You have picked out that perfect outdoor fireplace. The spot was chosen right outside your home where it’s cozy and beautiful. Everything is exactly as you pictured it would be except one thing, it’s snowing! But who says you cannot enjoy an outdoor fireplace all year round? Creating the perfect place where you can cozy up in front of a fireplace while the snow falls around you is more simple than you would think.

If your fireplace is under an awning or covered area, then using it all year round is even easier. Just add these simple additions to keep your guests and you warm even in the coldest evenings.

  • Add a touch of warmth with a basket of mittens, hats and scarves.
  • Make sure your benches stay covered with warm cushions, even wrapping the cushions in fleece or flannel to add a cozier feel.
  • Include lots of pillows and blankets to keep warm under. Homemade quilts can add a country addition or soft crochets for an elegant touch.

Keeping your insides warm is also important!

  • Include a tray with hot chocolate, tea or coffee in your favorite flavors.
  • Want a more rustic look? Use a barn wood tray with horseshoe handles.
  • Add some whimsy with your favorite colorful mugs.
  • Marshmallows and coffee additions add a fun treat.

What if your seating is not in a covered area? Does that mean you cannot enjoy that lovely fire all winter long? It’s as easy as keeping up with snow removal on the seating!

  • A country broom nearby will be the perfect touch and make removing the snow an easier task.
  • Keep your cushions somewhere close inside where they can stay warm until you want to use them.
  • Keep your baskets of quilts and hats near the door to grab quickly when you want to go out.

Within minutes you can have a cozy spot to watch the snow fall or even catch a few flakes on your tongue!

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