Furnishing a small patio can be overwhelming due to the limited square footage, but with some careful planning, you can get the space furnished to suit your needs perfectly. Whether you want your patio to combine a comfortable seating area with a lush garden or you would like to use the space for barbecuing, you’ll need to keep in mind the function you want while shopping for patio furniture.

Get Creative with a Layout

Even with a small space, you can fit in a lounger or bistro set with a little bit of creativity. Taking measurements of the space and coming up with a layout on paper or by using interior design software can help you figure out the best placement for all of your furniture. Think hard about how you want people to use the furniture and plan for ideal circumstances.

Opt for Furniture with Storage

While you may not need a lot of storage room outdoors, you can still benefit by having a secure place to store blankets, serving plates, and other items for your patio. The easiest way to get the storage you desire is through purchasing furniture such as a love seat that can open up to a roomy storage space inside. Plus everyone is delighted to see a secret compartment reveal its treasures.

Avoid Bulky Furniture Sets

Purchasing furniture in a set can be convenient and make it easier to coordinate the appearance of your patio, but it can also mean that the furniture takes up too much room. Shopping for furniture with the square footage in mind can help you choose pieces that look nice and will allow ample room for moving around. Planning to shuffle furniture means you can move unused pieces out of the way.

If you’re interested in buying furniture designed for smaller spaces, feel free to contact us for recommendations for your patio.