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Enjoying a fire in one’s fireplace can be an extremely relaxing experience; however, you may not always want to be relegated to the indoors when enjoying a fire. This is where having an outdoor fireplace can be beneficial, as it can create an oasis that allows you to feel as though you are on vacation in your own backyard. Giving you the ability to enjoy a fire under the stars on a summer night is just one of the many benefits an outdoor fireplace can provide you with. Here are a few of the additional reasons why you should consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Makes Your Backyard Useable

Many homeowners feel as if their backyard is an unusable, barren space. However, this seemingly dysfunctional space can be transformed through the addition of an outdoor fireplace. Your previously unused property can now be a place for you, your family, and your friends to relax and spend time together. This will not only make your yard more functional, but it will also make it look more beautiful and improve the way you perceive your home. Furthermore, by adding to the look, style, and functionality of your backyard, you can actually increase your home’s value and salability.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Extends the Season

For many people, the onset of colder weather means the end of outdoor entertaining. Furthermore, this can mean more overall time spent indoors. However, an outdoor fireplace can help to extend your outdoor season throughout a greater portion of the year, as the fire will provide you with the heat necessary to keep you warm on cold days/nights. Simply snuggle up by the fire with a blanket and some marshmallows, and what would have previously been another cold night night trapped indoors can now be a fun night spent outside.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Keeps the Bugs Away

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard can also increase the functionality of your yard during the summer. While backyard barbeques and parties are the highlight of many people’s summers, these gatherings can be ruined by an invasion of insects. Mosquitos in particular can put a quick end to any backyard gathering. However, an outdoor fireplace can actually help to keep insects away. Lighting a fire will create smoke that can help to keep insects at bay and away from your guests. In Conjunction with strategically placed citronella candles, an outdoor fireplace can be the savior of your summer season.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Adds Entertainment Space

Finally, the addition of a fireplace will provide additional entertainment space in your home for when you have large parties. Many homeowners do not have the space within their home to entertain all the guests they would like to invite to their gatherings. However, with the addition of an outdoor fireplace to your backyard, a new focal point will be created for people to gather around that will encourage the party to overflow from within your home to your backyard. In fact, when set up with inviting seating, and an already roaring fire, as well as the supplies to roast marshmallows, you will likely find that your backyard soon becomes party central.

The warm and cozy experience of lounging next to a fire does not have to limited to inside one’s home. Having an outdoor fireplace installed in your yard can bring you this experience while allowing you to enjoy time outside with your friends and family. While we have touched upon a few of the reasons why you should consider an outdoor fireplace for your home, there are many more benefits of doing so. Contact us to find out about more of the benefits of having an outdoor fireplace, as well as to find out about having one built in your yard.