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At Lawn & Leisure, the customer’s needs are everything. That’s why we built a showroom with over 16,000 square feet of floor space, so our customers can see a world of outdoor options. That’s why we have a 52,000 square foot warehouse, so our customers can leave with their purchase the same day. That’s why we offer a GUARANTEED lowest price match on all our stock, so our customers know they’re getting the best deal.

We go the extra mile because we care about our customers. We’ve served the Northern Virginia -Maryland-Washington, D.C. area for over 40 years. And so has a lot of our staff! Our expertise has helped homeowners live their best outdoor lives for decades, and we plan to keep on serving for decades to come.

It’s Worth the Drive!

Customers often say Lawn & Leisure is “worth the drive.”

Instead of renting multiple stores on expensive real estate we bought one large showroom and warehouse. This low overhead allows us to offer you:

  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed
  • Largest In Stock Selection
  • Most Experienced Staff

Competitors with multiple stores on expensive real estate cannot do this. If you are willing to drive a little today, you get more for less for years.

    Get the Most Out of Your Backyard

    You love your backyard. It’s an oasis where you can get away from it all, a venue where you can host friends and family, and the site of countless treasured family memories. It’s important to you to get the most out of your property.

    But it’s hard to tell where to get the best value. You’ve been burned by cheap alternatives in the past. That table set that looked good in the storeroom but didn’t fit quite right on your patio. The chair that faded and wilted within a year of putting it out. The grill you ordered online that fell apart and couldn’t be serviced anymore because the off-brand manufacturer stopped providing parts.

    It seems even though the modern world gives you all the choices in the world, it’s difficult to tell what’s right for you.


    “Very professional people, on time delivery, great follow up, and excellent customer service. I found a product that I wanted, contacted them, confirmed availability, best price around (even beat Amazon), purchased on the phone, and received delivery the next day (as they promised).”

    – Fred B.


    Outdoor Living for Less

    When you need to know that someone is looking out for you, come down to Lawn & Leisure. Our expert staff has been helping homeowners for decades by finding them the right patio furniture, grills and firepits for their unique circumstances.

    Our selection has to be seen to be believed. The showroom is 16,000 square feet of outdoor living excellence. And thanks to our enormous warehouse, 90 percent of what you see will be in stock and available for you to take home that day. Your patio can be furnished in just a day. If you brought a truck, you can be grilling on your new Weber for dinner tonight.

    We stand behind all of it. We live and breath outdoor living. We’ve done all the research and only stock brands we believe in. You won’t find any products that only last 5 years. Pair that with a staff that has, on average, been with us for 20 years, and you’ve got one of the best retail experiences in the DMV.

    Whatever you’re looking for, we will go out of our way to help you find it. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want. Every customer is different, and we stand out because we understand that. We have customers who have relied on us for 40 years, and we don’t take that lightly.

    “After looking on line and at local brick and mortar we took one last look online to find other business for outdoor furniture. Decided to ride out to Sterling to visit the folks at Lawn & Leisure. What a great decision we made that day. Honest, hardworking people who care about you needs and the end result. I would recommend them to any and everyone. Worth the drive.

    – Liz P.

    A History of Satisfaction

    As a family-owned business, we know the value of a community’s trust. That’s why every customer who comes through our doors can count on us to deliver:

    • The lowest price, guaranteed by our price match
    • An unparalleled selection
    • Personal attention from a knowledgeable and experienced associate
    • Immediate availability on 9 out of 10 items

    Our customers leave satisfied knowing that they didn’t get the standard, cookie-cutter retail experience. We hear out their needs and help them find what fits for them. That’s why they come back year after year. We even have room planning software that can show you how your new outdoor furniture, grill or fireplace will fit on your patio.

    And our customers avoid the pitfalls of shopping with other retailers or online outlets. Retailers who don’t specialize in outdoor living don’t know how to identify a customer’s needs or how to meet them. Our customers never find out after installation that their new gas log set can’t work with a remote. They don’t have a fading umbrella on their patio table within a couple of years because they accidentally bought a non-colorfast version.

    It’s easy to be deceived when shopping online. Some manufacturers make their living selling products that look high quality but are actually made with substandard materials. And what’s worse, a lot of online retailers don’t accept returns!

    Avoid these mistakes. Go with a retailer your neighbors have trusted since 1983.

    Erwin and Sons Oconee Sectional

    “Great selection, wonderful customer service! I was looking for patio furniture, and Jane spent hours with me explaining the different products available, how they are made, as well as fabric and frame selections. A pleasure to shop here. I will definitely be back!”

    – Judy C.

    Have a question?

    Patio Furniture

    Patio furniture has the widest range of forms and functions of any of our product lines. There are a lot of variables to consider, from size and color to water-resistance and material sturdiness.

    Homeowners who shop without a guiding hand often find out too late that what they bought doesn’t meet their needs. They end up sitting on cushions that compress into a pad within a year. They find out wicker products can’t be left out in the open like they assumed. They discover their patio can’t fit a table, chairs and a couch after they’ve already ordered all those items.

    And those homeowners pay for it in the end. When you settle for cut-rate patio furniture from a big box retailer or online outfit, it wears out quicker and you spend more to replace it more frequently. That’s why we sell patio furniture from manufacturers with long track records of quality products. Some are over 100 years old and still owned by the same family.

    Visit our showroom to learn how you can find pieces that you’ll treasure for decades. And try out our room planning software with one of our trained experts, to see how everything will fit together before you buy.



    Grill quality fluctuates more than any other outdoor living product. There’s always a mass merchant waiting to sell you a grill that will break down inside of 5 years. These are complicated machines that have to withstand a lot of stresses, so build quality is of the utmost importance.

    That’s why we only sell the highest-quality grills on the market. We don’t want to see our grill purchasers come back in the store in 3 years complaining that a key component broke and the manufacturer won’t cover it. If we sold shoddy grills, it would costs US a fortune in the long run.

    All our grills come from manufacturers whose products we can stand by. They have live customer support and warranties, sometimes up to 10 years. If you need parts, we can find the precise component based on your serial number because of their strong support systems.

    Drive to our showroom and talk to one of our many staffers. They’ll be happy to go over the capabilities of our grill lines and answer any questions you might have.

    Fire Elements

    We offer a wide variety of fire element options. From wood burning firepits to gas-burning fire tables. We sell appliances that can be installed inside or outside, in a wide range of prices.

    Along with our huge selection, our skilled staff can walk you through the process. With fire elements, having a knowledgeable guide is critical. You need to consider installation costs, operational costs, the efficiency of the fire element, what codes and clearances you’ll need, among other things.

    We stock dozens of manufacturers. We’re not held back by exclusivity contracts for our fire elements, unlike big box retailers who have to sell the house brand, no matter how poorly it performs or how inappropriate it is for a specific customer’s needs.

    So come down to Lawn & Leisure to see the best fire elements on offer and learn more about how they can beautify your indoor and outdoor spaces.



    We offer the gold-standard for propane service: refilling tanks. Rather than exchange your empty tank for a “full” one, get it pumped to its full capacity. Our staff will inspect the tanks for safety as well. We can handle RVs and any unusually sized tanks you might have.

    We can also facilitate larger jobs. Want a 100-gallon tank for your home? Our installer can help with suppliers and get permits for the project.

    Best of all, we do this at the lowest prices in the region, guaranteed!

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