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consider-your-low-maintenance-options-for-outdoor-furniture-falls-church-vaEnjoying outdoor furniture is easy, but keeping it maintained is often the problem that people have. In many cases, homeowners buy high quality furniture for their patio or outdoor space and after using it a few times, they stop with the routine maintenance and end up with dirty and rusty furniture.

It is best to consider low-maintenance outdoor furniture options to ensure quick and easy maintenance, which will make it easier for a homeowner to keep the furniture clean for routine usage.


Aluminum is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, especially cast aluminum, and this is because it is not only durable and easy to maintain, but it is also rust proof. All of these benefits are the best you could ask for in outdoor furniture, so the rest comes down to finding the right style and price.


Although it may not be the fanciest option, you cannot go wrong with plastic for the outdoors. It is often inexpensive to buy plastic outdoor furniture, and it is just so simple to maintain. With a standard hose, you can get practically any dirt or grime off of this furniture, which only takes a few minutes to do.

Wrought Iron

A heavier and slightly more demanding material to consider for outdoor furniture is wrought iron. While not being the easiest to move or clean, the overall maintenance required is quite minimal. Also, if you are looking for pieces of furniture to beautify your backyard, then wrought iron is an excellent choice.

Throughout the years, you will appreciate having furniture to enjoy your outdoor space, and having low-maintenance furniture is the icing on the cake that makes it all worthwhile.

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rsz f79d3798-87cb-4dc2-86e6-48d9536beb7fShopping for deck furniture is almost as fun as planning an outdoor living space. There are so many things to consider; do you want a fire pit? Where will the grill go? What colors do you like? What materials will look the best?

A lot of people are using Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration for how they'll be decorating their deck or patio this year. Pinterest is an online collection of photos.  Every user gets to create multiple "boards" which can be likened to a bulletin board. Photos are "pinned" for easy lookup later on and each photo is linked to a website that uses the photo as an illustration. Often, these are in DIY projects or online catalogs.

Deck Ideas and Furniture

Amberlee Ederington of Arkansas has compiled a collection of over 215 beautiful photos of deck furniture. In addition to outdoor furniture ideas, her collection has great ideas for planters and DIY projects to make your deck more inviting. She has an eye for color and texture, with ideas for upcycling pallets, rehabilitating tired concrete and beautiful lighting concepts.

Outside, Decks, Furniture, Lawn Ornaments

This board is curated by Emily Woodby from Tennessee. She is drawn to quirky and inexpensive patio furniture and outdoor decor that's classy and made of unconventional materials. She has quite a few amazing tree houses in this collection, too.

Patio Lights

This one is automatically generated from a search for patio lights.  There are several boards listed here with different ideas for making patio lighting and for hanging string lights. There are ideas for using glow-in-the dark paint that recharges in the sunshine as well as ideas for temporary party lighting using glow sticks. 

Beautify the Patio

This board is filled with garden decor ideas, for both veggie gardens and urban decks. The pins found here tend to be kid friendly and colorful, with a combination of purchased and repurposed items.

 Outdoor Furniture and More

It would be completely silly to not mention that we're on Pinterest, too. We have boards dedicated to outdoor furniture, outdoor grills,  fireplaces and more backyard lifestyle topics. 

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