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Preserving the Lifetime of Outdoor Grills with Regular Cleaning | Reston VA

rsz c2b4e0ff-bce3-4a96-91b8-a25022a43eeeIf you intend on having an outdoor grill that will continue to last for years, it's important that you keep in mind the importance of routine maintenance. While most people clean their grill lightly after each use, there is still work that should be done for outdoor grills to be ready for use at any time. Regular cleaning can not only make the grill easier to cook with, but it can also take care of bacterial buildup from food debris. Becoming familiar with what you can do to clean the grill thoroughly can ensure that the grill is in the best condition. 

A brass wire brush is an essential tool for maintaining your grill since it is the best option for removing food and other debris from the grill. Scraping the brush over the grates can help remove anything stuck to your grill. After using the brush, it's best to soak the brush in hot soapy water then allow it to air dry thoroughly before putting it away. 

Spraying your grill with cooking oil can help prevent rust from occurring and extend the lifetime of your outdoor grill substantially. Waiting until the grill has cooled down after using is important in order for the cooking spray to be as effective as possible. 

Scrubbing the burners with the wire brush and around any of the smaller crevices of your grill can help take care of food and grease that has built-up over time. Grease is highly flammable and needs to be removed thoroughly in order for the grill to be as safe as possible to use.

Removing charcoal and ash from the interior of the grill is also important to ensure that the grill isn't producing any excess smoke when in use. Cleaning the inside after the contents have been removed can also improve the function of the grill quite drastically.  

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