Outdoor fireplace design usually focuses on the aesthetics of hearth or mantel. What about the chimney? Many famous fireplaces have chimneys that are works of architectural wonder. Maybe you would like to have one, too.

Thornbury Castle

The palatial Tudor home of King Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn, Thornbury’s impressive brick chimney is of complex design features with hideous gargoyles, latticed brickwork, and zig-zag lay patterns mixed with curves and geometric patterns. It’s dizzying to look at but truly extraordinary

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Oldest Chimney

The oldest chimneys still standing are at France’s 12th century Fontevrault Abbey. They are pencil shaped, smoothly curved, stacked stonework with pointed, conical stone chimney caps.

Tallest Chimney

The tallest chimney in the world is at a Kazakhstan coal power station and stands 1,377 feet high. A chimney this tall is the dickens to clean! But if you are looking for simplicity of style, the silhouette of a slender, graduated tube is appealing.

Non-Conforming Whimsy

If you are a fan of the unusual, Berlin’s “Das Heizhaus” chimney, created by philosopher artist, Rudolf Steiner, may inspire you. Why have a run-of-the-mill outdoor fireplace when you can top it with a chimney that makes a fascinating statement?

Cap It

If an extravagant chimney is out of your budget, you can still have affordable fireplace artistry with a chimney cap. Whimsical dragon sculptures, the glimmer of a copper topper, Abbey inspired pencil shaped chimney caps of terra cotta and wrought iron, splashes of Antoni Gaudi style colorful tile, can transform any outdoor fireplace.

Inspiration & Creativity

An outdoor fireplace serves more than function. It’s a statement of your personality and imagination with designs that are beautiful, contemplative or fascinating.

Who Does Such Work?

You don’t have to go to Europe to get the fireplace of your dreams. Skilled artisans and craftsmen are well within reach. In fact, there may already be a fireplace created just as you imagined. Please contact us or visit our showroom to discover ready-made firepits or place a special order for one of your own design