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4 Tips For Cooking On Gas Grills In The Winter | Falls Church, VA


4 Tips For Cooking On Gas Grills In The Winter | Falls Church, VA

Falls Church, VA

While you may think of gas grills as being something you use only during the summer months, the fact is that they can actually be very useful any time of the year. Winter grilling does require you to do a few things differently, and here are a few tips for cold-weather grilling we thought you ought to know.

Protect Your Grill From The Wind

You’ll need to place your grill in an area where it is somewhat protected from the wind if at all possible. Even so, you should never cook on your grill indoors, so avoid placing it inside a garage or storage shed. An outdoor patio or breezeway works really well, and will also help you feel a little bit warmer whenever you are cooking as well.

Practice Patience

Foods can take a little bit longer to cook in the winter than they do in the summer. For this reason, you should make sure meats are completely thawed, and that you cut everything into smaller pieces to allow it to cook faster. You may also want to preheat your burners ahead of time.

Coat with Oil

Coating your burners with oil will also help ensure that nothing sticks to them. In order to do this properly, turn on your burners and allow them to heat up to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, simply brush some olive oil on with a basting brush. Do this from time to time throughout the season for best results.

Keep That Lid Down

Leave the lid of your grill down while you are cooking in order to conserve as much heat as possible. Wrapping vegetables in aluminum foil is also a great way to make sure they are heated evenly. If you have a smoker box, consider adding a few wood chips to it to help give your foods a unique flavor.

Even though you may cook outside during winter, you should still keep your grill covered whenever it’s not in use. To find a huge selection of outdoor grills at affordable prices, contact us.

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