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When your rental property has an outdoor space that can house patio furniture, you can leave the space empty to let a tenant decide what to do or get a patio set to furnish the space on your own.

While both options can work, you will find numerous benefits with buying resilient patio furniture. A great patio set gives you an additional selling point, will last for years, looks great in rental photos, and lets you charge more for your property rental.

An Additional Feature

Although you might have a potential tenant that will want to put in their own patio furniture, you cannot go wrong with offering an extra feature, especially when people want to use what you provide. When creating the rental listing, you can make it clear that the furniture can come with the home.

A Patio Set Guaranteed to Last

By investing in resistant furniture, you do not have to worry about the condition of the furniture. With little to no maintenance, you can provide patio furniture to your tenants for years to come.

A Patio Set Looks Great in Photos

While an empty home often looks great in photos, you can make it shine with furniture. Posting photos with an attractive patio furniture set in great condition is an effective way to increase positive exposure.

Increase Rental Value

Although it might not make a huge difference in the rental value, just about any improvement can help you increase the rental rate or justify the rate you decide on. It is for this reason that outdoor furniture can make an excellent investment to improve your property’s rental value for the next few years.

It is ideal to stick with neutral colors to avoid catering to a particular style.

If you have any questions about picking the right furniture, please contact us today.

b2f0d7df-5d8c-425e-bb6c-47e142a033d6-thumbPets can bring so much joy to your life, but they can also result in furniture becoming increasingly dirtier than normal. If you have outdoor furniture on a patio outside that your pets have access to, you'll need to set aside some time for cleaning the furniture regularly. Understanding the right techniques for cleaning your outdoor furniture can keep them in great shape. 

Wipe Down Any Surfaces

Dogs often drool all over the place and cats can track their footprints onto surfaces, making your furniture a target for dirt and grime. Before spot cleaning or taking care of any fabrics, you'll need to use a towel and cleaning solution to wipe down the surfaces thoroughly. 

Remove Linens and Clean

Your patio furniture likely has numerous soft fabrics on it, from throw pillows to seat cushions. While these fabrics are generally weather-proof, making them safe against damage by the sun or rain, you'll still need to clean them regularly. This means unzipping any pillow and cushion covers and throwing them into a washing machine for a good cleaning so that any dirt and bad odors are removed.

Focus on Any Small Details

After you've taken care of a general cleaning of your furniture, you'll need to look out for any smaller signs of wear and dirt. This means focusing on any crevices and using small brushes to get your furniture looking clean again. 

If you're interested in replacing some of your older patio furniture or would like to furnish your patio with these tips in mind, please contact us.

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