Keeping furniture clean in a home with pets is likely something that you intend on doing everyday inside your home, but it can be a bit more confusing when dealing with the outdoors. If you’re concerned about maintaining your deck furniture, it’s a good idea for you to look into what materials should be chosen and how to avoid damage to the furniture caused by your pets.

Resistant Against Tearing

The worst scenario for deck furniture when it comes to pets is experiencing the materials being torn by their nails. Avoiding furniture that rips easily, such as thin fabrics, can help it last longer in a home with pets. Since most animals love climbing on top of furniture, you’ll need to look out for pieces that won’t be torn easily.

Without outdoor furniture, you’re likely going to want something tough like canvas anyway to stand up to the elements. It’s no use having furniture that absorbs water and stays wet for days, so anything weather-resistant is more likely to be pet-resistant.

Washable Furniture Covers

An easy way to preserve your deck furniture is for you to keep an eye out for furniture that has covers included. The covers should be machine washable, allowing you to enjoy a deep clean so that any pet hair and tracked dirt can be removed properly.

Avoid Expensive Pieces

Spending a lot of money on deck furniture may seem like the right thing to do if you want your deck to look fantastic, but this can often backfire due to accidental damage your pet causes. Buying furniture that is priced reasonably will ensure that you won’t be disappointed by its condition in the years to come.

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