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    The innovative smokeless “campfire” design that distinguishes Breeo firepits was invented in 2011 by an Amish man in Holmes County, Penn. Since then, the Breeo team has expanded that design into several styles with the goal of reviving campfire culture in the United States. They manufacture every product in their shop in Lancaster, PA.

    A Breeo firepit has a double-walled design that pushes hot air up between them. The hot air ignites a second flame above the first chamber which has far less smoke.

    The firepits are built mostly by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who uphold the company’s core values of attention to detail in all things. Breeo firepits are all handmade.

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  • regency fireplace products

    Regency strives to be a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of hearth products. Every day each of us employs EXCITE™ (Exercising Continuous Improvement Towards Excellence)* in all of our processes assuring we are meeting the needs of our customers. We believe in the four cornerstones of great fireplace products: high quality, good value, clean burning efficiency, and beautiful aesthetics.

    We achieve our mission through our corporate values:

    • Ensure every item is crafted with care and comes out of manufacturing at its best
    • Provide the highest level of customer support in the industry
    • Partner with customers and suppliers to develop quality products and markets
    • Honesty and fair dealing with customers, suppliers, employees, and governments

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  • rhpeterson

    We know what makes the RH Peterson Co. great — PEOPLE!

    There is immense pride in knowing that, in over half a century of manufacturing superb products, our company’s business partnerships are stronger than ever. And, the personal friendships these years have produced are very special.

    With a respectful nod to both Bob Peterson, whose engineering genius ignited Peterson Gas Logs, and Fire Magic’s Harold Keck, who instinctively knew America would want to move entertaining and cooking outdoors. Both provided innovative leadership for us.

    The management of this company remains committed to a team system of outstanding representatives, distributors and dealers. We listen to them. Many of these partners have been instrumental in product enhancements over the years.

    Families who enjoy welcoming hearths and the perfectly grilled barbecue meals, will continue to be the focus of the RH Peterson Co. We strive for the highest integrity and continue to be a responsible corporate member of our community.

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  • hearthstone

    We have been making the best stoves on the market for 35 years now and certainly have something for you! With the best line of wood, gas and pellet stoves available, Hearthstone has a product to warm your family, save you money and meet your needs.

    Hearthstone Stoves are made by people who take great pride in their work. Each and every Hearthstone stove is hand crafted to the highest standards. The materials used are the finest, strongest and most durable available. We combine time-tested craftsmanship and materials with the latest heating technology to ensure our stoves are clean-burning and efficient. We take great pride in the fact that our own environmental standards exceed even the strictest EPA guidelines. Our commitment to efficiency translates to lowering your heating costs while keeping your home warm and cozy.

    The Hearthstone brand is an assurance – a guarantee that your appliance is built in the rich tradition of our company, and will serve you faithfully for years to come. A Hearthstone stove represents not only the latest in aesthetic advances, but also the utmost in powerful heating technology. It’s this integrity that gives Hearthstone Stoves their unmatched appeal, and has for over 35 years.

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Outdoor Fireplace Brands

Lawn & Leisure have a team of fireplace professionals. For over thirty years, we've delivered and installed countless fireplaces in the DC area.

From wood burners to custom screens and doors, we can handle them all. If you want an enjoyable buying experience, it makes sense to talk to Lawn & Leisure today. Here is some information on the leading outdoor fireplace brands that we sell:


One of the world's leading fireplace brands is, without a doubt, Regency! They place great emphasis on crafting high-quality products that meet the needs of users.

The company is proud of the fact that their fireplaces are all designed and built in North America. They boast a state of the art facility that covers more than 240,000 Sq. Ft. of area. At each stage of the process, their fireplaces get inspected and signed off before work can carry on.

Regency is also proud of their green credentials. The firm states that their wood stoves and inserts have EPA certification. They say it's down to the design of the firebox. Airflow around the wood burns completely and results in little ash. Regency also says their fireplaces create few pollutants in the environment. That's because of small amounts of smoke entering the atmosphere.

Regency's products are available to buy and get installed from Lawn & Leisure. The following outdoor fireplace products are on offer the Regency's current range:

  • Horizon HZO42 - 44,500 BTU;
  • Plateau PTO30 - 50,000 BTU;
  • Plateau PTO60 - 100,000 BTU;
  • Plateau PTO30CFT - 50,000 BTU;
  • Plateau PTO28CIT - 35,000 BTU;
  • Plateau PTO30IST - 50,000 BTU; and
  • Plateau PTO30CKT - 50,000 BTU.

The Regency fireplace collection incorporates stylish products suitable for any modern outdoor living space. It doesn't matter if you want to create a tranquil retreat or a lively feature. You can be sure that you'll find a Regency fireplace to suit your needs!

RH Peterson Co.

When it comes to building outdoor fireplaces, the RH Peterson company know a thing or two! Over half a century of skill, expertise, and design technology helped the firm be where it is today. They are proud to get associated with brands such as American Fyre Designs and Real Fyre Gas Logs.

What makes RH Peterson unique is they have a close working relationship with the industry. They listen to what their partners say, and what consumers want. And that's why they are a brand synonymous with quality and perfection.

Fireplaces are, without a doubt, one of the company's specialties. Here at Lawn & Leisure, we stock the current range of American Fyre Designs products.

For example, there is the Cordova. It offers clean, straight lines and looks stunning. Built from glass-fiber reinforced concrete, there is plenty of choice with the Cordova. That's because it's available in many different colors and textures. You can also buy a "Petite" version too if space is at a premium outside your home.

If you want a fireplace that will make a bigger impact, why not consider the Grand Phoenix? It has an extended bullnose hearth that compliments the arched firebox opening. It also features a prominent, slanting chimney. You can use natural gas or propane to fuel this fireplace.

Contact Lawn & Leisure today to discuss your fireplace needs. We’ll help you choose the best one for your home and budget. And we can also deliver and install it for you too!

Hearthstone Stoves

Another leading brand in the outdoor fireplace market is Hearthstone Stoves. They boast experience in the industry for over 35 years, for a start. They also have a team of talented employees that take great pride in their work.

Unlike some brands, each Hearthstone stove gets handcrafted with love in the United States. What makes them unique is they blend their expertise with today's modern technologies. The result? They can build stoves that even exceed EPA requirements! That means you end up with a stove that is efficient, looks brilliant and keeps you warm outdoors.

One of the keys to their success lies in their use of soapstone. That's because it's a natural material that is good at keeping in heat. Of course, when you're running an outdoor stove, that's what you need!

The Hearthstone range comprises of three types of stove: wood, gas and pellet. Lawn & Leisure can go through the different options with you so that you choose the right one for your needs. Each stove comes in a choice of finishes, colors, and side loading door options.

It's no secret that Hearthstone offer a plethora of stoves. That means it's possible to choose one for almost any needs!


The very early prototype of the Smoke Less campfire was developed by an Amish gentleman in Holmes County, Ohio in 2011. The team at Breeo LLC continues to support that heritage of work ethic, living simply and caring about the little things in life. We have taken the original Smoke Less idea and applied it to multiple styles of fire pits. We manufacture in our own shop in Lancaster, PA.

Breeo has a goal of reviving the campfire culture in North America. Over the last decade or two, gas logs and other alternatives have gained in popularity due to their convenience. We here at Breeo feel that nothing can replace the ambiance and warmth of a real wood fire. Almost everyone can remember fond campfire memories with family and friends, roasting hotdogs, singing campfire songs, and talking late into the night.