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3 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Deck Furniture This Winter | Chantilly VA

3eba7b56-a826-4e40-d068-788df3d3a93f-thumbWith the chilly weather ahead this winter, it’s likely that you won’t be spending as much time enjoying your patio. While you may not be outside a lot, it’s still important that you take care of your deck furniture so that it’s in good shape come spring. Luckily, caring for your furniture is very simple if you set aside time to get it ready before the temperature begins to dip.

Invest in Weatherproof Covers

The easiest way to prevent damage to your patio furniture is through investing in weatherproof covers. When buying covers for your furniture, you’ll want to make sure to opt for durable materials and that the cover will tightly fit the pieces. The cover needs to leave no openings, allowing your furniture to be secure underneath.

Move Your Furniture Into Storage

Another good way to ensure that your deck furniture will stay in good shape is through removing it from the deck. Snow and rain can cause significant damage  to your furniture, so it may be a viable option to move it to your garage or a shed.

Make Any Repairs Before Spring

If you use your patio often during the spring and summer, it’s likely that it’s been damaged due to regular use. Repainting your furniture and taking care of any scratches or dents can ensure that you restore the condition of your furniture so that it continues looking its best.

After purchasing furniture for your deck, it’s vital that you take the time to care for it through all four seasons. Contact us for more helpful tips for maintaining your deck furniture in the years to come.

Written by : Jane Rother