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Propane Refill in Sterling, VA



Painless Propane Refills in Sterling, VA

Lawn & Leisure has been devoted to giving our customers the best in outdoor living for over 40 years. And outdoor living means propane.

Propane powers grills, fire tables, fireplaces, zone heaters, and even patio lighting. This gas is the lifeblood of your outdoor environment. It’s clean, domestically produced and easy to use.

When you look for a propane supplier, you want a partner you can depend on to give you the best service and prices. With our low price guarantee and refill service, you’ll know you’re getting an outstanding deal. Come down and see us, and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

TC and Tom at Lawn and Leisure were AMAZING! They knew EVERYTHING about their products! They were professional and enjoyable to work with, I look forward to continuing to work them in the future.

– Shari C.

Our location at 103 Douglas Court in Sterling is open 7 days a week.

  • Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Sunday – noon – 5 p.m.

As always, we can assure you that when you shop at Lawn & Leisure, you’ll get:

  • The lowest price, guaranteed by our price match
  • An unparalleled selection
  • Personal attention from a knowledgeable and experienced associate
  • Immediate availability on 9 out of 10 items

Refilling Propane vs. Exchanging Tanks

Refilling tanks is the gold standard for propane service — that’s why we offer it. It’s a rare service that most providers do not handle. A propane tank refill gives you several advantages over a standard tank exchange

No Wasted Propane

First, you’re guaranteed that you won’t waste any propane you’ve already bought. Most people don’t use their whole tank before they bring it in for a refill. If you plan on grilling this weekend and you don’t know how much you have in the tank, you might just exchange a tank filled a fourth of the way with propane for the peace of mind that you have a full tank.


With a refill, you only pay for what you get, meaning you won’t waste the propane you’ve already paid for.


    A Full Tank

    You may be surprised to learn, most propane sellers don’t fill their exchange tanks all the way. Those 20-pound tanks may even be filled as little at 75 percent! Consumers have even had to launch lawsuits against prefilled tank sellers for shorting them.

    With a propane tank refill, you get a tank full to the maximum safe level, which is higher than prefilled tanks will give you.

    Save Money

    Because of the above, you save money by refilling your propane with Lawn & Leisure. Each gallon you would have been shorted by prefilled tanks or gallon you would have returned unused adds up!

    Most prefilled tank providers only guarantee you 15 pounds of propane for a 20-pound tank. Over a lifetime of grilling, that 25 percent shortage hurts your pocketbook.


    This hidden home shopping gem has a TON of stuff packed into a small space, well it seems small since there is so much crammed in. Really it’s quite large and has everything from picnic table plate tents to heavy duty lawn mowers and chainsaws. I enjoy going there every time I get my propane tank filled.

    – Andrew G.


    Propane Service that Can’t Be Beat

    Lawn & Leisure has been at the forefront of customer service in the Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia area for over 40 years. It’s how we measure success.

    When you’re dealing with propane, you want to know that your supplier wants what’s best for you. With all the bad actors in the system, you need to know the customer service reps know what they’re doing.

    The average staffer at Lawn & Leisure has been here for decades. We go the extra mile to retain top talent and ensure they’re highly trained, so they’re ready to tackle whatever propane issue you have.

    Unusual Propane Refills

    Got an RV that requires propane? Maybe you have a generator with a propane tank installed? Whatever the reason, not all propane tanks are made alike, and some of us have to deal with odd sizes and can’t be easily refilled or exchanged.

    That’s where Lawn & Leisure comes in. Our highly trained staff knows how to deal with eccentric propane tanks just as well as the regular ones. We can get you refilled quickly, cheaply, and, most important, safely. With odd tanks, other suppliers may not know how to inspect the tank properly. Our staff can inspect your weirdly shaped tanks for problems that other suppliers might miss due to unfamiliarity. You don’t want unskilled eyes doing your propane tank inspections.



    Staff were helpful and friendly. Mostly, I enjoyed the “old-timey” feeling of the service – kinda like an old-school hardware store. Excellent experience.

    – Scott L.


    Propane Tank Installations

    Have a big propane job that you’re not sure how to proceed with? Lawn & Leisure is a great place to start!

    Our customer service representatives will listen to your propane needs and recommend the best course of action based on your unique circumstances. With decades of experience, they’ve seen hundreds of propane projects and will know just what you need.

    Once the broad strokes are decided, we can connect you with installers who we know can handle the job and bulk suppliers who can keep your new tank operating. The installer will even help you to navigate the confusing world of permitting.

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