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When George Samaras completed his tour of duty as a pharmacist in the Greek military in 1986, he needed to find a career so he turned to his love of the sea. He began racing sailboats and captaining a yacht for tourist excursions throughout the Greek islands. In 1988, he met his future wife Kelley, an American who had chartered on Samaras' boat. Several years later, they decided to move to the United States.

George’s father-in-law had a Kamado cooker and on Thanksgiving Day, George had roasted turkey for the first time and was amazed at the juiciness and delicious flavor of the bird.

He bought a kamado for himself and cooked on it regularly. He began shipping them back to Greece for his friends and family to use. Eventually George had over 80 people in his homeland that wanted a kamado, so he asked the manufacturer if he could start a distributorship in Greece, but they declined.

Not to be deterred, George saw a niche in the market and decided that he would make his own kamado cookers. In 1996, he was ready to sell his ceramic grills. His first manufacturing facility was a 700 sq. ft. space he rented. Over the next several years, Primo’s kamado style grill grew in popularity as word spread about their quality and as the only ceramic grill made in the United States.

Today, Primo is headquartered in a 92,000 sq. ft. facility in Tucker, Georgia where their ceramic grills are produced. Primo is available in more than 24 countries around the world.