Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. That means less sleet and snow and more beautiful, sunny days to enjoy the great outdoors. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about outdoor seating on your property. Whether you want to spice up your backyard, front yard, or side yard, there are a plethora of options of seating to choose from. Whether you want a rustic backyard barbecue vibe or a natural garden set-up to dine amongst the trees, there are many outdoor seating options to choose from that fit your style and blend in well with the rest of your home and landscaping. 

Outdoor furniture, or garden furniture, is composed of weather-resistant material such as aluminum, synthetic fiber, or wicker. In this article, we’ll show you 6 of our favorite opportunities for beautiful outdoor seating that will give your landscape the perfect touch.

  • Patio dining set

A dining set on the back or front patio is great for entertaining. On warm summer nights, you’ll be able to drink, dine, and enthrall your guests with both stylish and functional outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture lets you re-create the function of your indoor kitchen table but made with materials that can withstand weather events like rain. Outdoor seating on a deck or patio adds a charming and elegant touch to any landscaping project. There are a variety of sets available to match your needs, including furniture for small spaces, large spaces, picnic tables, or bistro tables. 

  • Around a Firepit

Invoke the warm childhood memories of sitting around and telling stories at the campfire. 

Whether you want a casual, camp-style bonfire setting or a fancier dinner setup around a stone fire pit, adding outdoor seating around a firepit allows you to stay warm while entertaining friends or family. And, you can enjoy the outdoors anytime of year, especially in Maryland when the winter chill comes in. Built-in seating, like seat walls or built-in benches against a platform, are a great option for fire pit seating that accommodates small or large groups. Wood sectionals are a very popular choice. You can also add sand or gravel around the pit for a more polished landscape. Fire pit seating breeds community– what better way to gather with your loved ones than in the comfort of your own backyard?

  • In a Garden

You don’t have to be English to enjoy a quiet cup of tea in the garden. If you enjoy the contemplative moments in life, you probably find the idea of a hearty lunch or coffee break in the garden absolutely delightful. A garden seating arrangement is a perfect set-up that allows you to smell the roses, take in the natural beauty, and harmonize with the plants and bees on your work break. Add a rustic, driftwood table and chairs for an organic look or a stone table with an attached bench for an elegant yet natural accent. Or throw in a hammock for a bohemian, nap-time vibe. And you also get to enjoy your garden outside of your gardening hours. The garden isn’t just for plowing and watering– it should also be for relaxing!

  • By the Pool

Summers are made for swimming. On blistering hot days, jumping in the pool sounds like the best idea ever. Once you take a dip, you may want to relax and lounge by the pool. In that case, you’ll need some outdoor furniture to accommodate your lazy summer afternoons. Make your backyard feel like a spa or Carribean resort by adding a set of classic chaise lounge chairs. If you prefer nuzzling your head into a book, opt for a comfortable poolside reading chair. If you can’t decide between a reading chair or a chaise chair, get a convertible chair to experience the best of both worlds. For poolside cocktails, you may choose to add a bar table and stools. If your yard is not particularly shady, you may want to also purchase some matching umbrellas to protect yourself from the harsh sun. 

  • On a Balcony 

If you have a balcony jutting out of your home’s second story, you already know you are blessed. There’s nothing more tranquil than rolling out of bed and taking in the view and the fresh air from your own private little balcony. So why not mix things up and add a few pieces of outdoor seating? Add some flair with a colorful accent chair and a small table that just begs you to go outside for your morning coffee. 

  • Beside a Tree

If you have a beautiful large tree in your front or backyard that provides shade, you will love an outdoor furniture set to accompany it. Go for subtle, rustic, earthy pieces like wicker and wooden tables and chairs that blend into the natural atmosphere. You can even add a swing from the tree– guaranteed fun for kids and adults!