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How to Cook Delicious Meals Using Your Outdoor Fireplace

 lawn and leisure blog2Cooking outdoors during the summer can be one of the best experiences, but many people often restrict their cooking to just a barbeque grill. A unique way to cook food outdoors is by using an outdoor fireplace. In order for you to enjoy cooking with your fireplace, you’ll need to follow the three tips below.

Pick Wood with Cooking in Mind

While it’s often cheapest to use wood gathered nearby for your fireplace, it may not be the best choice  for cooking. The wood you use for cooking leaves a lasting flavor in the food, making it wise to choose wood that is well-seasoned- such as fruit wood. Trying out the varieties of wood and skipping smoky woods can help your food get the best flavor.

Make Safety Your Top Concern

Cooking with fire always comes with the risk of fires, so you’ll need to position the fireplace away from any structures. Limiting the height of the fire and keeping children away can help ensure you’re being as safe as possible while cooking.

Clean the Fireplace Regularly

Pieces of food are likely to fall into the hot embers while cooking, eventually burning and smoking. In between cooking sessions and once the embers have cooled, you’ll want to make a habit of cleaning the fireplace to prevent bad flavors from occurring.

Enjoying cooking outdoors with your fireplace can be easier when you know how to stay safe and improve the flavor in your food. If you’re interested in getting an outdoor fireplace for your home, please feel free tocontact us.