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In today’s world, we are into parties and socials, mixers with coworkers, and neighborhood get-togethers. We serve drinks at a bar, make fancy veggie skewers, and we cook BBQs in outdoor cooking stations. These social society parties always need a venue and what better place than your very own backyard? Skip the cost of renting an expensive, formal venue and allow for your house to transform into the go-to party-central of the neighborhood. Imagine all of the accolades that come with it – suddenly, you know everyone, and you are invited to more parties. These relationships can then forge into business partnerships, and boom, you’ve got successful networking.

But how exactly can you transform your house into this social entity? It initially seems really complicated; you may think you need to upgrade the kitchen, add a fancy fireplace, or redo your flooring. Honestly, it is much simpler than that. There is one basic necessity any house needs to become a social venue for neighborhood parties, professional socials, and relaxing family hangouts: an outdoor cooking station.

I know what you are thinking – well, yes, a grill can be helpful, but how can an outdoor cooking station truly transform my house? Isn’t it just adding a grill? Yes, but it is also so much more than that. Food is often the central tenet of any party or hangout. Think about it: whenever you go over to someone’s house or you invite people over to yours, it is generally surrounding a meal. Maybe you went to a dinner party last weekend, or the holiday social was dessert and cocktails. Either way, there is typically food involved. So then it would make sense that adding something as simple as an outdoor cooking station could transform your house.

By adding an outdoor cooking station, like a grill, you have suddenly created an opportunity to centralize your party around food, but outside of your house, allowing for a change in scenery. You can bring your party to the outdoors, with fresh air and neighborhood sounds, creating a picturesque party environment. Just imagine all of the beautiful pictures you can take!

Imagine your current patio, but transformed with just the simple addition of an outdoor cooking station that can work as a centralized area for people to congregate. Add in a few outdoor sofas or chairs, and you have a completed setup for hosting an outdoor party. Maybe you would like to add some lighting for evening parties or consider adding a fence. Either way, by simply adding an outdoor cooking station, you have created a brand new environment to host a get-together.

An outdoor cooking station also adds visual appeal to your patio. All environments need a central piece, a feature item, to be the central display. For most living rooms, this center display may be the fireplace. In bedrooms, it might be the bed. In an office, the feature piece might be a painting. You use this same theme when dressing for an event; maybe you have a statement tie or piece of jewelry. A central piece is the first thing people see when they walk into a room, and it is meant to grab the viewer’s attention. Generally, this piece should be an investment, but it provides you with a return on investment, as you can show off and create an impression. You have control over what the central pieces of your life are, just as you have control over an outdoor cooking station being the central visual selection for guests who come over to your house. When people walk onto your patio, you want the first thing they notice to be an outdoor cooking station, your grill, as it demonstrates what is important to you – family and friends. The simple addition of an outdoor cooking station can seriously elevate the aesthetic of your home. An outdoor cooking station makes your home seem more established.

Additionally, imagine what an outdoor cooking station can do for your family and family time! Maybe you are not a big party-hosting person, but you want to create a space for you and your family to spend quality time together. An outdoor cooking station is perfect for that purpose. Imagine – board game and grill night! That sounds like a fantastic new weekly tradition for you and your family to get back in touch with each other, especially with the increasingly isolating activities that people are into these days. Consider making it a no-phones event, where the entire family has to be in touch with each other, focusing on the “here and now”. Pull out Monopoly or a deck of cards! An outdoor cooking station can provide a perfect excuse to bring everyone to the picnic table, while someone starts the grill and grills some burgers. By transforming your patio into a space for comfort and family, you can create a space for the family to focus on family.

There are so many reasons to install an outdoor cooking station on your patio. From creating an environment for social events to creating a centerpiece for your patio, to constructing weekly family time, the simple addition of an outdoor cooking station can transform your patio and your life. Installing an outdoor cooking station is not a tremendous change to your home, but it is significant enough to make a difference. Oftentimes, these small differences are what can elevate your home to a new level.

The next step is to decide what kind of outdoor cooking station you want in your home. Luckily for you, Lawn & Leisure has excellent options for you, while providing qualified and experienced staff to help you make that decision. We also provide selections for outdoor furniture, so you can completely furnish your patio right here with us! We have been serving the NOVA community since 1982, so we have trust and experience on our side. Give us a call today to get started on elevating your patio with an outdoor cooking station!