Summer is here, and we are ready for our outdoor barbeques! After this pandemic, where we spent most of our time inside, alone or with family, we have reached the point where we can safely gather with our trusted and loved friends and family. The summer of parties and get-togethers has come back. The best way to finish this scene is to turn up the music and do some outdoor grilling!

Although outdoor grilling is such a fun time, we must always be cautious. Propane grilling can have a tremendous danger associated with it. With the potential for an explosion, chemical inhalant inhalation, and gas leaks, it is important to be aware of how to safely use your propane grill. It is important, however, to recognize that when used safely, propane grilling is a super fun way to make food, spend time with your family and friends, and enjoy gorgeous weather.

We are Lawn & Leisure care about your safety, and we want to ensure that you enjoy any product that you purchase from our showroom. If you have any questions about safely using your propane grill, please know that you can always reach out to us, and we will happily answer any questions for you. Propane grilling is an American staple, and we want you to have the best time with your propane grill!

Safety Tip #1: Ventilation

As with most electric and gas appliances, always ensure that there is proper ventilation when you are using the grill. The best place to use your propane grill is actually outside, in your backyard, but away from your house. No matter how good your ventilation is inside of your house, and no matter how many windows you keep open, the safest place to use your propane grill is still outside. The breeze and the large surface area will ensure that your propane grill gets the ventilation that it needs to keep you and your family safe. Never grill indoors.

Safety Tip #2: Don’t Keep Propane Tanks in an Enclosed Space

In terms of storage, it is important that you never store your propane tanks in an enclosed space, such as in a shed, in your garage, or even inside of your home. You can keep the grill indoors, but make sure that the propane tank itself is not stored inside. Furthermore, ensure that your propane tank is stored upright, not sideways. Don’t store your propane tank sideways, or on or near another grill.

Safety Tip #3: Make Sure the Tank Isn’t Stored in the Heat

In the previous tip, we saw how it is important to keep the propane tank stored outdoors. However, it is also important to be mindful of the temperature. Make sure that your propane tank is not stored in a place where the temperature exceeds 120oF. This high temperature can cause the molecules in the tank to become too pressurized, causing an explosion.

Safety Tip #4: Don’t Smoke Near the Tanks

While it may seem obvious, it is important to never smoke near the tanks. At the end of the day, propane is still a flammable gas, and we want to prevent explosions. Even if your tank is off, it is safest to keep any source of ignition away from it.

Safety Tip #5: Grill Away from the House

This tip was mentioned briefly earlier, but it is deserving of another mention. When you are actively using your grill and your propane tank, make sure that you are not grilling too close to your house. Your house can be the source of a lot of different ignitions; all you need is that one spark to cause a fire. Also, you need to ensure that there is proper ventilation from all sides in order to reduce the chance of an explosion due to high pressure.

Safety Tip #6: Check for Tank Damage When Refilling

When you are refilling your propane tank, it is important to follow all instructions, including how much propane should be in the tank. Depending on the size of your propane tank, there is a limit to how much propane can fill the tank. Keep up to date on the laws to ensure safe handling of the propane tanks. Furthermore, another thing to keep in mind when refilling your propane tank is to check for damages. Never check for damages using a lighter or a match. You can use a leak-detection solution; Lawn & Leisure also has refilling services where we will check for a leak for you. You should also check for a leak every time that you disconnect and connect your propane tank.

To learn more about Lawn & Leisure’s refilling services, you can either come into the showroom or call us.

Safety Tip #7: Make Sure the Grill is Off and the Cylinder Valve is Closed When Not Using

Perhaps the most obvious safety tip, it is important to ensure that your grill is off and the cylinder valve is closed when you are not using the grill or propane tank.

A propane tank is a perfect solution to a summer of grilling and barbeque, after a long year and a half of COVID-19. Bring together your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy the outdoor breeze and weather, cooking and grilling together. Propane tanks are very safe to use, as long as you follow these seven simple steps to safe propane grilling. We, at Lawn & Leisure, want to help you go on this journey to loving your propane grill. Visit us in our showroom to figure out the best propane tank for you, to understand how to safely use it, and to learn about our propane refilling services!