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With spring approaching, homeowners in no time will be in full swing using their lawn equipment outside. If you have looking to upgrade or buy any new lawn equipment in the Chantilly, VA area, Lawn & Leisure is the store to go to!   

Make sure you are prepared for the spring season this year with the best lawn equipment on the market here at Lawn & Leisure.

Recently, one of our Chantilly, VA lawn equipment customers had this to say...

"What a big surprise -- excellent customer service with a smart guy. We bought a weed wacker and got one already assembled along with a little training course on how to use the tool. Good price too. We really were surprised. We'll be back." Lawn Equipment Customer - Chantilly, VA

Our mission at Lawn & Leisure is to offer the best quality lawn equipment at the lowest prices. This has been the reason for our continued customer appreciation over the years. Contact us today if your in need of any lawn equipment for your home.  

Offering high quality lawn equipment to the Chantilly, VA area!

Blog-lawn-tractorMaintaining your outdoor space can be a lot of work and physically exhausting without the proper tools. A lawn tractor is the ideal investment for homeowners as they have many functions greater than just mowing the lawn. Lawn tractors offers homeowner the luxury of a comfortable ride and the enjoyment of relaxing without all the strenuous activity push mowers require.

Choosing the right size

Lawn tractors come in varying sizes with different cutting widths, motor sizes and overall size. Choosing the correct size for your property depends on the size of area you are maintaining and what you hope to achieve overall. Standard lawn tractors with a 30 or 36 inch mowing deck are ideal for the average yard up to one acre and larger models are often only needed on larger parcels. It is critical that you choose a model that has enough power as utilizing too small of a tractor can lead to break downs and broken equipment.

Uses and add-ons

The benefits of owning a lawn tractor is all the tools and attachments available that make your property maintenance easier. Tools such as lawn dump carts for yard waste, trailers for moving objects and snow blowers for removing snow from driveways are available for most models. Homeowners will find add-ons to their tractor to not only cut down on time and energy, but also cost much less than buying a specialized tool itself such as a snow blower or actual tractor. Lawn tractors are a great tool to haul items from locations throughout your property, pick up leaves in the fall and use as general transportation to cut down on walking.

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