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Outdoor Fireplaces.jpgMany of us love the warmth and comfort of a fire on a cool winter night — sitting inside, cozy and content while the thermometer outside creeps ever lower. However, outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular.

There is something very romantic about the idea of outdoor fireplaces — they provide for late nights in the backyard or on the patio snuggled up with your significant other, roasting s'mores over the bonfire with the kids, and opportunities for soirees hosted at your home with close friends or good neighbors. These are the top 11 reasons why you need to include an outdoor fireplace in your home decor.

Outdoor Fireplaces Create ‘Living Spaces’ in Backyards or Patios

Fireplaces exude warmth; not just physically but metaphorically too. Having a hearth on your patio or outdoor entertaining area gives your yard a friendly, inviting feeling typically only found in indoor living spaces.

Outdoor Fireplaces Let You Entertain in the Winter

Summer is the perfect time to have company. Everyone heads outside to lounge next to the pool, in the shade of green trees or under a patio awning. But when the weather gets cooler people tend to stay inside, which can keep you from having friends and family over as often as you like. Enjoying a nice evening outside is still a viable option when you have an outdoor fireplace to keep you and your guests warm and toasty.

Kids (and their Friends) Love Outdoor Fireplaces

If you have children, having other kids or teens around might be a common occurrence at your home. They love to watch movies or play video games, but when it’s your turn to use the remote they might be hard-put to find a way to keep themselves amused. Send your kiddos, and their friends, outside to sit and talk around the fire. Teens might sing, play games or just talk and laugh, and the younger ones will have a great time roasting marshmallows or telling each other ghost stories. Be sure an adult is always nearby to monitor the fire and keep everything safe.

Outdoor Fireplaces are Easy to Maintain

If you’re going to get the most out of your outdoor fireplace, you’ll need to keep in it good working order. Taking care of an outdoor fireplace is somewhat different than maintaining an indoor one, which is why we would like to offer you these easy tips.

Outdoor fireplaces need to be cleaned at least annually just like indoor units do. You should have a professional chimney sweep clean out the chimney and flue in order to remove creosote that could lead to fires. You may also want to check your chimney from time to time for debris such as tree limbs that might get inside of it after a heavy storm.

When your fireplace is not being used, be sure to cover the front of it. This is important for a number of reasons including:

  • Prevents children or animals from getting inside the fire box
  • Reduces the odds that embers will blow out of the fireplace and start a fire
  • Keeps ashes from blowing around and getting on outdoor furniture or fixtures

You’ll need to remove ashes from your fireplace on a regular basis, and this is done in the same manner as with an indoor fireplace. Be sure all embers are completely out before you remove ashes, or better yet, douse them with some water before disposing of them.

Outdoor fireplaces can get a little dingy over the winter. As a result, you may want to have the outside of your fireplace pressure washed each spring. After spraying down the outside, scrub the inside of the firebox with a stiff bristled brush to remove any caked on debris that might be stuck to it.

With Outdoor Fireplaces Comes Outdoor Furniture

You can't have one without the other. If you are diving in and getting yourself an outdoor fireplace, then you should complete it with that posh outdoor sofa you had your eye on for months. This will provide for warmth on a chilly spring night as well as optimum comfort.

Outdoor Fireplaces Add Definition

If you are looking into improving the design of your outdoor area, you may want to go with a fireplace. This could be the focal point of your outdoor living space. You can then begin to add around it and have an easier time decorating than you thought. 

A Little Bit of Warmth Goes a Long Way

Outdoor fireplaces won't just provide warmth because fire is literally hot, but because they will add to the ambiance of homes. They make your space very inviting for multiple gatherings, family events, and social soirees. An outdoor fireplace can make your home the center of camaraderie.

Additional Entertainment Space

One of the best reasons to consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard is due to their functionality, particularly when throwing a party. When entertaining a group of guests, an outdoor fireplace provides a focal point in one’s yard that can act as an additional space for people to gather and converse.

Outdoor Fireplaces are Great Investments

Not only do outdoor fireplaces add great functionality to one’s backyard, but they also prove to be great investments due to the way in which they can increase the saleability of homes. Should you ever decide to sell your home, an outdoor fireplace can make a great selling point as it can make your outdoor space seem more attractive and functional. Furthermore, it can make your house seem unique and memorable to potential buyers who will have likely seen a great number of houses.

The key, as with a lot of home investments, is location. Do not underestimate the location of your fireplace to make all the difference. For instance, a major mistake that should be avoided at all costs is placing an outdoor fireplace where the wind will cause problems on a consistent basis. It is ideal to use the fireplace in an advantageous way to prevent the wind from becoming an issue, which is not only important for convenience, but for safety, as well. Flying embers can cause injury to people outside, or it can start a fire.

Additionally, you should take the overall style of your home and backyard before deciding. An inexpensive installation can be done by using stucco, which is great for those that are looking for a budget fireplace. It is a rather versatile option as it comes in various colors and can provide a classic look to almost any outdoor area. However, you should also consider the benefits of materials like brick, stone, and concrete.

Fun Outdoor Cooking

An outdoor fireplace can also provide a fun location for outdoor barbecuing during the summer months. You could use your fireplace to make dinner a fun grilling activity by getting the whole family involved. Start off by having everyone roast their own hotdog on a stick over the fire, then end the night with delicious s'mores. Later in the summer, you could move on to getting your family involved in employing more complicated fire cooking techniques. Getting the whole family into cooking this way can make your outdoor fireplace a fun and functional addition to your backyard.

Safe options

If safety is a major concern, you should try to avoid a wood burning fireplace. It is a risk, even though it may be a small one, and this means a gas-fueled fireplace is ideal. While both options are worthwhile, you should consider the necessary requirements that come with each type of fuel. Wood fireplaces are tougher to get licensing for because of the smoke. As for gas fireplaces, a pipeline has to be installed before this kind of fireplace can work, but it is important to consider that this option is smoke-free.

Outdoor fireplaces make great additions to any backyard due to the way they can improve the look and usability of your entire backyard. Contact us to find out about more of the benefits that adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard can provide.

impress guests with a unique outdoor fireplace

The holiday entertaining season is just around the corner, and you still have time to add a statement piece to your back yard to impress guests coming from near and far.

Whether your holiday entertaining entails a large group of family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner, a few friends from the office for an intimate holiday evening or an extended family stay during the winter school break, you are sure to impress you guests with a unique outdoor fireplace.

Our designers can assist you in creating an outdoor fireplace that fits with your home and back yard landscaping, but also one that can be a signature piece that guests will marvel at while they gather around on cold winter days and evenings.

Here are 5 unique materials you could consider working into your design to make your fireplace one of a kind:

Clinker Bricks

Clinker bricks are those that were miscolored or misshapen during the baking process and therefore were considered worthless at the time. But during the 1920s, the Arts and Crafts design movement discovered these tossed-aside bricks and incorporated them into designs that spoke out against the soulless, machine-made uniformity that had come about with the Industrial Revolution.

Their unusual curves, broken corners, trapezoid shapes and more break up the traditional lines of a solid brick fireplace, drawing your guests close to examine each brick for its unique nature.

While the heart of the Arts and Crafts movement was centered in California, it also gained a strong foothold on the East Coast and was woven into many great Tudor-style, Eastern homes.

Clinker bricks can be found in the lighter orange color of the California style, the deep reds of the Tudor homes and in the muted mix of orange, red, pink and purple that calls to mind the ancient Tuscany style from Italy.


A less radical but still unique option would be reclaimed firebricks, which are the bricks that have been removed from kilns in the old brickyards. These bricks were made to withstand the extreme heat of repeated firings, but have taken on a variety of colors over the years from exposure to so many firings.

The firebricks also come in nontraditional sizes, which will give your fireplace a different look that will have guests wondering where your bricks came from.

Poured Concrete

If the antique look of bricks is not to your appeal, consider the sleek, modern look of poured concrete. A tower of poured concrete can stand in stark contrast to your greener landscape and complement a modern home design. Large concrete tiles are another option to create a similar look.


Bring a Spanish or Southwestern flavor to your back yard with a stucco fireplace, which also can combine with modern or antique bricks to provide a lovely contrast of colors. A tiled mantel or hearth also can add accent to the fireplace to create interest or make it coordinate with the design colors of your home.

Wooden It Be Lovely

Don't be afraid to add a little or a lot of wood design into your fireplace scheme. Wood doesn't have to be limited to a thick-beamed mantel. You can incorporate many wood features, including with exotic woods, around your fireplace to create a true outdoor environment.

With the right wood accents, you can mimic a Colorado cabin feel, a Swiss chalet or a Japanese Zen garden.

Whatever idea you have to construct a unique fireplace that will wow your holiday visitors can be accomplished with our professional design staff. Contact us today to get started with planning so your outdoor fireplace can be up and burning in time for the holidays.

fireplaces 11Enjoying a fire in one’s fireplace can be an extremely relaxing experience; however, you may not always want to be relegated to the indoors when enjoying a fire. This is where having an outdoor fireplace can be beneficial, as it can create an oasis that allows you to feel as though you are on vacation in your own backyard. Giving you the ability to enjoy a fire under the stars on a summer night is just one of the many benefits an outdoor fireplace can provide you with. Here are a few of the additional reasons why you should consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Makes Your Backyard Useable

Many homeowners feel as if their backyard is an unusable, barren space. However, this seemingly dysfunctional space can be transformed through the addition of an outdoor fireplace. Your previously unused property can now be a place for you, your family, and your friends to relax and spend time together. This will not only make your yard more functional, but it will also make it look more beautiful and improve the way you perceive your home. Furthermore, by adding to the look, style, and functionality of your backyard, you can actually increase your home’s value and salability.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Extends the Season

For many people, the onset of colder weather means the end of outdoor entertaining. Furthermore, this can mean more overall time spent indoors. However, an outdoor fireplace can help to extend your outdoor season throughout a greater portion of the year, as the fire will provide you with the heat necessary to keep you warm on cold days/nights. Simply snuggle up by the fire with a blanket and some marshmallows, and what would have previously been another cold night night trapped indoors can now be a fun night spent outside.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Keeps the Bugs Away

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard can also increase the functionality of your yard during the summer. While backyard barbeques and parties are the highlight of many people’s summers, these gatherings can be ruined by an invasion of insects. Mosquitos in particular can put a quick end to any backyard gathering. However, an outdoor fireplace can actually help to keep insects away. Lighting a fire will create smoke that can help to keep insects at bay and away from your guests. In Conjunction with strategically placed citronella candles, an outdoor fireplace can be the savior of your summer season.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Adds Entertainment Space

Finally, the addition of a fireplace will provide additional entertainment space in your home for when you have large parties. Many homeowners do not have the space within their home to entertain all the guests they would like to invite to their gatherings. However, with the addition of an outdoor fireplace to your backyard, a new focal point will be created for people to gather around that will encourage the party to overflow from within your home to your backyard. In fact, when set up with inviting seating, and an already roaring fire, as well as the supplies to roast marshmallows, you will likely find that your backyard soon becomes party central.

The warm and cozy experience of lounging next to a fire does not have to limited to inside one’s home. Having an outdoor fireplace installed in your yard can bring you this experience while allowing you to enjoy time outside with your friends and family. While we have touched upon a few of the reasons why you should consider an outdoor fireplace for your home, there are many more benefits of doing so. Contact us to find out about more of the benefits of having an outdoor fireplace, as well as to find out about having one built in your yard.


fireplaces 39

Winter approaching fast means that, for many people, the season of outdoor parties and entertainment will be coming to an end. This can restrain one’s ability to entertain, particularly large groups of people, as indoor space may not be enough for your usual group of party guests. However, adding certain amenities to your outdoor entertainment space can help to create a warm atmosphere you will be able to enjoy year-round. One of the best additions to start with is an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect addition to enhance your backyard parties no matter the season. Here are just a few of the benefits adding an outdoor fireplace can supply you and your family with.

Provides Entertainment Space

It cannot be underestimated how beneficial an outdoor fireplace can be when entertaining, as it can create a focal point around which people can congregate and interact. Whether it be summer or winter, your outdoor fireplace will be the perfect, cozy spot for people to gather to roast marshmallows, cook hot dogs, play charades, and simply relax. You may be surprised by the number of memories you create and share around your outdoor fireplace.

Extend the Outdoor Season

While we previously mentioned that outdoor fireplaces can create enough warmth to extend the outdoor entertaining season, they can also allow you and your family to enjoy some quality time outdoors no matter the weather. The fact is that many people start to feel cooped up and stifled during winter, as the cold temperatures outside force them to spend more time indoors. Outdoor fireplaces, in conjunction with outdoor heaters, can warm up your patio or backyard enough to allow you to escape being confined indoors without freezing.

Increase Your Home’s Value

The addition of an outdoor fireplace to your home can greatly increase its resale value. Maximizing your home’s outdoor living space can help to improve your home’s resale value by making it more marketable to potential buyers. Furthermore, outdoor entertainment spaces will make your home more salable, as they will cause your home to stand out to buyers. Additionally, these outdoor entertainment spaces can help prospective buyers to imagine how they would use their new home, which can lead them to purchase your home.

Safety, Convenience, and Ambiance

Big backyard bonfires can create a fun atmosphere and ambiance on a clear, starry night. However, they may not be the most realistic, safe, or legal option if they are not properly contained. As much as you may like to, you cannot simply build a fire in your yard without a proper fire pit or outdoor fireplace. This is where having a dedicated fireplace in your backyard can come in handy. Whenever you feel like throwing a backyard bonfire, your fireplace will be there to welcome the fun, while simultaneously keeping the fun safe and contained. Furthermore, a beautifully designed fireplace will create a cozy, environment and ambiance for you to enjoy.

Just because the cold months are going to soon be upon us does not mean you have to give up spending time, and entertaining, outdoors. The addition of an outdoor fireplace can warm up your backyard enough to keep the party going all year long. This can be particularly beneficial for homeowners who do not have enough indoor space to entertain all of their guests, as an outdoor fireplace can allow the party to spill out of their home. However, there are countless benefits an outdoor fireplace can provide from creating additional cooking space in your home, to allowing your kids to spend time outdoors during the bitter winter months. Contact us to find out about more of the benefits of adding a fireplace to your backyard.  

FireplaceAdding a fireplace to your outdoor living area has many benefits. A fireplace increases the value of your home and expands your living space, making it a valuable asset. A fireplace is one of the hottest design additions, according to Houzz. Plus, not much can compare to the warmth and ambiance that a fireplace brings.

If you’re ready to buy, take a few steps to make sure you get the most out of your new fireplace.

What Type of Fireplace?

There are some factors to take into consideration before buying or building a fireplace in your outdoor space.

What is the Purpose of the Fireplace?

Take into consideration why you want to add a fireplace. Are you trying to update an existing entertaining area or do you want to add to an enclosed or open outdoor living area? Will you use it for meal preparation? Do you want to retain the value of your home by adding a feature future buyers will expect? Each circumstance will require a different fireplace solution.

A Wood-Burning Fireplace or Gas Fireplace?

Both wood-burning and gas fireplaces have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Wood-burning fireplaces bring rustic charm and ambiance. They can be placed in any area as long as it complies with local building regulations. Although it will provide ample light and heat, a wood-burning fireplace produces a lot of smoke. Its chimney will need to follow very specific requirements.

Gas fireplaces have fewer restrictions and usually do not require permits prior to building. Natural gas burns cleanly and safely since it does not emit ash or embers. However, placement can be restricted because a gas fireplace needs to be connected to a gas line. Additionally, a gas fireplace does not burn as hot as a wood-burning fireplace.

Consider Your Current Home Design

Is the style of your home traditional or modern? Do you want to complement your home's current style or design something that is contrasting?

Are you looking to add a small, cozy seating area or something to accommodate a large group of people? Do you want your fireplace to be the main attraction? Also, take into consideration the size of your home and choose a fireplace that is proportional to it.

What Additional Features Do You Want?

Consider furniture that will complement your fireplace along with any built-ins that you may desire, such as storage or seating.

Our staff at Lawn and Leisure help you find the answers to these questions and more. We’ve got a wide selection of fireplaces that offer features and functions that will allow you to customize your space.

Ensure Your New Fireplace is Safe

While a fireplace can look fantastic and give you an inviting space to gather with friends and family, it’s important for you to keep it safe.

Keep Drapes and Furniture Away

Wherever the fireplace is installed, it’s crucial that there’s nothing located too close to it. This includes drapes around a canopy or seats that you use to sit close to the fire. These objects can easily catch fire if you’re not careful.

Set Up a Guard Screen

You can easily prevent embers from flying out of the fireplace with a guard screen. Carefully choosing a screen designed for the size and shape of your fireplace can help ensure that embers aren’t a danger.

Carefully Pick What to Burn

In order for your fireplace to burn safely, you need to carefully pick materials that won’t become too dangerous. This means avoiding wood or papers with paint or chemicals present on them and sticking with woods designed for use with a fireplace.

Supervise Pets and Children

If you have any pets or children, it’s important to make sure that the fireplace is always monitored when lit. While a guard screen can be helpful, you’ll still want to supervise the fireplace whenever your children or pets are around.

As you begin the search for an outdoor fireplace, look into our testimonials so that you can be confident in your purchase. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our selection.

Prepare for Regular Fireplace Maintenance

One thing that many homeowners overlook when performing yard maintenance is their outdoor fireplace. A dirty fireplace not only looks unsightly, but it may also pose a fire hazard. Here are some steps you should take to ensure yours is ready for you to begin using again.

Cleaning the Chimney

Most outdoor fireplaces contain far less creosote than indoor fireplaces and also have lower chimney caps. This means that hiring a chimney sweep usually isn’t necessary. You can complete this task yourself by using a long-handled wire brush to thoroughly scrub the interior walls of your chimney and loosen creosote. Never use a garden hose or pressure washer to do this. The inside of your chimney may not be sealed, so water might damage it.

Check your chimney for signs of birds’ nests so that you can remove them if necessary. This is also an excellent time to consider adding a chimney cover to protect your fireplace against future damage from squirrels or other wild animals.

Eradicate Ashes

Remove all ashes from the inside of your fireplace by using a metal bucket and scoop. Allow these ashes to sit in the bucket for at least two days to ensure there are no active coals. Then, you may dispose of them by sprinkling them over top of your garden bed. Wood ash is an excellent source of potassium, which benefits tomatoes, artichokes, and collards tremendously. You can even add a few wood ashes to your compost pile as well.

Scrubbing the Exterior

While using a pressure washer on the inside of your chimney is not recommended, spraying down the outside of your fireplace is perfectly fine, so long as you do not have any damaged mortar. Spray your fireplace down from top to bottom, using a sweeping side-to-side motion. You can then scrub any spots that are specially stained with a stiff-bristled brush. Take care not to use harsh abrasives or chemicals such as bleach, as these could damage your brick. Some cleaning solutions that you may use include:

  • Mild degreaser
  • Dish soap
  • 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water
  • Gentle all-purpose cleaner such as Spic ‘n Span, properly diluted

After cleaning your fireplace, rinse lightly with a garden hose to remove any residue from your cleaning products. Allow the surface to dry for at least 12 hours before building a fire.

Cleaning the Firebox and Hearth

Never spray water directly into your firebox, as it is just as susceptible to damage as the inside of your chimney. Instead, you should carefully scrub your firebox and hearth by hand using a stiff-bristled (but not wire) scrub brush. You may need to go over these areas several times to get them truly clean. Remove any grates from your fireplace so that air can freely circulate to help your firebox dry.

Painting your Firebox

If your fireplace has seen years of use, it may not be possible to get your firebox completely clean. In that instance, you may want to paint the inside of it with black “high heat” paint instead. This paint is readily available at home improvement stores and can easily be applied with a paintbrush. Do not use ordinary black paint, as it will not withstand high temperatures and may even have flammable properties.

It shouldn’t take long at all to thoroughly clean your fireplace, yet your efforts will make a huge difference in the way your backyard looks. If you would like to know more about caring for your fireplace, please contact us and one of the professionals from our outdoor furniture stores will be happy to assist you.

bringing families closer together this winter with outdoor fireplacesWith winter now here, it is harder than ever to have family time in the outdoors. Even if you haven't built your dream patio or deck yet, an outdoor fireplace provides a place to gather around and enjoy time as a family. In even the coldest weather, there are so many great things to do around the fire. We'll go over a few here.

  • Tell Scary Stories: Campfire tales are one of the best things to do with friends and family. Kids and adults of all ages enjoy being frightened while in a safe place with people they love and nothing sets the mood here better than the soothing flicker of flames from an outdoor fireplace.
  • Roast Hot Dogs: Hot Dogs are the staple meal of the campfire family. Get some good long skewers (or sticks for the authentic feel) and spear those dogs. Sing campfire songs and enjoy the friendly conversation while they cook. Also, after you're done with them, that leaves you ready for dessert, which leads into...
  • Make S'mores: Let's face it, you can't go enjoy your fireplace in the winter without some s'mores! This great treat is great with any outdoor fireplace, but shines especially with wood-burning fireplaces so make sure you have bags of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. You can even put your own twists on them with things like peanut butter or whatever your family likes best!
  • Drink Hot Cocoa: On a cold winter night lit only by the flames of your fireplace, nothing hits the spot quite like hot cocoa. Whether you make yours from the packet in the microwave or make it from scratch over the fire, you just can't go wrong with this winter treat for your friends and family.

Whatever the use, the outdoor fireplace is bringing families together and you'll always remember fondly these cold nights spent in front of the welcome warmth of your outdoor fireplace. In this world of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more electronics than you can shake a stick at, everyone needs some times to reset and disconnect so you can connect with the people who are really important to you.

When you're ready to get your outdoor fireplace set up so you can start enjoying these moments with your family, contact us and let our staff help you pick the perfect fit!


using outdoor fireplaces to cook food

Outdoor fireplaces can be the perfect centerpiece for many an evening gathering on your deck or back patio. But they can also be a perfect tool for an outdoor cookout that goes far beyond roasting hot dogs or marshmallows. After all, before gas and electricity, many of our ancestors used the fireplace as a place to cook dinner.

The Firepit and Grilling Guru suggests a number of enhancements to make your outdoor fireplace into an appliance to cook food.

For instance, a hearth cooking string attached to a hook on the mantle can cook roasts evenly, spinning in front of the fire. Try roasting a leg of lamb or a whole chicken this way.

You can turn your outdoor fireplace into a rotisserie by adding a spit that can be cranked either by hand or with a small motor. Put meats and veggies on the spit for fire-kissed skewer dishes.

A hook and chain can hang a pot or Dutch oven to slowly cook stews and soups.

The addition of a fireplace grill will turn your outdoor fireplace into a barbecue grill. Wait until your fire as died down to glowing embers, and then cook brisket low and slow, or pork loin or directly cook steaks, hamburgers, links, and boneless chicken pieces.

Fireplace pans, chestnut roasters, and popcorn poppers are also available for cooking directly over the fire.

Thus an outdoor fireplace can provide that true 19th century cooking experience but from the comfort of a 21st century home. What and how you cook is only limited by the imagination.

For more information, contact us.


outdoor fireplaces winter warmth

You have picked out that perfect outdoor fireplace. The spot was chosen right outside your home where it's cozy and beautiful. Everything is exactly as you pictured it would be except one thing, it's snowing! But who says you cannot enjoy an outdoor fireplace all year round? Creating the perfect place where you can cozy up in front of a fireplace while the snow falls around you is more simple than you would think.

If your fireplace is under an awning or covered area, then using it all year round is even easier. Just add these simple additions to keep your guests and you warm even in the coldest evenings.

  • Add a touch of warmth with a basket of mittens, hats and scarves.
  • Make sure your benches stay covered with warm cushions, even wrapping the cushions in fleece or flannel to add a cozier feel.
  • Include lots of pillows and blankets to keep warm under. Homemade quilts can add a country addition or soft crochets for an elegant touch.

Keeping your insides warm is also important!

  • Include a tray with hot chocolate, tea or coffee in your favorite flavors.
  • Want a more rustic look? Use a barn wood tray with horseshoe handles.
  • Add some whimsy with your favorite colorful mugs.
  • Marshmallows and coffee additions add a fun treat.

What if your seating is not in a covered area? Does that mean you cannot enjoy that lovely fire all winter long? It’s as easy as keeping up with snow removal on the seating!

  • A country broom nearby will be the perfect touch and make removing the snow an easier task.
  • Keep your cushions somewhere close inside where they can stay warm until you want to use them.
  • Keep your baskets of quilts and hats near the door to grab quickly when you want to go out.

Within minutes you can have a cozy spot to watch the snow fall or even catch a few flakes on your tongue!

To find out more about outdoor fireplaces please contact us.


the art of a chimney for outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplace design usually focuses on the aesthetics of hearth or mantel. What about the chimney? Many famous fireplaces have chimneys that are works of architectural wonder. Maybe you would like to have one, too.

Thornbury Castle

The palatial Tudor home of King Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn, Thornbury's impressive brick chimney is of complex design features with hideous gargoyles, latticed brickwork, and zig-zag lay patterns mixed with curves and geometric patterns. It's dizzying to look at but truly extraordinary

"This hidden home shopping gem gas a TON of stuff packed into a small space..."

Oldest Chimney

The oldest chimneys still standing are at France's 12th century Fontevrault Abbey. They are pencil shaped, smoothly curved, stacked stonework with pointed, conical stone chimney caps.

Tallest Chimney

The tallest chimney in the world is at a Kazakhstan coal power station and stands 1,377 feet high. A chimney this tall is the dickens to clean! But if you are looking for simplicity of style, the silhouette of a slender, graduated tube is appealing.

Non-Conforming Whimsy

If you are a fan of the unusual, Berlin's "Das Heizhaus" chimney, created by philosopher artist, Rudolf Steiner, may inspire you. Why have a run-of-the-mill outdoor fireplace when you can top it with a chimney that makes a fascinating statement?

Cap It

If an extravagant chimney is out of your budget, you can still have affordable fireplace artistry with a chimney cap. Whimsical dragon sculptures, the glimmer of a copper topper, Abbey inspired pencil shaped chimney caps of terra cotta and wrought iron, splashes of Antoni Gaudi style colorful tile, can transform any outdoor fireplace.

Inspiration & Creativity

An outdoor fireplace serves more than function. It's a statement of your personality and imagination with designs that are beautiful, contemplative or fascinating.

Who Does Such Work?

You don't have to go to Europe to get the fireplace of your dreams. Skilled artisans and craftsmen are well within reach. In fact, there may already be a fireplace created just as you imagined. Please contact us or visit our showroom to discover ready-made firepits or place a special order for one of your own design.