With winter now here, it is harder than ever to have family time in the outdoors. Even if you haven’t built your dream patio or deck yet, an outdoor fireplace provides a place to gather around and enjoy time as a family. In even the coldest weather, there are so many great things to do around the fire. We’ll go over a few here.

  • Tell Scary Stories: Campfire tales are one of the best things to do with friends and family. Kids and adults of all ages enjoy being frightened while in a safe place with people they love and nothing sets the mood here better than the soothing flicker of flames from an outdoor fireplace.
  • Roast Hot Dogs: Hot Dogs are the staple meal of the campfire family. Get some good long skewers (or sticks for the authentic feel) and spear those dogs. Sing campfire songs and enjoy the friendly conversation while they cook. Also, after you’re done with them, that leaves you ready for dessert, which leads into…
  • Make S’mores: Let’s face it, you can’t go enjoy your fireplace in the winter without some s’mores! This great treat is great with any outdoor fireplace, but shines especially with wood-burning fireplaces so make sure you have bags of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. You can even put your own twists on them with things like peanut butter or whatever your family likes best!
  • Drink Hot Cocoa: On a cold winter night lit only by the flames of your fireplace, nothing hits the spot quite like hot cocoa. Whether you make yours from the packet in the microwave or make it from scratch over the fire, you just can’t go wrong with this winter treat for your friends and family.

Whatever the use, the outdoor fireplace is bringing families together and you’ll always remember fondly these cold nights spent in front of the welcome warmth of your outdoor fireplace. In this world of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more electronics than you can shake a stick at, everyone needs some times to reset and disconnect so you can connect with the people who are really important to you.

When you’re ready to get your outdoor fireplace set up so you can start enjoying these moments with your family, contact us and let our staff help you pick the perfect fit!