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Summer weather naturally welcomes the beloved summer grilling routine! If you are interested in grilling, you will start asking questions about your ideal grill. We often think bigger is better, but for grilling that is not economical especially if you only grill for a small family. Similarly it is important to know what food you tend to grill, as hot dogs are easy for a small grill but ribs take up a lot of space. Also it is significant to consider how much space you have for a grill, again bigger is not always better and a large grill can take up too much of your precious homespace. It is also good to pick a grill within your budget, as grills can get expensive. If you are a novice it is best to buy something affordable. Final questions when picking out your grill are to know what type of grilling features you like and if you want any accessories for your grill! 

Small Grills

Small grills are a good option for those interested in grilling and are just starting it as a hobby. Small grills typically have 400 square inches of cooking surface and are 22-26 inches wide. These grills tend to have 3-4 burners. They old about 18 or less burger patties and are also useful for cooking other small dishes like hot dogs. These grills tend to be the least expensive.

As their name suggests, these grills are small and are useful for those without a lot of storage space. Small grills simply offer their services without many accessories compared to their larger counterparts, but they are useful for small families, friend groups, and snacks. 

Medium Grills

If you are thinking about getting a medium-sized grill, you are in good company, as they are the most popular size. Medium grills have around 520 square inches of cooking space and are around 27-33 inches wide. They have 3-4 burners and hold around 18-29 burger patties.

Medium-sized grills have more accessories compared to their smaller counterparts such as increased storage, cooking with indirect heat, and heat zones. These grills tend to vary in cost depending on brand, materials or construction. They are great for more advanced grillers who cook a variety of different foods and have a larger family! Medium grills are versatile and are the most popular grill for obvious reasons. 

Large Grills

Large grills are for those who live to grill! These grills are over 520 square inches and are 34 inches wide or larger. They have around 4-8 burners and they hold 28 or more burgers while grilling. Due to their large size, these grills offer a lot of storage space and a range of other cooking features. Large grills have the obvious downside of being difficult to store and are only recommended if you regularly have large grilling parties. Also these grills are the most expensive. Large grills are for those who truly enjoy grilling and provide the best food at the party! 

While there is nothing wrong with a large grill, it is not the best choice for an average or even novice griller. Large grills are the most expensive type of grill, so they are not an affordable hobby item. Similarly they take up a lot of space, so again not ideal for someone with limited space.

If you own a grill, it is important to keep your grill away from your house, as a grill too close to your home is a fire safety violation. A large grill needs more space between the grill and your home. Therefore it is not always ideal to have one. Each size of grill has their pros and cons and it makes it understandable why medium sized grills are so popular.

Stick to the Budget

Similarly when choosing your grill, and most decisions, is to keep your grill within your budget. Grills are fun but it is important to be practical when picking out one. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a grill you only used for a few times. Again this is important with the proper size and quality of your grill.

What Are You Cooking?

An important aspect when choosing your grill is to know what food you plan to cook and decide what type of grill is best to use. Medium and large sized grills offer a variety of functions such as rotisseries, smoker box and side burners. These are useful functions if you like to cook rotisserie-style meats, add a delicious smoky flavor, or make some side dishes and sauces. If you plan to make full course meals, you should inspect what features will best suit the dishes you plan to make! 

Ready for Summer

Grilling is a great way to prepare food for your guests and enjoy the lovely summer weather. However it is important for you to understand what type of grill best suits your needs. Small grills are useful for burgers and perfect for a small family without much yard space. A medium grill is a classic choice for an experienced griller and it offers a lot of features without the expenses and size problems. A large grill is a choice for the truly passionate grillers who love to serve their guests some great food! Grill size is important when considering what is affordable and easy to use within your home. 

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