenly heated coals.
  • The layer technique uses a blanket of charcoal covering most of the grate and stacked a few briquettes thick. This solution provides slow, gradually developing heat with minimal airflow and hot spots. Layering provides low heat for foods that need a hint of grilling before the coals are fully radiant.

Light the Coals

Lighter fluid is the most convenient way to get charcoal grills ready. You can even buy coals that are presoaked with the proper amount of lighter fluid to avoid nasty blowups or unlit coals.

However, lighter fluid can often leave a less-than-desirable flavor on your food. If you want a purer flavor, you can light charcoal grills with a chimney starter. A chimney starter is a cylinder that holds briquettes on top and kindling such as newspaper underneath. Light the kindling, and it will catch the coals. After about 20-30 minutes, you can dump the coals into the grill.

Spread the Coals

Once the coals are hot, there are more options for cooking. Spread the coals evenly across the grate for normal heat to cook hamburgers, hot dogs and pork chops. For surf-and-turf, spread two-thirds of the coals to one side of the grate for cooking steak, and maintain one-third of the coals to the opposite side for gentle heating of seafood. Finally, for slow cook ribs, pack all coals to one side of the grill and place your ribs away from direct heat, allowing them to delicately cook in the indirect heat while absorbing flavor-rich smokiness.

Cook with Care

Charcoal grills aren’t generally for first-time cooks. They need to be watched constantly, and charcoal grills do not have temperature controls.

Do not be impatient and try to start cooking the meat while the flames are still flaring up. Handling meat at this time can be dangerous. Wait until the flames have died down and the charcoals have a dusting of ash and are glowing red underneath.

To change the amount of heat, you’ll have to open and close the lower vents, controlling the air flow into the system. But don’t close them for too long because you could extinguish the coals completely.

Unlike an oven, it can be difficult to know when your food is safe for eating.  To make sure that any meats are thoroughly cooked, you’ll need to have a thermometer handy.

Allowing your food to cook thoroughly, without burning, is the key to delicious grilled food. A good way to achieve this is through using a cover that fits tightly over the top of the grill.

Always wear oven mitts while working on hot, charcoal grills, even when using tongs and other long reach tools. This cuts down on the possibility of painful accidents.

When you are through grilling, put the top of the grill down and make sure the vents are shut. This will smother the fire quicker and will help avoid accidents.

Your time and effort will be rewarded. There’s very distinct charcoal flavor and smell that is produced by charcoal barbecues that comes up in food. The explanation by Martha Stewart is that the drippings that fall from the food go onto the heated coals and produce an appetizing aroma.

Charcoal grilling is an art.  And a science.  While practice will not always make perfect, it will make a plethora of mouth-watering meals throughout the learning process.   

Contact us today for personal assistance selecting the perfect outdoor grill for your home.

Outdoor Grills.jpgDo you find the wide array of outdoor grills on the market bewildering? You want to be fully prepared for your backyard barbeques, but there is quite a wide variety of options to choose from, which can make the process overwhelming. Before you begin deciding between outdoor grills, here are a few of the things that you should take into consideration first to make the process easier.


The fact is that outdoor grills are available in an extremely large variety of prices. This means that before you begin your search for a new grill, you will want to consider how much money you will be willing to spend on this purchase. Creating a budget will help you to narrow down the number of grills you will be looking at and choosing from, which will make the process much easier. Furthermore, going into your search with a set budget in mind will help you to not overspend on an overly extravagant grill.


Size is another important thing to consider before beginning your hunt for the perfect grill. Choose one that’s too small, and you won’t be able to cook enough food on it to feed your family. Pick one that’s too big, and you could spend far too long trying to heat it up whenever you’re ready to grill.

Consider the space you have available in your yard for a new grill as well as the number of people you will generally be cooking for. This will help you to choose the grill that will be the perfect size to meet your needs, without overwhelming your homes outdoor space.


Just like cars, outdoor grills now come with a wide variety of built-in features such as side burners and rotisseries. Before you begin your grill search, you will want to research what extra features are available in your price range and decide what features are the most important to you. Considering what features you want your grill to have should narrow down the number of outdoor grills you will be looking at greatly, which will make your decision easier and less overwhelming.

You’ll want to make sure your grill has a well-fitting lid that contains at least two dampers, or openings on the top. These dampers will enable you to control the inside temperature of your grill and should open and close easily as well.

If you plan on cooking several rounds of meat on your grill, you might want to consider one that will allow you to raise or lower your charcoal while you are cooking. This will enable you to raise your briquettes higher so that you can then cook meat over the coals once all the charcoal itself is gone.

Your grill should also have panels that would make adding more charcoal (or moving existing briquettes around) easier to do. Of course, a door that allows for easy ash removal is desirable as well. When it comes to grates, you don’t need anything elaborate. Wire or aluminum grills tend to work just as well as heavier cast iron ones do and are also much easier to keep clean.

If there’s a chance you might want to move your grill, one with sturdy wheels on it will also be a must. Roll the grill back and forth a few times to get an idea as to how easy it might be to move. If possible, add a bag of charcoal to the kettle first, as this will let you know how easy the grill will move with additional weight inside.

Taking these features into consideration when browsing outdoor grills should make the decision process much easier for you. However, there are many more things one must take into consideration when considering outdoor grills. 

Contact us to find out about what else you should take into consideration when searching for a new grill as well as for advice on what grill would be best for your home.

Aside from the characteristics of outdoor grills, you should also consider your own grilling skill level. In general, rookies should buy gas grills and seasoned pros should get charcoal.

Why Gas Grills Are Best for the Beginning Griller

For those of you who are just starting down the path to "Master Backyard Griller," we recommend picking up one of the well-priced gas grills we offer for several reasons. 

Gas Grills Are Easier to Light

Compared with charcoal, propane grills offer painless ignition and don't require you to get dirty with coals, lighter fluid, or ashes. If you can push a button and turn a knob, you can light a gas grill!

Gas Grills Are Easier to Clean

Instead of dealing with soot, pulling grates off, and scraping goop out, gas grills can be cleaned by setting them to high heat. This burns off almost all the drippings and extra food inside the grill, but you will have to scrape off the rest.

Gas Grills Are Easier to Cook With

Probably the best thing about gas grills for a beginner is that they produce constant and steady heat. Because of this, you can nail down the basics of cooking and perfect grilling routines. Charcoal is much harder to control and can ruin a meal quickly if not monitored carefully.

Gas Grills Are Easier to Use Quickly

Grilling with charcoal is a serious time commitment, and sometimes the coals behave unpredictably which only adds more time. Propane is straightforward and can be counted on for a timely yet delicious meal.

In addition to being ideal for novice grillers, gas grills are flexible and leave plenty of room for growth as a cook. You can achieve high or low heat, indirect heat, searing heat, and even add wood chips for a wonderful smoky dimension! Using propane gives you precise control over your temperate and food, allowing you to grill exactly the way you want. Although gas grills are usually more expensive than charcoal, the investment is worth it if you pick a durable and lasting brand. We carry many such grills in all shapes and sizes.

If you decide you’d rather step into the Big Leagues of charcoal grilling, there are a few ways to ensure your success.

Tips for Using Charcoal Grills Like a Pro

Charcoal grills give food a unique flavor that can’t be duplicated with electric or gas grills. Here are some grilling tips you can use to make your next outdoor-cooked meal a success, regardless of what’s on the menu.

Gather your Supplies

Gather the supplies you’ll need ahead of time so that nothing will distract you once you start cooking. A few things you’ll need include:

  • Oven mitt
  • Charcoal
  • Charcoal starter and lighter
  • Grilling tools (tongs, long handled spatula, basting brush)
  • Long handled stick or dowel rod to move charcoal briquettes around with

Inspect your Grill

Many times, people are not successful at charcoal grilling because they forget to take care of the basics first. Therefore, it is important to inspect your grill thoroughly ahead of time for cleanliness and ease of operation. Too many ashes inside the kettle could make it difficult for you to control the temperature of your coals and will also block air from flowing. Vents or racks that do not work properly can also be a problem, which is why you should make sure everything is in perfect order before you get started.

Exercise Patience

Another common mistake that many people make is getting in too big of a hurry when grilling. Charcoal will take around 10 to 15 minutes to heat up completely, so you should wait until it is ready before placing food on your grill. After that, close the lid on your grill and avoid checking too often, as keeping food covered while cooking helps seal in the flavor.

You should always make sure meat is cooked thoroughly before serving it to prevent sickness. Keep a meat thermometer on hand and check the temperature of your meat before taking it off the grill. Once it is done, allow it to “rest” for around 5 minutes to help lock in the juices.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be an expert at charcoal grilling in no time.

Once you’ve got a few years of cooking with outdoor grills under your belt, it’s time to learn how to extend a grill’s lifespan.

Carefully Maintain Outdoor Grills

For outdoor grills to last for years, routine maintenance is important. While most people clean their grill lightly after each use, there is still work that should be done for outdoor grills to be ready for use at any time. Regular cleaning can not only make the grill easier to cook with, but also it can take care of bacterial buildup from food debris. Becoming familiar with what you can do to clean the grill thoroughly can ensure that the grill is in the best condition.

A brass wire brush is an essential tool for maintaining your grill since it is the best option for removing food and other debris from the grill. Scraping the brush over the grates can help remove anything stuck to your grill. After using the brush, it's best to soak the brush in hot soapy water then allow it to air dry thoroughly before putting it away.

Spraying your grill with cooking oil can help prevent rust and extend the lifetime of outdoor grills. Waiting until the grill has cooled down after use is important for the cooking spray to be as effective as possible.

Scrubbing the burners with the wire brush and around any of the smaller crevices of outdoor grills can help take care of food and grease that has built-up over time. Grease is highly flammable and needs to be removed thoroughly for the grill to be as safe as possible to use.

Removing charcoal and ash from the interior of outdoor grills is also important to ensure that grills aren't producing excess smoke when in use. Cleaning the insides after the contents have been removed can also improve the function of outdoor grills quite drastically. 

The functionality of the outdoor grill has exploded in recent years.  An outdoor grill now has the capabilities to perform almost all of the cooking which an actual indoor kitchen can provide.
Take advantage of reclaiming your outdoor area this summer with a new patio grill.

your patio grill completes your outdoor living areaIn this featured blog from the Lawn & Leisure website, the countless ways a new grill will enhance your cooking experience are written.  The benefits of cooking on a grill are a focal point.

Patio Grills: Take Your Love of Cooking Outdoors

There are multiple benefits to cooking outside, especially with a patio grill. By combining fresh air with the aroma of grilled food, you are sure to lure your family outside to the patio.

Get Outside

Firing up the grill and preparing a meal is a way to bring the family away from the TV. Life is busy; many of us don't use our patios and if we do, they are just used for sitting and relaxing. Cooking on the grill is relaxing too. If nothing else, grilling chicken, burgers, or vegetables may result in children kicking ball or playing while dinner is cooking.

Summer Veggies

Summertime means fresh vegetables from the garden or local farmer's market. Sweet corn, tomatoes, and green beans are a great addition to any grilled meal. Don't be afraid to grill the vegetables along with your main course. There are many recipes on the internet for grilling vegetables. Not only will they taste extra delicious but grilling also retains more of the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables. Even grilling meat preserves riboflavin and thiamine, two nutrients that provide many health benefits.

Less Fat

Grilling is healthier due to there being less fat in your food. Excess fat simply drips off the grates. Grilling also seals in moisture, as long as you don't overcook the food. Moist food means you'll be reaching less for condiments and more for seconds on vegetables.

Patio grills are great for outdoor entertaining. From small family gatherings to a neighborhood block party, patio grilling draws people who follow the amazing aroma in order to "see what's cooking."

Cozy it Up

Take your patio to the next level by adding cozy comfort pieces. While the grill is the center point of the patio, consider adding patio furniture, lighting for nighttime grilling, and heaters for cool evenings. Now you have an outdoor oasis that you'll find yourself using more beyond summer and into fall.

Container Gardening

A small patio is a great place for container plants, herbs, and vegetables. Vegetables that are successful in a medium or large container (be sure to drill holes in the container for drainage) are compact cucumbers and colorful sweet peppers. Herbs for containers  include parsley, chives, oregano, and rosemary. Consider several containers of compact zinnias for an extra splash of color. Having herbs handy on the patio will save you a trip to the grocery store.

A Growing Trend

At the 2017 Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Expo in Atlanta, GA, participants learned of the most current trends in outdoor grilling. Energy efficiency and smart technologies are both growing trends. Another growing trend is the creation of outdoor rooms. Customization of outdoor rooms includes design for traffic flow with a specific area for eating and a fire pit area. This trend goes beyond the traditional patio and takes it up a level to an extended living space of the home. Referred to as outdoor rooms, these spaces are still open air areas that include the popular and important patio grill.

Get Grilling

Life is busy and sometimes, after a long day, picking up fast food for dinner seems like the easy thing to do. Instead of hitting the local drive-thru, have the family help prepare dinner by shucking corn or washing vegetables. Gathering around the grill as dinner is cooking is a great time to share stories about your day. The time spent prepping and cooking will be worth it when you take your first bite. To learn more about patio grills and how to create your outdoor oasis, contact us. At Lawn & Leisure, we're ready to help you get grilling for a healthy and happy summer.


Anyone who has forgotten to clean a grill after use has known the feeling of being ready to cook outdoors, just to see a mess waiting to be cleaned.  However, clean-up does not have to be a chore when these tips are worked into your cooking routine.

4 Tips for Easier Clean-Up During Outdoor Grilling Season

While the weather is still warm, you probably want to enjoy outdoor entertaining as much as you can. Hosting a BBQ for all of your loved ones or even for everyone in the neighborhood can be a great way to enjoy the warmer, nicer spring and summer months, but you might not be looking forward to dealing with the mess. However, you shouldn't let clean-up get in the way of spending time with your loved ones and having a great time!

Luckily, taking a few steps now can help you save yourself a lot of clean-up later. Then, you can focus on the joy of outdoor entertaining instead of worrying about cleaning up a huge mess.

1. Invest in an Easy-Clean Deck

Some decks show stains and are more difficult to clean than others. Consider a composite deck, which can be a whole lot easier to clean, since you don't have to worry about stains "setting" into concrete or wood.

If you have your heart set on wood or already have a wooden deck, make sure that it is sealed properly to protect it from stains and to make it easier to clean. Along with making clean-up easier, choosing the right type of sealant will also help keep your deck protected from the rain and other outdoor elements and can help it last longer. You will need to reapply the sealant every few years for maximum results.

2. Keep Your Water Hose Close at Hand

It's important to keep a water hose close at hand when you are outside grilling; then, you can quickly wash off your deck if there is a spill or rinse off your hands after you've been munching on your BBQ meals. It's also important for safety reasons if you will be grilling.

Since you will have your water hose close at hand, it is best to go ahead and spray off any messes as soon as possible; the faster that you tackle them, the easier they will be to clean. Plus, you can help prevent insects and other pests from being attracted to your grilling area while you are cooking or enjoying your meal.

3. Make it Easy With Disposable Everything

Now is the time to use disposable everything to make clean-up a breeze. Styrofoam plates and plastic cups can be thrown away without you having to bring the mess into the house. If you cover your tables with disposable tablecloths first, you can wrap the whole mess up and throw it away with minimal effort.

If you have environmental concerns, consider looking for disposables that are made out of recycled materials. You can also look through your cabinets for old plastic cups and plates that you don't care much about; then, if they do get tossed out, you won't feel as bad about waste or have to worry about your "good dishes" getting ruined, but you can always rewash them and use them for future outdoor events as well. You will probably also find that they are lighter and easier to carry in and out of the house when you're hosting a lot of people.

4. Make Trash Cans Easy to Access

If your guests have easy access to a trash can to throw away their plates and napkins, they'll be less likely to leave them sitting around. Place several trash cans throughout your property to take some of the work off of your self. If you want to bump things up a notch, consider also offering recycling bins so that your guests can properly dispose of recyclables.

Entertaining outdoors during BBQ season is a lot more fun when you don't have a huge mess to take care of. If you want to enjoy your outdoor grill more than ever, consider following these tips. You can also contact us at Lawn & Leisure for all of your grilling and other outdoor needs.


This blog from the Lawn and Leisure website makes a great point: people who have grand visions of their outdoor grilling area suddenly keep themselves limited once the grill is in place.
This easy read should help open your eyes to the possibilities your cooking area can provide.

Accessories that Make Outdoor Grills a Suburban Adventure

Many people don't take full advantage of outdoor grills because they allow themselves to get stuck in a rut. They make the investment in a nice new grill and maybe add a deck or patio and load up on the basic supply of grilling accessories. Sticking with that initial investment can often mean missing out on some very cool tools and accessories that have the power to enhance the entire experience of grilling in the great outdoors.  

The Grillslinger

The Grillslinger is one of the most perfectly suited accessories for everything that makes owning outdoor grills fun. Strapping on the Grillslinger holster is an act that transforms outdoor grills into time machines that send your hurtling back to the Wild West. Once you slip this belt around your waist and insert your tongs, forks, spatula and brushes, you'll feel like a backyard barbecue Butch Cassidy. The Grillslinger also celebrates the freedom of the pioneer spirit of outdoor cooking by providing areas to store spices, bottle and can openers, squirt bottles and even your cell phone. Head outside and stay outside when grilling.  

Flashlight Grill Tongs

Those lazy days of the long, hot summer may be perfect for firing up outdoor grills, but even the dog days of August can get away from you. Many people across the country can comfortably barbecue outdoors well into autumn and even before spring flowers start blooming.  The point is that outdoor grills are not limited to fun in the sunshine, but very often become the centerpiece of a meal enjoyed in the moonlight. One tool tat fits nicely into the Grillslinger or can just be hung on the grill itself is a pair of tongs equipped with LED bulbs that provide bright enough illumination to allow you to detect the subtle difference well and medium-well steaks even if the electricity goes out.

WiseHooker Clean-n-Flip

Quite possibly, the Wisehooker Clean-N-Flip grill tool will become as omnipresent at backyard barbecues as bottles of ketchup and mustard. The WiseHooker features a revolutionary design that could make much of what you might holster in the Grillslinger obsolete. This is multitasking at its finest: a grill accessory that can used as a spatula, fork, tong and scraper.

Personalized Branding Iron

Perhaps no other cool grilling accessory encapsulates the spirit and history of outdoor cooking in America more than a personalized branding iron. Instead of branding the cow before it becomes steak, these personalized and customized irons brand your meat on the grill just before serving. You'll never forget the look on the faces of cookout guests the first time you place a steak in front of them into which has been seared the letters, numbers or even image of your choice. Steak branding irons are available to personalize your freshly grilled beef with everything from your initials to the mascot of your alma mater to a silhouette of a duck seared into a T-bone if you just want to confuse people. Best of all are those BBQ branding irons that let you change out the letters so you can give each guest a steak emblazoned with their own personal message.

The additions and implements which a grill and grilling area provide is only limited by one’s imagination.  Visit to help inspire your ideas for your outdoor cooking area.


safety tips for spring grilling

*The summer is the perfect time to utilize your grill as often as possible.  The pleasant weather turns your grill into useable outdoor space.  Practice caution and remember these tips below to ensure your fun time doesn’t result in any accidents.

    Gas grilling is a great way to get outside, enjoy some time with family or friends, and share the experience over some delicious food. However, while you may get used to the grilling process very quickly, you should not let this allow you to stray from important safety measures for handling propane tanks.

Keep It Away from Heavy Traffic

    In order to store propane for Grills safely, you want it to be far away from regular traffic. Having a propane tank fall on its side creates a potential puncture risk, which is exactly what you want to avoid as it can lead to an extremely dangerous outcome when handled improperly.

Upright and on a Flat Surface

    While a propane tank can be stored on its side, you are best off keeping it upright to avoid worrying about the position of the relief valve. An effective and safe surface to store a propane tank on is concrete, which is a better option than limestone, tile, brick, mortar, and flagstone

Do Not Store Inside

    Since propane is extremely flammable, the last thing you want is for it to be inside, which is where it is the most dangerous it can be on your property. Keeping it away from the home is ideal as you do not want a punctured propane tank causing your entire house to catch on fire.

Away from Heat Sources

    It is important not to store the propane anywhere near a heat source because this may lead to the eventual release of the fuel inside due to the pressure relief valve opening.

Keep Watch for Propane Smell

    If you can smell the propane while it has been sitting in your backyard safely, it is likely that the propane has a leak, which is extremely dangerous to try resolving on your own. In this situation, your first and only option should be calling the fire department to get it looked at by qualified professionals.

Contact us for more information on propane or to learn about our grill or patio furniture selection.

    * Propane tanks can be dangerous if these tis for use and storage are not followed.  Practice these methods to ensure safety.



grilling in the winter season

The winter does not mean you cannot still enjoy the thrill of grilling outside. Check out some of the following meals you can prepare for your friends and family this winter. Don't let your outdoor grill go cold this winter just because of a little snow!

Meals to Grill:

1. Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks

2. Spice-Rubbed Grilled Salmon with Spicy Cucumber Salsa

3. Grilled Spatchcocked Chicken

Check out all the meals you can cook this winter in the article on Martha Stewart.


3rd Annual Grill Fest

Join us at Lawn & Leisure for our 3rd Annual Grill Fest this coming Saturday, May 14th, 2016 in Sterling, VA.

3rd annual grillfest at lawn and leisure saturday may 14th 2016

 What You Need to Know

- Event begins at 11 AM and goes until 3 PM.

- Will be prizes, music, food, special offers, cooking tips, and factory representatives at the Grill Fest!

Come check out the event and get grilling this summer season. Hope to see you there!

top 5 outdoor grills for the holidays

If you still haven't found the perfect gift for that special someone, don't panic. There is still time to order the gift that keeps on giving - an outdoor grill. Outdoor grills make perfect gifts for the members of your family who can't get enough of the outdoors and good food. Plus, as the giver of one of our top 5 outdoor grills, you get to enjoy home grilled goodness year round.

1. American Outdoor Grill 30 PCL

Perfect for the backyard, patio, or deck, this portable gas grill manufactured by American Outdoor Grill is part of their new "L" series. It features an electronic ignition system, warming rack, and 4-prong adjustable rotisserie meat holder. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, this grill lasts for years of use. The user-friendly drip collector helps prevent spills and stains, and the grill even comes with halogen lights to make late night grilling easy and safe.

The polished bezel thermometer is attractive and accurate, and the valves are made of solid brass. This ensures accurate temperate readings and precise control to prolong the life of your grill.

2. Primo Oval LG 300 Ceramic Grill

The gourmet chef in your life could not ask for more than a Primo Ceramic grill this holiday season. Ceramic does not radiate heat like metal grills. Food grilled in a ceramic grill retains its natural juices, and the ceramic exterior stays cooler than hot metal, preventing injury.

Ceramic grills do more than just grill the best tasting steaks around - they also act as ovens and smokers, allowing you to grill, bake, roast, and smoke for all of your outdoor cooking needs.

This grill has enough space to grill 15-25 steaks on its multiple racks. 300 square inches of cooking space means there is plenty of room for all of your favorites from hot dogs to shishkabobs.

If your special someone craves a charcoal grill that provides a superior taste, then this Primo product is the grill of choice.

3. Big Green Egg

It is hard to know what to expect from a company with a name like Big Green Egg, but those familiar with grills know the name is synonymous with quality. 

These ceramic grills come in a variety of sizes. All have the same distinctive egg shape, perfected for quality and efficiency. Their XXLarge EGG easily handles family gatherings, catering events and cookouts with taste and style, boasting 672 square inches of cooking space. For an ultra-portable gift option, try the Mini Egg. With 79 square inches of cooking space, this little grill still cooks 2 pork chops or breasts at a time.

Let your loved ones decide if they prefer grilling, baking, or smoking on their new Big Green Egg grill - if nothing else, grilling accessories make excellent stocking stuffers.

4. Weber Original Kettle Series

Nothing says summer like a Weber Original Kettle grill. Available in 18, 22, and 26-inches, these charcoal fired grills are portable, light, and perfect for the backyard. The wheeled base makes moving the grill simple, and Weber grills last for years.

Lovers of the standard charcoal grill appreciate the simplicity of the Weber Original. The three sizes offer small and large families a portable charcoal grill perfect for their needs.

5. Weber Genesis Series

Weber makes both charcoal and gas grills. Serious grill aficionados prefer the Genesis series for their convenient size and superior construction. Each of the 4 grills in this series boasts 637 square inches of grilling space, and the grill comes with a solid welded frame on wheels for easy maneuvering. 

The Genesis E-310 and E-330 come equipped with porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars, and both the Genesis S-310 and S-330 have stainless steel Flavorizer bars. All 4 grills offer 3 stainless steel burners, and the E-330 and S-330 come with a Sear Station burner.

Finding The Perfect Grill 

Once you decide which grill to gift, contact us to get your order shipped before the holidays.

keep your pets safe around charcoal grills with these handy tips leesburg vaEnjoying charcoal grills during the summer can be a fantastic way to cook up fresh food and spend time with friends and family outdoors, but safety precautions are always important to consider. If you have pets such as dogs or cats that enjoy going outside with you, it’s important that you make sure to get the grill pet-proofed for their own safety with the following tips.

Set Up a Blockade Around the Grill

The easiest way to combat your pets natural curiosity around the grill is to set up a blockade. This can be done in a number of ways, but the result should always be making it more difficult for your pets to reach the grill. Some good options include typing up your dog far away from the grill or using fencing around your patio area where the grill is being used.

Make Sure a Screen is Set Up

If you don’t want to use a blockade, but are still worried about your dog or cat becoming burned from flying embers, it’s important you use a screen. While you won’t be using the screen while actively cooking, it can come in handy when the grill is cooling down or in between uses.

Avoid Feeding Your Pet From the Grill

One of the most common reasons why pets get too close to the grill is because they’ve gotten used to being fed scraps from the grill. In order to keep the grill free of being touched by your pet, make sure not to feed them from the grill so they won’t associate it with treats.

For more helpful safety advice on using your grill, feel free to contact us.


Outdoor grilling season is here. If you're thinking this is the year to purchase your first outdoor grill, that's super exciting! But with such a variety of features and brands, it can also be overwhelming. Here are a few tips on getting started. 

Gas or Charcoal

One isn't better than the other, though committed grillers will likely side with one over the other depending on what they use. 

Think about your priorities. If you are currently career-focused with little free time, go with a gas grill. It's easier to use and to clean. If taste is more important than efficiency, consider a charcoal grill for that classic barbecue flavor. 

In general, gas grills are often a better option for the grilling novice because of its ease and consistency. 

Know your budget

Grills range in price from the teens to thousands. At every price point, you can find a great grill or a total ripoff, so know that any price point you choose is okay. Once you set your budget, you'll have a more manageable selection of grills to work with. 

Know your space 

You want your grill to look good and fit well. If you get a grill that's too big for the space, you'll be uncomfortable cooking, which means you won't use it as often. If you're working with a small outdoor space, you don't want to feel cramped or allow the grill to visually overwhelm everything else. Big spaces have more flexibility, but consider what your grill is next to and how the space will look as a whole. 

Focus on these three elements as you begin your grill search and it won't feel so overwhelming. Here at Lawn & Leisure, we can help you find the right grill for you. Contact us to get started. 





Grilling can be rather enjoyable, lead to a delicious meal, and is the perfect reason to spend time with family and friends, but there are safety measures that must be taken to ensure a safe experience.

Charcoal grilling has some safety prerequisites, but propane grilling is a little more demanding, so you need to be more careful when using propane for grills by following a few safety tips.

Protect the Grill from Children and Pets

Although your pets or children might not have any bad intentions, they are naturally a safety hazard around grills, especially propane grills. Ideally, you want to keep them away from the grill at all times.

Place Your Grill in a Safe Place

A safe grill location is not just a place where there is a level surface. A propane grill should only be used outdoors, and it should always be several feet away from your home and away from potential hazards.

For instance, a grill is not safe when there are tree branches hanging overhead.

Keep the Grill Well Clean

A clean grill is not only better for having a positive grilling experience, but it makes it safer to use. Purchasing a heavy-duty grill brush is one of the best investments you can make for grilling.

Not only will it make cleaning the grill easy, but it will motivate you to clean after each use. Taking the time to clean the grill right after using it will help to prevent heavy build-up.

If you have any questions about grilling or patio furniture, please contact us.



With warmer weather on the horizon, more and more people will be using their gas grills for cooking. Here at Lawn & Leisure, we are pround to offer a wide-variety of gas grills for our Fairfax, VA customers.   

Get ready for this year's cookout season with a new gas grill from Lawn & Leisure. 

Recently, one of our Fairfax, VA gas grill customers had this to say...

"We found the store online, called and spoke with Tom, excellent knowledge on Weber's Grills. We purchased The Summit by Weber, (luv it) they ordered and delivered unit, kept in touch with us by phone with updates, everyone we spoke with the day we visited store was friendly & helpful...We feel confident if we have any trouble or need assistance with the grill, Tom will be ready to solve our problem." Gas Grill Customer - Fairfax, VA

Our mission at Lawn & Leisure is to offer the best quality gas grills at the lowest prices. This has been the reason for our continued customer appreciation over the years. Contact us today if your in need of any gas grills for your home.  

Offering high quality gas grills to the Fairfax, VA area!

a99d888f-3040-42a2-dd66-865426348353-thumbChances are you don’t use your propane grill as often in the winter as you do in the summer. When not in use, store your propane tank properly to ensure it is ready to go the next time you need it. Here are some tips for storing propane for grills we thought you should know about.

Indoor Storage

Your propane tank should be stored inside if possible; however, storing it in your home or an attached garage is not recommended. Pressure building up inside the tank can cause the relief valve to blow off, which in turn could cause damage and increase your risk of fire. The best place for your tank is inside a storage shed that is ideally located some distance from your house.

Outdoor Storage

If storing your tank indoors isn’t possible, you should first disconnect the rubber fuel line from your tank and take it inside. Squirrels have a tendency to chew through fuel lines during the winter, so bringing it indoors will protect it.

Once the tank is disconnected, stand it upright and place it a few inches off the ground. An old pallet or scraps of lumber are ideal to use for storing your propane tank. Cover the entire unit tightly with a tarp or cover designed especially for that purpose. To ensure it doesn’t blow away, use bungee cords to help secure it in place. Check the tank occasionally to make sure the covering is still in place.

By following these tips, you can avoid some of the common problems people have with propane tanks. To see the huge selection of grills, propane tanks and accessories we have available, contact us.

27b3b878-ee74-4f5d-f6df-f8b7f33b5b2f-thumbDoes your gas grill become a winter widow? Do you think that single digits outdoors means your cooking needs to stay indoors? Grilling during the cold months can provide many opportunities for creative cooking, continued healthy cooking through the winter and those wonderful summer smells to permeate your home.

For obvious reasons, people find themselves inside during the cold months. Many sit inside wishing for the warmth of the sun and the smells of summer. Those summer smells can live through the winter, the nutty smell of asparagus marinated with olive oil, the smoky aroma of a juicy steak sizzling on the grill as you see the smoke spiraling upward. Bring those summer memories back and continue grilling throughout the year. You spend good money for an outdoor grill, why not use it year round?

In the summer, popular items to grill are hamburgers, corn on the cob or bratwursts. During the winter, get creative and take those winter foods and escalate them to the next level on the grill. Imagine the smells of a marinated turkey, butterflied for the best contact with the grates and flame or how about a leg of lamb slow grilled while you make a mint sauce in the warmth of your kitchen. Winter vegetables, when slow grilled will caramelize and take on a nice smoky flavor for your discerning palette.

Winter cooking usually means heavier cooking, cream sauces and a higher use of carbs in pastas and potatoes, beans (as in chili or ham & beans) and drinking higher calorie drinks, like hot cocoa or cider. Using the grill brings back a healthier cooking as meats do not cook in sauces or fat.

For many, it is a mindset that cooking needs to end in September or October. But grilling will infuse a flavor that you cannot get from your kitchen. Whether you are propane grilling or grilling with charcoal, continuing your grilling habits through the winter will be a benefit in many aspects. And your neighbors will be jealous as they smell the wonderful smells coming from your grill. Better yet, invite them over for a winter grill.

One of the best smells coming from the grill in the wintertime would be a slow smoke as you use wood chips or woof pucks to infiltrate a beef brisket or a pork butt. Smoking in the low temperatures allows a lengthier smoking time to truly infuse a smoky flavor into the meat you are preparing.

Take the leap and grill in the winter. It will provide a healthier diet and will continue the scents and feel of the summer. As you look at grilling, make sure you have proper tools and have properly cleaned your grill to extend its longevity.

 Contact Us to take care of your grilling needs.

1ba5e3ab-940d-470c-a4ec-48f4d1762399-thumbWinter has arrived and with it comes shorter days and longer nights. Last winter ushered in many ice and snow storms across the country, even dipping into the south. This year is no exception as The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts "another arctic blast with above-normal snowfall throughout much of the nation." Now is a good time to make sure your home is ready for winter's wrath by planning ahead. Here are some checklists to provide the bare necessities of heating and cooking when the power goes out, and how propane can help. 

Heating Checklist:

  • Have extra blankets, sleeping bags and coats handy in case you and your family need to gather in one location to keep warm.
  • Gather your portable heaters and ensure they are in working condition. Only use electric heaters with automatic shut-off switches. Keep them at least 3 feet away from furniture and drapes.
  • Purchase a propane generator or convert your gasoline generator to propane to power your heating system or portable heaters. Gasoline is in high demand during a power outage and has a very limited shelf life. Propane Refills can safely be stored for years, so it is economical to keep a few on hand.

Cooking Checklist:

  • Stock up on drinking water and canned food. Ensure you have a non-electric can opener, too. Check that you have enough for each member of the family for a few days.
  • If you don't already have one, consider purchasing a gas grill and stock up on propane tanks. If the power is out for a few days, freezer meat will begin to thaw and go to waste. Cook it on a gas grill to stretch your food supply.
  • Fumes are deadly. Always use gas or charcoal grills outdoors.

Propane provides clean burning fuel with longer run times than gasoline when using a generator. It is also longer-lasting. Storing a few tanks, even for a few years, will ensure you have a cooking and heating source year-round for weather emergencies. Offering propane refills and a large selection of grills, we are your "Suburban Survival Store" in the surrounding Washington D.C. area. Please contact us to help prepare you for what winter's wrath may bring.

03cb6efb-4053-418b-f853-15482201f012-thumbSimple inspirations from meats to sweets

This season can still be a time to utilize your quickest and most versatile cooking device. On milder days, take your ingredients outside to enjoy the flavors only gas grills can bring. Here are some tips to make fall and winter grilling easier and safer, plus recipes to inspire your cold-weather fare. 

Tips for cold weather grilling:

  • If you have a safe spot, consider moving your gas grill closer to your back entry for convenience.
  • When the temps are colder, give your grill extra time to heat up. If it normally takes 10 minutes in summer, plan to heat up the grill 20 minutes before cooking.
  • Avoid opening the grill as often as you might in summer. This can bring the temperature of the grill interior down enough to affect cooking efficiency. A remote thermometer can be really useful to monitor your food in the comfort of your home.
  • Remember to wear warm clothing when heading out to the grill. Dress in layers to make it easier for coming and going. For your safety, avoid loose clothing like scarves. 

Cold weather meal ideas: click on a recipe name to link to its source

Salad course:

  • Grilled Romaine Salad- This is as simple as placing half a head of lettuce or two directly on the grill. It's delicious with or without salad dressing.

Main courses:


  • Baked apples- This warm treat combining apples, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon is sweet and satisfying. Apples are grilled on aluminum foil, making clean up a snap. 
  • Grilled Gingerbread S'mores- The flavors of the season enhance the taste of traditional S'mores. Simply prepare them in a cast-iron skillet. 

Gas grills are a practical and efficient way to create warm meals now and into winter. Most meals prepared on the grill provide easy clean up, too. The flavors and aromas of the barbecue in summer will be even more welcomed and comforting in the dead of winter. Now, your gas grill can give you year-round enjoyment. 

We have a wide selection of gas grills to choose from, and we conveniently provide set up and delivery. Please contact us for further information. 

da40d63d-5d87-486d-dc47-839b3798fc9f-thumbMost people associate outdoor grilling with hot, summer barbecues and leisurely evenings under the stars. As fall arrives, there's no need to pack up your basting brush and "World's Best Griller" apron just yet. Cooler temperatures can make outdoor cooking and entertaining even more enjoyable.

Here are some tips and ideas to make the most of your gas or charcoal grill in the coming months:

Freshen up the grill:

  • Remove the residue of summer, such as hamburgers and chicken wings, by first heating up the grill grate. Then, use a wire brush to clean the bars. You can also use a ball of aluminum foil with long-handled tongs, if you prefer. 
  • Once clean, keep food from sticking by applying vegetable or olive oil. Simply wet a paper towel with the oil and rub the towel along the bars using long-handled tongs. Be sure that the oil doesn't drip onto coals or the surface below. 
  • If you've used your charcoal grill all summer, it might be advisable to dump the ashes and start fresh. If you have a gas grill, be sure to keep a full tank of propane on hand.

Get creative with cooking:

  • Think outside of the box by grilling food that is abundant in the fall, such as apples and acorn squash. There are many recipes for autumn's harvest online to give you inspiration.
  • More complex flavor profiles can be achieved by grilling comfort foods that we associate with the season. Macaroni and cheese, chili and even chicken pot pie can be cooked on the grill. 

Don't forget, you may need extra seating when your backyard becomes the most popular place on the block this fall. There are many options available in patio furniture, such as large dining tables and comfortable chairs, to create a pleasing environment for you and your guests to dine al fresco. Now you are ready to enjoy the crisp air of the great outdoors just a little bit longer. 

Please contact us for your outdoor grill and patio furniture needs. 

f8666ba1-f1a2-4b0a-ad05-3bcaa08ca68d-thumbWhen what seems to be the eternal argument about outdoor grills between gas vs charcoal, the discussion usually revolves around how each type of grill cooks the food. Gas provides more even heat but charcoal gives food that smoky flavor that many desired in their grilled meat. But a new subject for argument has arisen. Which type of grill is greener asks the Watertown Wicked Local? By that we mean, which one harms the environment the least.

It turns out, not surprisingly, that gas grills are far greener than charcoal grills can ever hope to be. Charcoal grills emit 11 pounds of carbon dioxide, considered a greenhouse gas, per hour of use, according to a study by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, vs 5.6 pounds of co2 from gas grills. Charcoal grills also emit carbon monoxide and particulate matter that also contribute to air pollution.

On the other hand, charcoal, as it is derived from wood, is a renewable resource. Gas grills use propane, which is not a renewable resource.

So what is an environmentally conscious griller to do? Even resorting to an electric grill can be considered suspect, if it is powered from the grid and power sources connected with fossil fuel plants. One supposes one can hook up an electric grill to a solar power or wind power unit, secure in the knowledge that one is being sustainable in ones backyard barbequing practices. But is it really grilling if it’s not done with fire?

The solution to the conundrum is to resign oneself to the fact that there is no human activity that does not impact the environment in one way or another. Besides, backyard grilling is still more sustainable than going out to eat.

For more information contact us.

GrillFest 2014green-egg-grill-contest-1

Grill Fest 2014 is coming this Saturday, September, 20th, 2014 to Sterling, VA at Lawn & Leisure. Michael J and the 98.7 WMZQ team will be here for this great event!

 What You Need to Know

-Event begins at 10 AM and goes Until 3 PM.

-There will be cooking demos & food samples from all companies whose grills we represent.

-Gas Grills that we sell: Weber & DCS.

-Charcoal Grills that we sell: Weber, Big Green Egg, Primo, and Black Olive.

-Refreshments and samplings of grilling sauces and seasonings.

-Corn Hole Game contest with prizes. 

-Drawing to win Free Big Green Egg Grill.

-Free Assembly of Any Grill Purchased During Grill Fest

-Special Discounts for any fireplace accessories purchased with a set of gas logs on Saturday.

-Excellent selection of Outdoor Casual Furniture available for Saturday----for in stock items! Great Buys on Floor models and special packages.

-Great selection of outdoor propane, wood burning firepits, and patio heaters.

 We hope to see you there!  

ceramic-charcoal-grills-potomac-vaCeramic or as they are sometimes called Kamado charcoal grills is a popular new addition to the appliances designed to cook with fire in the backyard. They are modern versions of an ancient Japanese model and are generally more egg shaped than conventional charcoal grills. They are made of ceramics, terra cotta, cement, lava rock, and other refractory materials, the same stuff that pottery kilns are made of.

Because of the material, ceramic grills are better at radiating and retaining heat than more conventional grills. They can therefore be used for cooking pizza, baking bread, or for tandoori, an Indian style of barbeque that involves sticking skewers of marinated meat into a hot oven. They are great for more conventional grilling and smoking as well. For the latter, most ceramic grills come with a deflector plate that shields the meat from the direct heat of the burning charcoal.

Controlling the heat can be kind of tricky, though the grills come with intake and outflow dampers that, when you get the hang of it, work very well. Because the grills retain heat better, they take less charcoal to cook. However one should not use lighter fluid as an aid to starting the charcoal.

One caveat needs to be mentioned about ceramic grills. While it is less susceptible to flare ups, there is a danger of a similar phenomenon called a flashover. The grills are nearly air tight, so that sometimes become starved of oxygen. If you lift the lid unwarily the oxygen rushes in and can cause a fireball, so have a care,

For more information contact us.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia.




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5 Tasty Treats that can be made on a Gas Grill

Purists of taste will often tell you that you need a charcoal grill to achieve a true grilled flavor. But that is not always completely honest. Owners of gas grills can get much the same flavor, burn pattern, and taste as a charcoal unit.Here are some quick flavor smacking treats for your outdoor gas grill.

Caution, only adults should use gas grills.

1. S'mores, it is true that s'mores are best done over a camp fire. But a gas grill will work much the same. Provided you don't loose your marshmallow off the metal grill fork you can hold it just above the hot surface and you can get a fantastic brown marshmallow. Don't forget to get it into the gram cracker and chocolate sandwich while its hot. Or the chocolate wont melt.

2. For a healthy snack or great side dish at a pick nick grill some asparagus. Take the asparagus and soak them in water for about a half hour so they don't burn. Then just lay them on the metal rack till they brown and darken a bit. If you want a really tasty way, boil them a bit to soften them further and grill them on the top rack. They will take longer but the flavor will really pop.

3. It is said that, us Americans cook brussel sprouts wrong. This funny fact can actually be proven when you grill them. cut each in half and rub the open side with garlic butter. Be sure that with any veggie you soak it in water for 30 min prior to grilling so it does not burn. When you grill them do so on the top rack. They will come out with a surprising flavor. Not to spoil the fun but it wont taste like a brussel sprout the way you may know them.

4. You can also grill corn on the cob. Boil it until it is nearly cooked them grill it for a little while. You want a few dark lines all over it. This will give it a deep almost smokey flavor. You will also bring out some of the internal flavors and juices making it rather tasty.

5. For the grand finale. You can make a cake on your grill. Just heat the inside of the grill to whatever your temperature needs to be according to the recipe and put the oven safe pan of your choice inside. Most grills can get very hot so a grill thermometer will be handy for this one. You will get a slightly different flavor to your cake than what you are used to. But wherever you grill you now know you can make a cake. Nothing says awesome like a fresh baked cake at a cook out.

There are literally thousands of other ideas. Try a few of your own out and see what work for you. Your gas grill does not have to be confined to a life of cooking meat. Unleash its true power and don't bother heating your entire house up to cook. Its summer time, get out side and try some new ideas.

For answers to your questions or for comments please, contact us.


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In the eternal debate of gas vs charcoal grilling, Mike Mikulsky, an editor at Wired, comes down decidedly on the side of cooking with burning propane. Much of his reasoning derives from the inherent convenience that comes from cooking with gas.

Mikulsky disdains the argument advanced by the champions of cooking with charcoal that it imparts a better flavor that gas. He contends that once the charcoal is heated, the heat that it imparts is the same as any other source and does not emit the smoke that is said to impart meat with that special flavor. He argues that the flavor of grilled meat is caused by drippings of fat, which sizzle and smoke when they hit the bottom of the grill. It has nothing to do with whether the heat source is charcoal or gas.’

The main argument for using gas grills is convenience. With a charcoal grill, you have to spread the charcoal, anoint the coals with lighter fluid, strike a match and set the coals blazing. The wait for the fire to die down and coals to be covered with ash, glowing, hot, and smoking, can last 20 to 30 minutes. Then there is the extra cleanup afterwards.

Cooking with gas, it is so argued, is quicker in that all that one has to do is turn the grill on and lay out the meat. The time it takes to grill meat on a gas grill can often be half what it takes to do the same on a charcoal grill. Thus time is saved and one can enjoy one’s dinner far quicker than otherwise would be the case.

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The Case for Charcoal Grills

In the eternal debate of gas vs charcoal grilling, Joe Brown, the New York Editor of Wired, comes down decidedly on the side of using glowing hot coals. His rationale involves the unique aroma that he says that charcoal imparts to the meat. In other words, heat is just not enough. There is a chemical process that changes the nature of the meat and makes it better when charcoal is involved. It involves something called guaiacol.

Gualacol results when lignin, the resin that holds together strands of cellulose that form wood. This in turn imparts a bacon-like taste to the meat that is being grilled. The smoky, bacony aroma that is imparted by using charcoal grills enhances the taste of anything that is cooked on them.

This is the key to what Brown says is the superiority of charcoal over gas grilling. Food is cooked the same way no matter what the heat, whether it is gas, charcoal, or whatever. But taste is only one of our five senses. That is one reason why executive chefs put an emphasis on presentation so that a dish is visually appealing, which actually enhances the taste.

We east with more than just our senses of taste. We use our sense of smell as well, so that if a dish smells pleasing then it tastes better as well. If charcoal imparts a pleasing, smoky, bacony flavor, then it follows that a cut of meat cooked on a charcoal grill is better than the equivalent meat cooked on a gas grill.

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The Benefits of Charcoal GrillsMemorial Day having passed means that it is officially summertime. This means that you will likely soon be preparing for neighborhood barbeques. However, this could also mean that if you do not have a barbeque, or if your barbeque is old, it is time for you to start researching barbeques for your home. In your research, you will likely (or likely have already) come across the debate over whether gas or charcoal barbeques are the better option. To help you in making an informed decision, here is a quick overview of some of the benefits of charcoal grills.

They Cook Hotter

Unlike gas grills, which generally have a maximum temperature of 500 degrees, charcoal grills are not limited by this temperature range. You can increase the temperature of a charcoal grill much higher depending on how much charcoal you add. This can be extremely beneficial in the cooking of larger cuts of meat, as the meat will cook more evenly throughout at higher temperatures.

Charcoal Grills Allow You to Cook with Wood

One of the biggest downsides of gas grills is that the only fuel source you can use in them is gas. In charcoal grills on the other hand, you can utilize other fuel sources besides charcoal such as wood. The ability to barbeque with wood is a great upside of using a charcoal grill, as cooking with different woods allows you to incorporate extra flavors into your meat that different types of wood infuse into food.  

Charcoal Grills Make Smoking Meat Possible

Another great method of barbequing is smoking; however, when one owns a gas grill, smoking is not really an option (or at least, it is not an easy option). Charcoal grills allow you to choose to smoke meats if you would like to with relative ease.

The main benefits that charcoal grills provide over gas grills is that they provide you with a more versatile range of ways in which you can cook meat. However, gas grills can also be a great option if you do not want to deal with the hassle of burning charcoal/wood to barbeque. Contact us for advice as to whether a charcoal or gas grill would be best for your home.


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Annual Grill Out Spectacular 2015!

Our Annual Grill Out Spectacular 2015 is coming Saturday, April 25th, 2015 to Sterling, VA at Lawn & Leisure.


 What You Need to Know

-Event begins at 10 AM and goes Until 3 PM.

-Gas Grills at event: Weber, DCS, Napoleon, & Fire Magic.

-Ceramic Grills/Smokers at Event: Big Green Egg, Primo, & Black Olive.                   

-Chicago Brick Oven Pizza Oven (Dedicated Pizza Oven)

-Free Food, Prizes and Giveaways, and Corn Hole Competition.


-Excellent selection of Outdoor Casual Furniture available for Saturday----for in stock items! Great Buys on Floor models and special packages. 

 Hope to see you at the event!

3 Tips to Help Winterize Your Outdoor Grill| Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia

Outdoor grills are fun items to have for outdoor entertaining during the summer. But what should you do with it when inclement weather starts during late fall and through the winter? You have the option of storing it inside or just leaving it outside until it's time to fire up the barbecue again next summer.

Considering how heavy it is, your better option is leaving it outside for the entire winter. This means you have some things to do in preparing your grill so it withstands any chance of wicked weather.

Before Anything Else, Clean Your Grill

You may still have food particles and grease on your grill from barbecues this last summer. Before preparation for winter, take a half hour to clean it thoroughly to prevent any dangers when turning it on next summer. Food particles could possibly catch fire or just create an unpleasant sight when turning on your grill again.

Taking Care of the Gas Line

Once your grill is clean, you need to turn the gas line off before you forget. That's important to avoid any fire hazards during the winter or next barbecue season. As far as removing the gas tubes, it's going to be up to you. Some sites say you should leave them connected through the winter. If you do remove the gas tubes, be sure to read your manual carefully to do this carefully. Every grill model is going to be different, and you don't want to cause damage to your gas line to avoid hazards.

Removing the Burner and Preparing it for Winter

As you take care of the gas line, you should lift out the burner on your grill and inspect it. You should also bring out some cooking oil and spray it on the burner to provide a protective coating so you'll avoid rust during the winter. Any other metal parts around the grill should also be sprayed to prevent the buildup of moisture.

Wrapping Up Removed Parts of Your Grill

Wrapping things in durable plastic is common when preparing things for winter. It's no different with your grill. If this is the first winter your grill will be outside, you need to wrap the burner thoroughly in a plastic bag if you're going to store it outdoors. This prevents any insects from getting into the gas tubes that could potentially cause a fire when reconnected.

As far as the gas tank, you can remove it and wrap it in plastic. You should keep it outdoors for safety due to the fire hazard of storing it in a garage or other indoor storage space. Be sure to place a protective covering over the body of the grill so that next monstrous winter storm doesn't turn your grill into a pile of rust come June.

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