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Inside your home, you generally have a number of cooking platforms to choose from, ranging from built-in appliances such as a stovetop, oven, and microwave to appliances like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, toaster oven, and more. However, you can enjoy another high-quality cooking option when you incorporate the outdoors into your cooking, with an outdoor grill. Some individuals who have never cooked on a grill before will go out and purchase a random grill, but you need to understand the fact that this purchase can have a huge impact on your experience eating outdoors.

Decide Between Charcoal and Gas

One of the main decisions that you need to make is whether you want a charcoal or gas grill. Both options have their own distinct advantages, which can make it difficult to choose from. If you enjoy the convenience and easy cleaning, you might want a gas grill for the fact that it is so easy to operate and maintain. However, charcoal grills will provide you with incredible-tasting meals on a consistent basis.

Opting for Both Is an Option

Although it depends on how much space you have in your backyard, how much you want to spend, and how far you are willing to go to have an ideal grilling experience, you might want to invest in both grills. Having a gas grill and charcoal grill will allow you to enjoy the best cooking experience every time.

Party Size and Grill Space

When it comes to picking out a grill, you need to understand how many people you expect to have in your party. For instance, you might never intend on having parties or family get-togethers, so you only have to worry about cooking for your direct family and maybe a couple of friends at the maximum. With this in mind, you can easily determine the size of a grill that will meet your needs. When you love throwing parties, this decision becomes a little more complicated because you will likely have to cook in batches, but opting for a large grill is the best way to minimize the amount of time you spend cooking at the grill.

Workspace Availability

Small grills are portable as they only come with the cooking space, but you should definitely opt for grills that provide you with a decent amount of workspace to improve your grilling experience. For instance, you will likely want to take all of the food you intend on grilling outside at once, along with marinades and glazes. It is easier when you are able to take care of all of your grilling needs in a single, defined space.

Level of Portability

Although portability is not that major of an issue if you intend on grilling in the same place every time, you will want to have some portability with your grill if you intend on moving it around regularly. Two wheels on one side should be more than enough to help you get around, even without help.

Grease Tray

An easy-to-clean grease tray is essential for avoiding cleanup problems. Also, when you have a time-consuming and frustrating cleaning experience after grilling, it can discourage you from grilling again.


While it might be nice to have a grill with sides that fold down, you should also consider the benefits of a grill that does not have this feature, mainly because it will often be a sturdier choice. A sturdy grill is exactly what you want to avoid mishaps around the grill and to enjoy your grill for years to come.

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