Gone are the days of fireplace choices being limited to brick hearths and wire screens. Say hello to innovation and style with indoor gas fireplace upgrades that are cool, modern and totally you. 2017 may very well be the year of “fireplace elements gone wild”. If you are one of those people whose fireplace is a central part of your home, prepare to be excited for some of the latest trends for indoor gas fireplace decor!

Good-Bye Wood!

For years households with loved ones who struggled with respiratory concerns, like asthma or emphysema, have had to forego the luxuries and pleasures of a fireplace because of the by-products of burning wood. With the invention of gas-burning fireplaces, everyone can now enjoy better air quality while toasting toes before an open fire. For some time now, after the advent of indoor gas fireplaces, imitation logs were all a set of eyes could feast itself on while gazing into those mesmerizing dancing flames. Now, there are new choices. Nature lovers might opt for river rocks or pine cones whereas an insert of curious geometric shapes are perfect for a minimalist or contemporary decor.

Bye-Bye Lighters!

There is probably not a single fire-starter on earth who has not, at one time or other, experienced “singed bang syndrome”. Even if it hasn’t happened to you personally, you probably know someone who has endured this nasty event. It occurs from having to approach the fireplace closely in order to perform initial ignition with a match or lighter wand. Mankind, although strongly attached to the warmth of fire, a deeply rooted instinct to its connection with the survival of our species, nonetheless almost always experiences trepidation at the thought of first igniting that fire. Questions may pop into your mind, “Did I pour on too much starter fluid? Did I drip some onto my sleeve? Have too many fumes built up in the firebox? Will a fireball surge out and blast me?” Such worries are now a thing of the past thanks to ignition remotes, wall switches and even smart device apps. Upgrade and start your fires with joy rather than flinching and hoping for the best.

Come One, Come All!

Fireplaces have traditionally been centerpieces in family rooms. Before the ingenuity of electric and gas fireplaces, most homes were limited to whatever fireplace existed. If a home lacked a fireplace, a family simply had to accept a fire-less lifestyle. It was simply too costly and complicated to remodel a home to include a new log-burning fireplace. Gas fireplace innovation has changed the home decor game. Just like any new technology, over time this amenity became more and more affordable. Now, with an abundance of style options available, it is possible for homeowners to afford to install a fireplace alternative in virtually every room in the house. Want an alternative heat source in the dining room? No problem. There’s a fireplace that will blend perfectly with your design scheme. Even if you live in an apartment, there are fireplace options available. Consider a tabletop fire pit, suitable for indoor or patio pleasure. Even if the only space you have is to hang a fire-feature upon the wall like a work of art, that, too, can be done! There is really no reason anyone who wants a fireplace should not have one.

Play It Safe!

Just mention the words gas, propane, or butane and some people tremble with fear. Is that what is holding you back from indulging in the luxury of a gas fireplace? Rest assured that modern gas fireplaces are designed with the latest technology, making them safe to use and enjoy. First of all, look for that “UL” label. That is reassurance that the fireplace design you are interested in has undergone rigorous safety tests at Underwriters Laboratory. Most manufacturers will even go a step beyond, employing an independent organization to provide additional certification to their fireplace product. Gas fireplaces have several standard safety features integrated into their design:

  • Safety pilot light system.
  • Safety combination valve.
  • Ignition options with safety back-ups to automatically shut off the gas valve should a pilot light extinguish.
  • Catalysts that clean the air of combustion by-products to preserve air quality (vent-free fireplace feature).
  • Sensors that measure oxygen levels with automatic shut off should oxygen level drop too far (vent-free fireplace feature).
  • Spill switches that monitor temperature and automatically shut down the fireplace if proper venting is not occurring (vented fireplace feature).

Different manufacturers may offer other safety features than those listed. With demand rising for gas fireplaces, designers are responding to the safety concerns of consumers as well as legislators. Don’t let fear keep you from the pleasures of snuggling before a cozy fire with loved ones. Amp up the volume of your home’s decor with a gas fireplace and put your worries aside!

Go Gas & Hug A Tree!

You may be asking yourself just how green a gas fireplace can be. After all, the most natural type of fire is a burning log, right? Well, the data is in and the truth is definitive. If you are interested in burning green, you want to go gas. Wood burning fireplaces are simply inefficient. They also contribute to pollution which is why many cities have actually banned them in new residence construction. Gas fireplaces, however, are quite efficient as space heaters. With affordable designs, homeowners can enjoy this efficiency throughout the house, a fireplace for every room! Gas is also a cleaner alternative to traditional wood because it releases fewer of those pesky emissions as it burns. Lovers of green living love their gas fireplaces. And no trees were harmed in the making of heat for your home!

Are you ready to order your gas fireplace today? I should think so. Please contact us for assistance with the best selection and prices on the perfect gas fireplace. Or, if you’re in the DC area, stop in and visit the showroom. Our certified fireplace experts are happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best service in leisure living products.