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  • american outdoor grill

    American Outdoor Grills are manufactured in the City of Industry, CA by the RH Peterson Co.   The RH Peterson Co. has been the premiere manufacturer of quality gas products since 1949.  Our other product lines include, Fire Magic Grills, Real Fyre gas logs and American Fyre Designs.

    American Outdoor Grills are made with a stylish sleek appearance. The rounded hood and contoured face feature a satin finish that enhances any outdoor kitchen. The AOG grill is constructed from the finest commercial-grade stainless steel and features a large cooking surface with stainless steel rod cooking grids and sleek analog thermometer for precision grilling. With its recessed backburner, warming rack, spit rod and motor, the American Outdoor Grill allows you to create any meal outdoors.

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  • Big-Green-Egg


    The Big Green Egg is a modern-day evolution of the ancient cookers. Its design is modeled on the clay cooking vessels first seen during the Chinese Qin Dynasty and then used by the Japanese beginning in the 3rd century.

    American serviceman and entrepreneur Ed Fisher was one of those guys who discovered the domed clay cooker while overseas. He was amazed at how much better food cooked by this method tasted, and he began to import them for his friends and associates. When Ed Fisher first opened the Big Green Egg store in Atlanta in 1974, he sold a simple cooking device made of fire-clay, which was based on the same design and materials that had been used for thousands of years.

    So, having now become committed to developing a company to produce and market these amazing cookers, Ed set out to make the best one ever created. His efforts gained notice as he refined the composition of the ceramics and aligned the Big Green Egg Company with a state-of-the-art factory to manufacture his products in the hands of skilled ceramic artisans. The result was a far superior cooker that is stronger, more durable and provides better heat insulation than anything else on the market, a distinction the Big Green Egg holds today.

    Big Green Egg is now the world’s largest producer and international distributor of the highest-quality ceramic cooking system. From Ed’s original Big Green Egg, the company has grown to include seven sizes of the EGG, and hundreds of accessories and related products designed to make cooking just about anything on a Big Green Egg fun and entertaining.

    Often copied, but never equaled, the Big Green Egg truly is the Ultimate Cooking Experience®!

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  • DCS


    DCS is the high-performance cooking brand that pioneered a new category of professional cooking products for the home in the late 1980s. DCS products are powerful, distinctive and built to last. Their difference is in their simplicity. DCS products are built for professional chefs who want the same kind of equipment that they use at work and for people who want to use professional grade cooking products at home.

    The Fisher & Paykel heritage dates back to 1934 where we started as a small company manufacturing designs under license. The brand incorporates the world's most innovative technologies driven from a passion to produce the most technically advanced, efficient and contemporary styled appliances. Pioneers of the world's first drawer dishwasher - Dishdrawer - we continue to pave the way for appliance innovation to inspire creative living. The heritage of our DCS by Fisher & Paykel brand began in the late 1980's as the country's leading engineers and designers created the first line of high-end commercial quality appliances. Recognizing the desire for home chefs to master restaurant culinary cooking, DCS expanded to pioneer both indoor and outdoor kitchen solutions for the at home chef to not only cook like a professional but live deliciously.

    Over the past 76 years the company has expanded into a global manufacturer with factories on four continents employing over 3300 people with sales in over 60 countries totaling a turnover of over $1Billion.

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  • fire magic grills

    More than 75 years ago Fire Magic founder Harold Keck had a vision of what modern outdoor entertaining could be. That vision launched an entirely new approach to the backyard barbeque. His engineering brilliance and passion for delivering products that meet the needs of the most demanding customer is still the driving force behind everything we build. And since Mr. Keck’s original vision came to life back in 1937, making the world’s absolute best outdoor cooking equipment is all we’ve ever done.

    Every Fire Magic product is manufactured in our US production facility. Only the highest quality materials are used – engineered and built to the strictest safety standards and the highest performance metrics. Our manufacturing process has all the advantages of state-of-the-art robotics, guided by the watchful eye and careful hand of master craftsmen. We continually invest in the latest technology to maintain our commitment to excellence. We also continually invest in our people – the core of everything we are and everything we do. It’s as true today as it was in 1937.


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  • Napoleon

    It all began in 1976 when a small steel fabrication business launched by Wolfgang Schroeter started manufacturing steel railings in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. At that time, no one could imagine the incredible future that lay ahead for Wolf Steel Ltd.

    Since the first wood stove rolled off the production line over 30 years ago, Wolf Steel’s commitment was to be distinctive and successful in everything they do. The original stove featured a solid cast iron two-door design and was produced in a one thousand square foot manufacturing facility. By 1981, the name “Napoleon®” was born and with it, the first single glass door with Pyroceram high temperature ceramic glass—a first in the industry. 

    Napoleon® is an ISO9001 – 2008 registered company and operates with 1,200,000+ square feet of manufacturing space and over 1000 employees. We are North America’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality wood and gas fireplaces (inserts and stoves), gourmet gas and charcoal grills, outdoor living products and heating & cooling products. The only gas furnaces made in Canada.

    Napoleon’s commitment to producing quality products combined with honest, reliable service has proven to be a successful framework to ensuring the continued rapid growth of the company.

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  • The-Holland-Grill


    Over two decades ago in a welding shop in North Carolina, Brad Holland changed grilling forever. As with all grills, Brad struggled with the problem of flare-up and how to keep food from catching fire. After twelve years of hard work and extensive testing Brad solved the problem. Grilling enthusiasts and professional caterers have been enjoying the "Holland System" in backyards, on patios, in campgrounds and tailgate parties since 1988.

    The "Holland System" is a patented, ingenious system of heat control guards and a drip pan that prevent flare-ups. Simply close the lid and cook by time. Flare-ups have been virtually eliminated, and best of all, it's guaranteed! Grill, steam, or smoke on your new Holland today!

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  • Weber


    In 1952 George Stephen Sr. was working at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, Illinois, manufacturing marine buoys when he came up with an idea for a better grill. His invention: a dome-shaped grill with a lid to protect food from the elements, while sealing in that only-from-the-grill barbecue flavor.

    George Stephen cut a buoy in half, added some air vents and legs and, in the process, invented the grill that would spark a backyard revolution.

    What started out as passion for George 60 years ago has evolved into a grilling revolution that has spread across the world. Today Weber® grills are sold in more than 72 countries, and people all across the globe are having fun with their Weber grills.

    Just like in 1952, Weber manufacturing is headquartered in America, with factories in Palatine and Huntley, Illinois.

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Outdoor Grill Brands

Our fireplace professionals give expert advice and can taylor the right equipment to your individual needs. From custom screens and doors to gas and wood burning products of all types we help you make the best choice.

  • We offer assembly and delivery of the largest selection of gas and charcoal grills in the DC area.
  • We offer assembly and delivery of the largest selection of patio furniture in the DC area.

If you need help choosing the right outdoor grills for your home, Lawn & Leisure are here for you! We've been serving customers in the greater DC area for more than thirty years. And, our experience and expertise is second to none.

Over the years, we have refined our product offering and can make available some of the best brands. Find out more about the following eight brands that have become hits with our customers:

American Outdoor Grills

It's likely that you'll have heard of the American Outdoor Grills brand in the past. Since 1949, the name has become synonymous with quality gas products.

AOG offer a line of four distinct outdoor grills. We have to agree with them when they say their grills will both meet your needs and exceed them! The current lineup is as follows:

  • The Built-In Collection - a selection of grills to complement your custom outdoor kitchen;
  • The Portable Collection - perfect for those that seek flexibility with their outdoor grills; and
  • The Post Model Collection - ideal for people where outdoor space is at a premium.

Big Green Egg

The company got formed after its founder, Ed Fisher, got inspiration from the Far East. The former serviceman sold his first product back in 1974: a simple device made of fire-clay.

In a nutshell, the "Big Green Egg" is a domed clay cooker with a slatted cooking grid. A simple yet ingenious design, the Big Green Egg became an almost overnight success!

Today's American-design but Eastern-inspired Big Green Egg is available in a range of sizes. From mini to XXL, it's possible to find one suitable for your needs. Our team of experts here at Lawn & Leisure will help you to pick the right one.

DCS by Fisher & Paykel

The DCS brand started life back in the 1980s. It got created by a team of leading designers and engineers with one common goal. They wanted to build a line of high-end, high-quality appliances.

They also wanted to build products aimed at the home chef that wants to cook like a pro.
A collection of traditional and liberty outdoor grills are available from the DCS brand. Lawn & Leisure can provide the latest and greatest models, and talk you through the options.

Fire Magic Grills

A brand to come out of American Outdoor Grills is Fire Magic Grills. They are a line of products for discerning cooks. There are four collections in the Fire Magic Grills range:

  • Echelon Diamond - for people that demand only the finest of outdoor grills;
  • Aurora - mid-range grills that offer the perfect blend of performance and craftsmanship;
  • Choice, Legacy and Electric - perfect for those that are budget-conscious; and
  • Charcoal and Smoker - high-performance charcoal grills.

Napoleon Outdoor Grills

The company dates back to 1976 where it got founded as a small steel fabrication business. The Canadian firm has since come on leaps and bounds and is now a popular brand of outdoor grills.

Their aim is to produce grills that are functional and stylish. They also want to ensure people can have access to an outdoor kitchen grilling experience in one unit.

Today, there are several collections within the brand. For example, the Prestige PRO offers a functional work of art! And the LEX gas grills offer high performance at a low price.

Primo Grills and Smokers

The Primo story dates back to 1986 when the founder, George Samaras, discovered a niche in the market. He saw what great results a Kamado cooker gave when he used the one his father-in-law owned. George wanted to set up a distributorship in his native Greece to sell them but wasn't given the approval to do so.

Undeterred, he spent several years researching and developing his own design. Many years later, the Primo brand is now one of the best in the USA and beyond! They offer a range of ceramic cookers, available to buy through Lawn & Leisure.

The Holland Grill

Over two decades ago, Brad Holland came up with a grill design to prevent flare-up. He knew he was onto a winner because outdoor chefs often complained of food catching fire.

He has patented the "Holland System", a design that comprises heat control guards and a drip pan. Speak to Lawn & Leisure today to find out about the different Holland grills available to buy.

Weber Grills

Over 50 years ago, the people behind Weber Grills had one goal in mind. They wanted to find out how to cook a better steak!

Their innovative grill designs include Flavorizer Bars, something the firm invented themselves. They even make it easy to cook in the dark, thanks to handles with built-in lights!