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Most people associate outdoor grilling with hot, summer barbecues and leisurely evenings under the stars. As fall arrives, there’s no need to pack up your basting brush and “World’s Best Griller” apron just yet. Cooler temperatures can make outdoor cooking and entertaining even more enjoyable.

Here are some tips and ideas to make the most of your gas or charcoal grillin the coming months:

Freshen up the grill:

  • Remove the residue of summer, such as hamburgers and chicken wings, by first heating up the grill grate. Then, use a wire brush to clean the bars. You can also use a ball of aluminum foil with long-handled tongs, if you prefer.
  • Once clean, keep food from sticking by applying vegetable or olive oil. Simply wet a paper towel with the oil and rub the towel along the bars using long-handled tongs. Be sure that the oil doesn’t drip onto coals or the surface below.
  • If you’ve used your charcoal grill all summer, it might be advisable to dump the ashes and start fresh. If you have a gas grill, be sure to keep a full tank of propane on hand.

Get creative with cooking:

  • Think outside of the box by grilling food that is abundant in the fall, such as apples and acorn squash. There are many recipes for autumn’s harvest online to give you inspiration.
  • More complex flavor profiles can be achieved by grilling comfort foods that we associate with the season. Macaroni and cheese, chili and even chicken pot pie can be cooked on the grill.

Don’t forget, you may need extra seating when your backyard becomes the most popular place on the block this fall. There are many options available in patio furniture, such as large dining tables and comfortable chairs, to create a pleasing environment for you and your guests to dine al fresco. Now you are ready to enjoy the crisp air of the great outdoors just a little bit longer.

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