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The summer is the perfect time to utilize your grill as often as possible. The pleasant weather turns your grill into useable outdoor space.  Practice caution and remember these tips below to ensure your fun time doesn’t result in any accidents.

Gas grilling is a great way to get outside, enjoy some time with family or friends, and share the experience over some delicious food. However, while you may get used to the grilling process very quickly, you should not let this allow you to stray from important safety measures for handling propane tanks.

Keep It Away from Heavy Traffic

In order to store propane for Grills safely, you want it to be far away from regular traffic. Having a propane tank fall on its side creates a potential puncture risk, which is exactly what you want to avoid as it can lead to an extremely dangerous outcome when handled improperly.

<h2″>Upright and on a Flat Surface

While a propane tank can be stored on its side, you are best off keeping it upright to avoid worrying about the position of the relief valve. An effective and safe surface to store a propane tank on is concrete, which is a better option than limestone, tile, brick, mortar, and flagstone

Do Not Store Inside

Since propane is extremely flammable, the last thing you want is for it to be inside, which is where it is the most dangerous it can be on your property. Keeping it away from the home is ideal as you do not want a punctured propane tank causing your entire house to catch on fire.

Away from Heat Sources

It is important not to store the propane anywhere near a heat source because this may lead to the eventual release of the fuel inside due to the pressure relief valve opening.

Keep Watch for Propane Smell

If you can smell the propane while it has been sitting in your backyard safely, it is likely that the propane has a leak, which is extremely dangerous to try resolving on your own. In this situation, your first and only option should be calling the fire department to get it looked at by qualified professionals.

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* Propane tanks can be dangerous if these tis for use and storage are not followed.  Practice these methods to ensure safety.